「Video Killed the Radio Star」

I’m digging it. The faint scent of everlasting hope combined with constant failures is pulling me in. Gus’s description of the girls’ musical skill is comparable with how I feel towards Carole & Tuesday so far. There’s always been a spark, the momentum has been slow, but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t going to pick up!

I’m all for excluding Angela and Tao in this episode. The fraud AI director named Idea has already given more in his first few minutes of screen time than they have thus far. When Idea processed their requests and wrote up a to-do list, I had a brief moment of hope. It never crossed my mind that AIs could develop to the point of understanding what a ‘con’ is. When I first heard about Carole & Tuesday being set on Mars in a world prevalent with artificial intelligence, I thought we’d come across ones similar to those in I, Robot or Captain Marvel. It’s actually quite refreshing to see AI can be scum. It kept the whole interaction with our first AI (aside from the AI pets) very down to earth.

Roddy, Gus, Carole, and Tuesday – a group I’ll now designate as ‘Team C&T’ – are very determined but they’re guided by wishful thinking which can make them flighty. On the other hand, Marie, Gus’s very interesting ex-wife, brings a serious tone into the mix. Her interaction with Gus, with her new partner, and even with the girls, reminds us of the very human and personal stories in Carole & Tuesday. This isn’t just a show about two girls who fight the odds in the music industry. It’s a show about people and how they lift each other up even when they’re standing side by side in the dumps.

Although, after what Roddy experienced during this video shoot, I wonder if he’ll remain motivated to help them out. He lost a valuable collectible, he destroyed Ertegun’s luxury car after lying in order to borrow it, he danced 120 times for the shoot when he probably only had to dance once, and to top it all off, he did it all for naught. If he stays motivated, it’s because of the sappy face he makes every time he looks towards Carole and Tuesday. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear yet who he’s into because when he glances their way, they’re both together.

This was a fun episode to watch. The C&T Team works well together, they get things done, and no one is dragging their feet. All four are walking in the same direction and more importantly, at the same pace. We didn’t get a new song but we did get a wicked video that showcased the ridiculousness of their efforts and ideas.

Let’s hope they learn to streamline their ideas as they progress. It doesn’t look like this failure will be stopping them from trying again. If anything, either the Angie/Tao duo or Tuesday’s family will come between them before the thought of giving up crosses their minds.


  1. Both Gus and Roddy stole the show. There were some good comedy elements as well, especially from Roddy.

    Its 24 episodes, so I do not mind the slow pace. I am sure soon we will get more back character development from both Carole and Tuesday.


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