「鼓お屋敷」 (Tsuzumi Oyashiki)
“Tsuzumi Mansion”

Tanjirou and Nezuko’s party is getting larger.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment Tanjirou and Nezuko meet their new companions. However, I didn’t expect they’d all make an appearance in this episode.

Let’s start with Agatsuma Zenitsu (Shimono Hiro). What a coward. A cute coward though. I’m not sure how I’ll do with the constant panicky state he goes into but I can’t say I’m not entertained. His scenes are very lively which begs me to wonder how he’ll react when he sees Nezuko. He might scare easily because of her demon traits but the more likely scenario is probably one where he’ll crumble to the ground and ask for her hand in marriage. I really admire the matching of characters and personalities in the show so far. There’s a very easygoing, light, and comedic tone to many of the characters who make up Tanjirou and Nezuko’s trusted friends and it blends very well together. Even in what I think is a pretty dark and twisty show, there’s space for characters to be human. Their humanity, their failings, and their complicated nature make them much more relatable especially when they interact with each other. Just one of the many reasons I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid.

We also meet another character (Boarhead Boy until further introduction) who we know, based on the OP, will travel with the siblings. Only a few things about this boy have been revealed: he wears a boar head over his face, he’s extremely agile, and he is a dual wielder of two nichirin blades. Does this mean he’s part of the Demon Slayer Corp? Probably but he isn’t wearing the formal uniform which might mean he’s a veteran and has been doing this much longer than the other two. There was no sign of him at the seven day trial either.

Tanjirou needs other hunters with him if he wants to improve and having companions to fight with might be better than heavily relying on his sister who might fall asleep at any point. Plus, Zenitsu has a particular ability of his own: a heightened sense of hearing. Boarhead Boy is completely different than Zenitsu, brave and running into battle head on, but his wildness and explosive behaviour could either be beneficial or detrimental for the team in the long run. It might take a while for all four to work in unison but I’m hopeful all their abilities working together will result in some pretty out-of-this-world battles.

As for the mansion, the very interesting powers this demons has, and the children, I’ll get into them when I review the next episode. So far though, Tanjirou’s missions and battles have been unique and have kept me on my toes. But one thing I will say after watching this episode, Kimetsu no Yaiba has succeeded in checking all the marks on my list of what makes anime great and why I love it so.


  1. Calling it right now, Zenitsu is gonna be a much more extreme Death the Kid from the start of Soul Eater: usually he’s too unbalanced to be useful, but push him until he snaps and he wrecks everyone. I mean, that’s all I can think of with how he survived Final Selection since I doubt he could pull off hiding the entire time.

    1. Good insight, I love Death the Kid’s character, and with the way it’s been foreshadowed that Zenitsu is stronger than he looks, I can sense a similar vibe now that you mention it. Though I doubt he will be as awesome as Death the Kid. But that’s the kind of transformation I’d love. We’ll have to see… I’ll try not to get my hopes up.

    2. Seems like his sense of hearing might be on a par to Tanjirou’s sense of smell… so I guess that has something to do with it.

      he clearly heard that tsuzumi before everyone else

  2. I think Zenitsu will be the comic relief shifting the
    comic relief focus from the cute and adorable Nezuko.

    I’m enjoying the series, and especially the consistent
    animation and fluid fighting scenes. I also have a feeling
    those two kids are not what they appear to be (the eyes
    don’t look normal in the one screen cap).

    Can’t wait to see the summer preview — no pressure RC!

    1. Another great comparison… Yeah, I bet that Zenitsu will end up more like Usopp than Death the Kid. Although still, I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, because I love Usopp.

  3. Not sure if Zenitsu will become more useful later on or will be only comical relief. The Boarhead Boy though seems on the other extreme, all too agressive and without thought for self-protection (or worse, no care for well-being of others).
    Either way Nezuko is set up for a harem forming around her while she sleeps.

