「錆兎と真菰」 (Sabito to Makomo)
“Sabito and Makomo”

I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for predicting that it wouldn’t take long for Tanjirou to train and reach his full potential. There is no doubt that I am the master of accuracy. It only took a single sublime episode.

Except. I didn’t predict his training at Mt. Sagiri would last two full years. A little longer than I expected… During this time, Nezuko is fast asleep. I’m curious to discover what will wake her from her slumber in coming episodes. Perhaps sensing her brother’s life in danger might do the trick.

But aside from Nezuko’s comatose state, this episode is full of Tanjirou’s trials and tribulations. He spends half a year with Mr. Urokodaki learning various skills and techniques, or being tortured (depends how you want to see it). After a year’s time, Mr. Urokodaki tells him he has nothing left to learn but he must now slice a boulder to qualify for the Final Selection. Cue Sabito (Kaji Yuki) and Makomo’s (Kakuma Ai) entrance, two of Urokodaki’s foster children. Like Tanjirou, they were trained in order to defend themselves. Now, they’re spending half a year’s worth of time and energy helping Tanjirou master the techniques they each acquired at one time or another.

There’s a lot happening here. Although the episode’s main goal was Tanjirou’s evolution, we’re also learning about the Demon Slayer Corps. We now know their size, how they function, and the ground rules for qualification. This information as well as the introduction of two new slayers act as a good buffer between the various training clips. It was a balanced way to lump it all in one without being too overbearing. It’s the first time in a while that I haven’t felt rushed through a time-condensed episode.

I’ll also add that this episode is what solidified this thought for me: “Kimetsu has the best animation of the season so far.” I’m watching a few different series this spring, all with their unique styles which I appreciate, but Ufotable’s work gives me shivers from one shot to another. It’s not very often that I connect with a series solely based on its artwork.

I’m also pretty smitten with Tanjirou. I’m not often bought over so quickly by a lead character but there’s something about the way he sees the world that is contagious. He keeps his head strong no matter what. Even after Sabito gives him a knockout blow to the head, he wakes up and praises his counterpart. It’s refreshing. He’s mad when necessary but most of his energy is directed towards his goal, that of protecting his sister Nezuko. He doesn’t waste time or effort being furious about a situation he’s had no control over. Instead, two years down the road, with a sister who might never wake up, he finds it within him to praise an absolute stranger for knocking him out. That’s the Tanjirou I know.

Thanks to these two new friendships he’s acquired through his training, Tanjirou now qualifies for the Final Procession, the last step in determining if he will become a demon slayer. I’m glad we’ve gotten a quick episode into his training. It’s a sign that the real evolution could be about his psyche. I’m just hoping he won’t break as the pressure piles on. Right now, we’re seeing these events through his kind eyes, which is why there’s a touch of comedy to the tone. Let’s hope this delicate balance between light and dark doesn’t falter because the moment it does is when we might no longer recognize the Tanjirou we know.



  1. I was expecting a pretty ordinary filler episode as a setup for the big clash at Final selection. But boy I ended up loving every minutes of this episodes. Animation wise, pace wise and already liked the 2 new probable future friends he ended meeting.
    The most striking moment for me was when he finally landed his strike and cut the mask. The smile of relief on his face was so genuine and beautiful .

    1. I was almost 100% certain he was just going crazy from over training and hallucinated them as a way to train. I’m not so sure anymore… I’d go read the manga to confirm but I don’t want to ruin it for myself, ha.

      1. Someone on reddit pointed this out. Look at pretty boys clothes from episode one and his green and gold cloak. Now look at sabito. His shirt has the same pattern. Theres gotta be a connection. The color pattern is too distinct

  2. I like that it’s taking a “realistic” amount of time for him to find his footing.
    So often protagonists power up almost immediately and it’s kind of refreshing that
    there was some real effort applied…

    That bit idea for his sister is pretty cool – wish I had thought of that for my
    sister way back :)…

  3. This episode was a master piece. It was enlightening to see how Tanjirou’s blind spots caused him to plateau and how he was overcoming them. If kimetsu no yaiba keeps to deliver we have a new classic like Madoka Madica.

