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「青ちゃんは青春ができない」 (Ao-chan wa Aeishun ga Dekinai)
“Ao-chan Can’t Enjoy Her Youth”

Ao-chan Can’t Study! is the heartwarming tale of a young girl and a young boy in love. Maybe! Right now it’s mostly the story of an imagination run wild, a lot of self-deception, and of a father who should really stop meddling in his daughter’s love life.

The linchpin of this series really is Horie Ao (Waki Azumi) and her delusions. The classical uptight goodie-goodie who thinks of nothing buy study, Ao-chan’s quirk is that she doesn’t actual only think about studying, and in fact has quite the dirty imagination. She also has a rather pessimistic view of males in general, and while most cultures seem to push young males in precisely that direction (which is dumb, getting laid does not make you manly, don’t think with your dick, girls and women are real people who should be respected and not harassed … if this is news to anybody reading, please get educated real quick), fortunately the cultural brainwashing seems to have passed by main boy Kijima Takumi (Terashima Junta), at least from what we’ve seen so far. Which is the real crux of this series: if the relationship between Ao and Takumi pulls us in and makes us root for them, it’ll work! Otherwise, we could be in for a rocky season.

Speaking of rocky: the less we see of Ao’s father Horie Hanasaki (Tsuda Kenjirou) the better, says I. The seiyuu work is very odd, oscillating from super cartoony to uber cool—the latter of which kind of works precisely because it seems so out of place for this guy, but is still overall a turn off. I’ve never liked the weird discrepancies where some characters look like hobbits while others are drawn to human proportions (despite being related!), the flanderization has never worked for em, and also he sexually harasses his daughter, which yeah. Maybe don’t? That was the biggest minus for me in this initial episode, and if things proceed between Ao and Takumi without her father’s interference now that the confession has happened, the series will be better for it.

The biggest plus was undoubtedly the opening. That was great! Both the music and the animation, which was really cool and matched the song well. The ending was pretty cool too, no slouch, but the OP was definitely the winner.

As a 12-minute short series, Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai doesn’t have to do much to be enjoyable. Keep up the tempo, keep up the funnies, lessen the dad’s role, and let us bask in the silly gap moe romance of dirty minded Ao and respectful Takumi. As long as that central relationship works, this’ll all work, so here’s to hoping it does.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「恋はミラクル」 (Koi wa Miracle) by Spira Spica



  1. dirty doesn’t even scratch the surface for our orgy-girl 🙂 in fact i think they toned down from source just a bit. Show Spoiler ▼

    def worth a watch

    cpn mango
  2. Yes, women deserve respect but if your not very attractive unless quite lucky women tend to ignore men who’s only qualities are respect and being nice. One of the few advantages of Victorian thinking teaching females to go for the gentleman. (unfortunately arranged marriage was still major) But you can still stay good but you must project confidence and a bit of a do not care either way to have good chances. Don’t let other suiters edge you out. Watch what works and copy the good parts and drop the bad. If the females in your area are still doing the brush off to every man approaching them but then dating the jerk who keeps pestering them then pester a bit yourself just don’t be a jerk afterward. At least until females learn that them asking guys out works way better. But you don’t need to lie and there are plenty of women out there who will share you if that is what you desire no need ever to cheat. As late Hugh Hefner said if you promise to be faithful do it until you tell them it’s over but you don’t have to promise faithfulness. Later he got married and was faithful till divorced and he went back to many women at once.
    Finally, Stilts is totally correct your maleness is not determined by how many or how well you do with women. Don’t push for something you don’t want. Learn body language until you can tell when a Yes is actually a No because No means No is not the full picture. And if the female is not actively participating in the steps leading up to lovemaking she is too out of it to consent. (plus the fun is an active female who wants a sex doll that just lies there and who might be emotionally hurt really?)

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