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「グリーン・ディとオアシス その 3」 (Green Day to Oasis: Sono 3)
“Green Day and Oasis: Part 3″

Have you seen that one drawing of a horse where the quality of the artwork gradually declines? This episode wasn’t as noticeable in its decline as that picture, but it comes close as the fight between Bruno and Secco concludes far more abruptly than it did in the manga. Nonetheless, it doesn’t diminish the effort it took to make their fight highly entertaining as a fight between two Stand users capable of diving underground.

As mentioned, a fun component of the Bruno and Secco fight is both of their abilities to burrow themselves underneath Rome. With Sticky Fingers, Bruno can travel through the void that’s created to warp himself from one end of a surface to another. This gives Bruno his way out by dodging Secco and making a break for it to the Roman Coliseum. What gives Bruno a far more difficult time, however, is Oasis giving Secco the chance to swim through the soil beneath him to chase after him. In fact, this episode’s most valuable asset is how fun Oasis is as a Stand ability. Given how Green Day reflects Cioccolata’s sociopathic disregard for life, only Secco could make the most out of Oasis by being eccentric enough to know how to weaponize Oasis’ hardening and liquifying effects. From creating projectile spikes from mud to trying to use Oasis to slowly break down Bruno’s hands and face, Secco does a great job at giving Bruno a lot to have to contend with. The zipper/pole fight before Bruno fought underground was visually impressive as were the sequences with Bruno and Secco attacking each other with car debris and dirt spikes respectively.

Where I feel like it let me down was through the tail-end of the episode. In the manga, Secco looked like he fell into the garbage truck because he frantically tripped into it while trying to find out how to get Bruno’s zipper off of his throat. With the anime, he just slowly walks into the street and jumps into the garbage truck, as if he wanted to make himself comfortable in his new home. It makes the fight’s conclusion look like it was underwhelming as if they wanted to get the end of the fight over with having Secco resign himself to the fate of walking into the garbage truck and thinking, “Welp, this is my life now”. If there is any consolidation though, the anime directly addresses the morbid fact that Secco landed in the same garbage truck that Cioccolata was punched into, so their reunion is fully vocalized though Secco’s surprise that he found Cioccolata in the same truck. With the Green Day and Oasis fights in the rear-view mirror though, we have many more future events to look forward to. Now that we’ve gotten to see the return of Jean-Pierre Polnareff and Doppio’s re-emergence in the plot, things will start to heat up with the next episode.

June 1, 2019 at 3:44 pm
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  • June 5, 2019 at 11:11 amSherris

    I’m worried about Bruno…

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