  4. His Sword Master Sensei teaches him all he knows about Swordsmanship

    When he knocks his Head onto the Stone in despair…
    He somehow awaken their Spirits. These two are Spirits of the Past, and Sensei knows this. Because this Spirits helps him overcome the Human Body limits and enter into Magic. He learn to master his “Chi” flow. In Star Wars words, he learn to use the Force

    His Sword would break for sure, but forced with his “Chi” he was able to cut the Mask of this Boy that also is the Stone.. That are the proof for me, that both must be Spirits

    Also the Masks. Perhaps even Sensei is an Spirit or Ghost that reject to go to Heaven, because he needs to find an true successor

    Anyway, the two teaches him “Chi” Magic

    The Writer put her Sister into an Long deep Sleep. But i bet, even she can need here and there some “Chi” help to control the Demon inside her

      1. I actually think you might be onto something… He says that there’s no scent coming from Sabito so… But I’m wondering if that’s perhaps another skill demon slayers acquire (hiding their scent in order to have the upper hand against the demons they’re after).

      2. If these two was real, they must be the Master/Sensei’s Children or not? But did not the Boy he meet, said that he could become an successor he is looking for? So… 1+1 = my Speculation

  5. Training arcs are always tricky to deliver, in a sense they tried to be realistic for him to get basics down with handling a sword and moving his body over 2 years. I mean, he still has yet to even enter the Corps, he’s got a long way to go, like “Bankai” level training, so I guess they would really just want 1 episode to cover it and get into the journey. It just puts into perspective, he and sister are in it for a long ride, so far they still had it a bit better than the Elric Brothers hehe

    1. Good point. I’m sure there’ll be more training in upcoming episodes but it’s nice to see his fighting style and understanding of it mature within one episode.

  6. Would be interesting if Nezuko’s 2 year coma is her in hibernation mode due to using up so much energy and never replenishing it (eating). Something like how the Ghould in Tokyo Ghoul get super weak if starved. If this is indeed so, I wonder how they’ll address it or find a remedy cause I don’t ever see them letting her eat humans.

    1. Think big, thing bigger.. We have Overlord as anime. where the Main Heroes sly even more bad villains and all find this okay.

      So perhaps she is “allowed” to eat “comrades”… But i do thing this is just an temporally solution.

      Perhaps the other two that we see in the Opening, will help her somehow out. Let’s see

      1. She is somehow an “Vampire”.. If Vampire drinks blood of an comrade.. will it feat the hunger of Human flesh?.. Let just read the Vampire books and perhaps we find an solution

  7. reach his full potential.


    Hehehe… *coughs* No, I’m heh I’m fine. Ahem.

    Sorry, that’s just the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.

  8. Ep 04:

    – Just one word is enough to say all about it: Perfect
    – Audio action supports the Video action. Your feel like watching an “action packed Movie”
    – Marvelous, this Episode is AAA++ Stuff

    – Right now i enjoy this trip and for the sake of @MissSimplice, i hold on making my Speculations for the sake of the Story

    – This show is (right now) to awesome to ruin others hope and fun

    go, get out there and watch this “master piece”, the Team knows their Homework.. they are could even teach the Teacher a bit of two

    Points: 10/10 with SSS Rating

    1. but… we should slowly also get screen time of his Sister.. Perhaps as i said his Sensei could teach her some things, too. Despite being an “demon” to support her brother

    2. want to add about the audio supporting

      – They use here mostly vocals, because they are mostly used in the past to sing an song for their Gods and such, you get an “holy similar” feeling. Like the Christians feel like the sound of “God” when they sing inside their church and such.. Vocals (well played) can create deep emotions inside us

      even in Africa they sing to praise their Gods.. so Vocals is worldwide a thing. That’s why “Ar Tonelico” made an heavy impact on me


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