「鬼舞辻 無惨」 (Kibutsuji Muzan)
“Muzan Kibutsuji”

Lots of excitement in this episode. We finally see Tanjirou and Nezuko fight side by side but this time, their level of strength is comparable. Tanjirou has so many different techniques, I can’t seem to keep count and Nezuko is more powerful than ever after her long nap. However, she does seem to lack variety. She mostly relies on her instinctive strength and agility. Hopefully, she receives some training, perhaps allowing her to gain abilities other than her brute strength. As for Tanjirou, his ability to sustain himself on so little oxygen in the swamp on top of being able to swing his sword at his fullest underwater all seemed a bit far fetched to me, but I’ll roll with the punches. They’ve been good so far.

Aside from that, the episode switches gears really fast after the trio’s demise. Nezuko falls right back to sleep after using up so much energy (will this ever resolve?), Tanjirou fails to find any information about Muzan Kibutsuji from the demon, and he’s given his next mission minutes after stepping away from the scene of the battle – leading him to Asakusa, Tokyo.

A few frames later, Tanjirou is holding Nezuko’s hand as he squeals through a fashionable 1920s Tokyo district. I wasn’t sure how the animation would do in this landscape but it was still perfectly detailed and vibrant. After following Tanjirou for six episode through the Japanese countryside fighting demons head on, this is possibly the first time since his family’s murder that we witness him in a panicked state. The city’s large and bustling crowds make him quite anxious as he strolls around hand in hand with his sleepwalking sister. This country bumpkin can take on the toughest of demons but can’t handle a few extra people and lights? Interesting. It makes him all the more human and relatable.

And even more so when we witness what happens next. I’m besides myself. First, it was quite the introduction to the ultimate foe. Seven episodes in and we get our first whiff of this guy. It was a brief moment but the tension between Tanjirou and his nemesis still lingers into the credits. I did not expect Muzan to be posing as a human and to have a wife and daughter. If he’s thousands of years old, does it mean he’s had multiple families? Does he perhaps use his family as a source of food? Is this really his family or did he use some kind of mind trick just so he could live peacefully in the city as a human while he devours innocent lives? In any case, his daughter sure is adorable. If she dies, my heart will go with her.

This demon doesn’t work like your regular vampire. He simply scratches the surface of a human’s skin to turn them into a demon, no exchange of his own blood necessary. I wonder if he knew he left Nezuko alive and if he could feel her presence? Does he turn humans into demons on purpose or just for sport? I’m quite intrigued by this new character and his motivations.

I’m also looking forward to Nezuko and Tanjirou having a travel companion. It’ll make for very repetitive battles if Tanjirou walks around with a sleeping Nezuko for the rest of the season. And he should really be eating meals like this with a friend. Luckily, we have some more time on our hands this season to watch his friendships and enemies evolve.


  1. That “demon” remknds me of that 80’s B horror flick “DEMONS”.
    Movie scared the shit outta me as a kid, point being all they had to do was SCRATCH you as well and boom, instant demon.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. I think Muzan did give the other guy his blood. The scratch merely created an open wound so that his blood can enter the body. He probably don’t need to give that random guy much blood, a drop is enough.

    Archaon The Everchosen
    1. I wonder what it means for him to create demons. it remind me of some vampire stuff I saw before where the OG vampire has to make more vampire to keep the race alive cause the lower vampires can’t reproduce.

  3. Curious why Muzan would go all the way to Tanjirou’s remote mountain home for some food and to create a new demon when he would have no shortage of victims in Asakusa.

    1. What Angelus said makes sense, but I think the more interesting
      question is – can a demon father a child?
      He didn’t seem to be a step-dad the way it was shown. Does that
      mean those social structures are available to demons; if so, how?
      All in all still a great episode…

      1. Spoiler

        Tanjirou’s family is connected (idk if it’s blood related) to a person who almost succeeded to kill Muzan in the past, so i think he wanted to eliminate all traces of the decendants of the person as well as making a new, powerful demon to serve him (Nezuko). And there’s no info in the manga as to why Muzan appeared to have a child.

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. It takes place in the 1910s actually. When Tanjirou was talking with the arm demon, the demon asked what year of the Meiji era it was, and Tanjirou said it was the Taisho Era – which was 1912-1926. However the demon went on to say he’d be captured 47 years ago during the Keio era – which was the era preceding the Meiji era. As the Meiji era lasted 44 years, that places the start of Kimetsu no Yaiba as taking place sometime in 1912-1915.

  4. Tanjirou reaction was priceless when he saw that Michael Jackson had a whole family set and was still making demons overall I can’t wait to see more of this.. this just keeps getting interesting.

    1. I thought you (guys) were kidding about the MJ reference,
      but looking at episode 8, I think it’s intentional (especially
      the finger snap ~9:05). Expecting a moonwalk soon! So funny!

  5. Ep 08:

    – It still flows inside my head under “Epic”
    – I still love the harmony between Audio and Video
    – Watching this episode, reminds me of “Blockbuster Movies” secrets

    Just an little warning, if you are eating while watching this episode… please stop eating


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