OP Sequence

OP: 「ボン♡キュッ♡ボンは彼のモノ♡」 (Bon Kyuu Bon wa Kare no Mono) by Uesaka Sumire

「Episode 1」

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?, comically translated as Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?, carries the distinction of being the best ecchi anime this season that features a suppository scene so far. We all know why we watched this show, and for its merits, it’s a great short-form anime that scratches that particular itch for seeing a teacher in particularly erotic scenarios. This type of show does straddle the line of good taste with it’s cast of young male students pursuing their attractive teachers, but, at the moment, it’s over-the-top situations remain light-hearted enough to avoid the pitfalls that other ecchi anime would fall into by focusing more on what makes the teachers so charming rather than indulging in the taboo nature of such relations.

The first teacher we learn about is Kojima Kana (Uesaka Sumire), the notoriously harsh teacher who is known as “The Demon” for how she demolishes students, their parents, and delinquents with her iron fist approach towards criticizing their life decisions. However, because of the situations that she finds herself having to work her way out of alongside Satou Ichirou (Suzuki Ryouta), we see another side of Kojima that is far more easily flustered and caught off-guard when she’s seen in a desirable light by Satou. At the moment, they both find themselves inconvenienced by the misfortune behind being stuck with each other in sticky scenarios such as being trapped in the same men’s bathroom stall after the women’s room was shut down and having to face one another in the nurse’s office to alleviate a cold. The anime makes Kojima look appealing by having her visually look the same age as Satou despite being his teacher, but it also does a lot to have us slowly find ourselves seeing why Satou would end up being attracted to her. The way she alternates between being a tough-as-nails authority figure and a shy, embarrassed mess is formulated to be hard to resist. Satou is on-par with many ecchi protagonists, but he gets the job done for someone who acts predominantly as the viewer’s POV into seeing his teacher in a more intimate sense.

As far as what we’ve seen on the ecchi side of things, the scenarios it paints didn’t give the most alluring moments the series would be able to provide. For the most part, we mainly see Kojima’s cleavage with the censors covering her up while she’s going to the bathroom or getting ready to have a suppository inserted inside of her to help alleviate her illness. They’re the kind of situations that are often peppered into ecchi anime as a teaser for possibly more explicit or alluring visuals, or check off an oddly specific kink that one or two people in the audience might be interested in. With the number of attractive girls in the series and the quality of what we see of Kojima, however, I have no doubt that they can create scenes that would be easier to see as fully appealing than as shock humor like with the suppository.

At the moment, Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? shows a ton of promise as a visually captivating ecchi anime with the characters trying to navigate their way around comical, over-the-top situations that befall on them. From the OP, it’ll be fun to see how the anime lives up to the potential it has by switching it up with different pairings every so often. This episode’s close calls may have been more shocking than enticing save for some of the shots, but I’m sure that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of the latter once the next episodes come around.

ED Sequence

ED: 「りんご色メモリーズ」 (Ringo-iro Memories) by Yamamoto Nozomi


      1. Yep. AT-X has the age restriction on their site they give uncensored shows like DxD, or Valkyrie Drive.
        Airs on thursday, so you gotta wait. But patience will be rewarded

  1. Huh, expected stillts to do the pervy show this season.
    Joking aside, would it be accurate to call her a tsundere there since she is hard as nails and damn cute in quick succession?

    I’ll wait until the uncensored version since experience taught me that the uncensored one is usually the best one.
    But going with the screenshots, it seems to be a fun one indeed.

      1. Just accept your fame as the perverted writer ya cute tsundere 😛

        Out of curiosity though, how did you even get that nickname of being the ecchi writer in the first place?

      2. The anime makes Kojima look appealing by having her visually look the same age as Satou despite being his teacher, but it also does a lot to have us slowly find ourselves seeing why Satou would end up being attracted to her.

        They also play down the age difference by making the pupils to appeare older than we are used too by anime standards.

  2. Quite an ecchi season. With this one and Ao-chan we have too promising ecchis. Last time we had two high quality ecchis was the time Shimonata and Prison School aired concurrently.


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