「Every Breath You Take」

It’s a never ending roller coaster. That’s what this show is doing to me, my emotions, my standards… It’s clear to me now this series won’t meet up to certain expectations, even with Watanabe Shinichiro at the helm. The large repertoire of musicians like Nai Br.XX (Carole’s singing voice) and Celeina Ann (Tuesday’s singing voice), although very talented, have yet to leave a lasting impression. The end of each episode doesn’t make me yearn to watch the next. So why am I still covering this show? Well, the last episode made me realize how much I appreciate the dynamic that’s building between the four C&T team members.

Gus and Roddy, although supporting characters, have taken up as much space as Carole and Tuesday in my mind. Without Gus or Roddy, there would be no Carole and Tuesday. The girls would continue to jam together in the comfort of their home and their music would be the equivalent of the sound a tree falling with no one around to hear it. But Carole, bless her heart, may or may not know her own last name: Stanley. We also discover she was born on Earth. Her history is clouded in mystery but luckily we have two cours. So things are looking up in regards to character building.

In the most recent episode “Every Breath You Take”, they finally take a step forward all thanks to Roddy’s efforts with Beth, Mars Lounge’s owner. Although it wasn’t a big one, it was a successful strategy number three. Carole and Tuesday will remember this moment for a long time and so will the rest of the cast. This new song marks the beginning of their live performances, something every artist should be proud of. I thought Tuesday’s family would be the first to hinder the duo’s progress. However, her brother Spencer has every faith in her after seeing her perform for the first time (I imagine). The trust it takes for him to walk away after finding her demonstrates what kind of relationship they have. It’s a loving and caring one, and although he seems overprotective, he chooses to walk away knowing she’s in good hands: her own. A touching and important moment.

Tao and Angela really haven’t added much to the pot for me. They aren’t spicy, they have no ‘oomf’, and although I realize Angela will definitely be the competition after that a capella performance, I’m still not invested in her journey, nor Tao’s. At this point, I’d rather Carole and Tuesday navigate the industry and run into an already established and successful Angela. But I’m no writer and that would make for an anticlimactic confrontation.

As for Gus and Roddy, they’re both infatuated by the girls. It’s easy to understand why. Their sound is really beautiful. Keep in mind I’m talking about sound. I have yet to analyze every lyric of each of their songs, because the one time I did, there was a mention of laundry which almost prompted me to stop watching. But their sound (melodies and harmonies) really moves me and they’re pretty catchy tunes after you’ve listened to them once or twice. When they come together, their hearts collide in perfect synchronicity, creating music you know a whole team dedicated time, care, and arduous effort to produce. You can feel the love. I wonder if Roddy’s monologue (more like love letter) was a way for the team to talk about how much they love these girls. If so, it was extremely well done. It was cheesy but it managed to evoke the same sensation Roddy felt in me. It helped to have a really beautifully edited scene around their song, with Beth never lighting her cigarette, with audience turnings heads, and with Tuesday’s brother finding it within him to leave his sister to her own devices.

I’m looking forward to what’s next, especially that we’ve finally gotten ourselves a little cliffhanger. Did popular Sidonia Festival organizer Hofner decide to invest in the duo? If so, we’d be moving a little quick but a change of pace might be nice.


      1. Perhaps some kind of future GPS Signal. Perhaps she has something on her that send an GPS “follow me” signal to this Suitcase… And somehow perhaps the Thief could not open it or sold it in the Black market.. or perhaps he succeed and saw what” Bomb he has suddenly under his Nails and just to want get rid of it… It was to Hot for him or his black Market buyer

        This is just an conclusion for Suitcase-kun

    1. and for the accapella part:

      She has an wonderful voice. But, an lonely bird do not bring us the summer. it is important how the Music in the end support her voice…

      Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG08ekpb3ms

      ..with the Music she Fly up in the sky and the “Sun begin to smile, Summer has come”

      Enough of my “experience of Anime” and images

      I wish this Anime all good luck and such

  1. It’s funny how this series makes me look for more meaning in character’s decisions and actions just from the title alone. I find myself wondering if I am reaching too much with a potential deeper meaning. Every Breath You Take could be as easy as Roddy saying he’s the number 1 fan of the two leads, but it could also refer to Angela’s 12 million dollar voice, or even Spencer who may just end up watching every move his sister makes now that he found her. I’d like to believe in Spencer but he seems like a puppet for his mother and did say he would bring his sister back home on the train to Alba City. But hey, he was the 11th person to see C&T’s first live (Roddy didn’t look behind)!

    I didn’t think too much of Someday I’ll Find My Way Home when I first heard it, but the lyrics and calmness is really nice. There is a small little detail where Tuesday presses a screen to get a beat added. The girls know the little bits to make their music that much better (or well, the music producer in real life).

    Nice observation on Beth not even lighting up her cigarette when earlier in the episode she was smoking up a storm. Just another little detail that shows how mesmerizing the girls are.


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