「Life is a Carnaval」

So what seemed too good to be true actually happened. The girls got their first gig to perform live at a small venue and somehow the stars aligned providing them with their next opportunity: a backup performer spot at the top Music Festival on all of Mars, Sidonia.

Organized and headed by Gus’s long time friend, Höfner, the festival is a Coachella inspired venue gathering over a hundred thousand attendees each year, with crazy headliners like Omega, pop stars like Crystal (Sakamoto Maaya), and smooth sailing artists like Skip (Yasumoto Hiroki). Now, if that means nothing to you, don’t fret. It means nothing to me either.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bash the fictional Martian artists designed to wow us Earthlings. Aside from Crystal’s song, none of the performances compared to how I felt when Carole and Tuesday jammed in the comfort of their Brooklyn-styled home. Mars’s music industry is just as varied as the one we have on Earth. You’ve got rock, punk, R&B, some soul, indie possibly, and Ertegun. He’s clearly in a league of his own which he proved with his very vocal affirmation ritual. This is a vile character I’m totally happy to continue to dislike. He’s conceited, selfish, narcissistic, and every other word you can find that means he’s the centre of his own damn universe. It’s so superficial, I love it. It’s how I imagine modern social media influencers speak to themselves before getting online and posting their content.

This week’s episode was certainly tumultuous. Clearly, Tuesday isn’t very good at processing her emotions. When she confronted Ertegun out of anger in a previous episode, she basically dissociated. And now, after hearing overwhelming news in this episode, she faints and gets sick. Seems to me she had what I’d call a very coddled and sheltered childhood. The realities of the world seem to affect her in harsher ways than our rigid Carole. However, it does create a good and steady balance between the two. Reactive Tuesday is able to evoke sensations in Carole that she may have hidden long ago. It’s this same balance which keeps them standing strong.

Which is exactly what they do as they set foot onto the largest stage of the Sidonia festival to cover for Joshua (Omega’s lead singer). Knowing full well they’re d in front of a crowd full of rock fans, they choose to perform their laundry song. It has a name but I choose to name it “Laundry” song. Did they really think the “Laundry” song would appease this crowd? I don’t blame either party but I’d probably be the third person to throw a can their way. I know, I’m horrible. But I would have been there for rock, not pop!

But what Crystal said was true. They showed strong resolve when they chose not to walk away. It was a hard hit they took – straight to the gut – but the mood didn’t stay somber for long. It took only a few inspiring words and a hug from the Beyonce of their world (Crystal) to remind them that this is just one moment in the long career they have ahead of them. And honestly, my sadness would be wiped away too if Beyonce hugged me while I was crying.

With Stars like these on their side, Carole and Tuesday will prove to be ‘Unbreakable.’


    1. Also if you need some comparing because of the crowed be angry with them.. Think back to some Blizzcon where PC Hardcore fans was waiting for some news and they got mobile game…. The reaction? nearly the same here

      I remember an News scene where “Harald Juhnke” run from backstage (making pause) to help the “newcomer Singer”, because the crowd yelled for his name and turn down the singer… but after trying to sing an duet with her he began to scold the crowed how they behave with the newcomer singer


  1. It was prettry rough watch C&T performance. Luckly the omega lead 8singer showed up (Though he fell off the stage)
    The artist who sang skips performance was done by thundercat and for Crystal it was done by Lauren Dyson a british artist.

  2. I’m glad the two leads got a reality check this week. The music in the show hasn’t clicked with me at all, though I have to say I was entranced by Crystal’s performance. Her character design seems outlandish even for this show’s setting.

  3. I suppose Life is a Carnival refers to Cydonia being like a carnival?

    I think with this AI dominated music world (according to Tao) these singers like Skip and Crystal know to bestow words of wisdom on young artists. Crystal performed last year at Cydonia and was well recognized for that (http://caroleandtuesday.com/chara/crystal.html?lang=en) so it was no surprise her performance of Unbreakable was awesome (Laura Dyson did an amazing job). I’m pretty positive I’m going to buy the soundtrack when it comes out in July.

    Unfortunate how our girls were setup for failure with a hostile, rock music loving crowd. I’m sure the girls had some other song written the night before but they overslept and had to go with Round&Laundry; and a real uncomfortable version of it, too.

    I hope Tuesday doesn’t have stage fright (which will probably get answered in episode 7). She did have her eyes closed for a lot of the time during last episode when facing the audience.

  4. That song by Skip/Thundercat was FIRE, it really respected the current (best of) R&B scene.

    For Crystal tho… Beyonce’s songs aren’t this generic. But she did have a voice tho 🙂

    Hope this ep leads to C&T writing better songs


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