  4. I wouldn’t call Zenitsu a coward. Fearful maybe but not coward.

    Also due to the medium transition, some gag got lost in the adaptaion. See, there a narrator in the manga that provide exposition and sometime tell the reader about the characters quirk. When Tanjirou introduce himself to the demon, there a text box said it because he a guy that can’t ambush people, he too honest for that. I Don’t know why but that make the giggle when i read it.

    Archaon The Everchosen
    1. oh yeah Tanjiro is definitely playing too-white-knight here…
      full courteous introduction – to a DAEMON?
      note that he has been treating all the demons he has slain with empathy and compassion, even when he has been ending their lives…
      thats why someone so underhanded as the Arch-demon Creator will be most difficult for him to face

      1. I haven’t been too bothered by Tanjiro’s niceness because he doesn’t hold back in the actual fights. What has the potential to annoy me the most is the addition of some sad sappy backstory for each demon that Tanjiro kills, but thankfully they’ve been well written so far and aren’t excessive.

  5. Can’t stand Zenitsu. I could handle Death the Kid because his breakdowns weren’t occurring every 3 minutes. I seriously hope this kid isn’t as bad as his intro ep suggests because it pushed the limits of watchability.

  6. I had to mute this episode from time to time. This was the first fail episode for me. Annoying the other characters is fine but I don’t need to hear such a relentlessly grating character, especially when he’s channelling Akihisa at his worst (any character would be bad) and taking up three quarters of the episode. By the time they encountered whatever late in the episode, I’d become numb and could no longer pay attention (or care).

  7. Pretty sure Boarhead dude was the other non present rookie that survived the final trial.

    In a follow up scene the higher ups were talking about how 5 had passed, but there were only 4 of them at the ore choosing scene. As the OP takes it’s time to highlight each of these in the same way, butterfly girl (basilisk hotarubi anyone..?), angry scarry boi (bakugos edo era twin), Zenitsu and the Boarboy all get shown..

    my guess is he’s either from a ninja clan.. or raised by boars?

  8. I’ve got to be honest, I hate Zenitsu. That guy makes me want to either stop watching the show or mute it. You can draw comparisons between him and others of that cowardly amusing type. But one thing that differentiates him from them is that his voice is unbelievably annoying. Not since Black Clover’s Asta have I found it painful to listen to a character speak.

    Very likely he works great in manga form. It’s silent and you can put whatever voice sounds best in your imagination. But I think in anime you have to reign in this guy’s character more. I feel bad for the kid stuck with Zenitsu. He has to deal both with worrying about his family, his own safety, and put up with an incredibly annoying person.

    There is potential for him. But I sure hope there’s a whole lot less of everything we got from Zenitsu in this episode.

  9. Interesting question.

    A lot of hate generated for Zenitsu.. but mainly aimed at the choice of portrayal… but to be honest.. I see this as a set-up for character growth rather than a long term character personality…

    Talking about quitting or stopping watching a series because of one element you don’t like is totally any individuals prerogative..

    but I’d reserve claiming that an entire series is ruined by something as fleeting as a first impression.

    1. That wasn’t a first impression. The first impression came in the fifth episode. And it was fine. He came across as a quirky character.

      In this episode though, he went from fender bender to train wreck. His portrayal was as tedious as can be and it added nothing to the episode except misery. A gag shouldn’t be abused so relentlessly like this was. While he hasn’t ruined the series, he did ruin the episode and he certainly could ruin the series depending upon what they do with him.

  10. The thing about Zenitsu I didn’t like is how one character could throw off the flow of a series they had built up for 10 episodes. I get they have to remind us how messed up Zenitsu is but, I understood that after Tanjirou comes across him at the beginning of the episode. Everything after is just overkill by getting the same “gag” (“I’m gonna die!”) over and over and over ad nauseam. For me, that “comedy” took away from the danger of the new demon. The only thing good that came out of the episode are the loops of rice paddy girl slapping the snot out of Zenitsu. I agree it’s not worth dumping the entire series because of one episode where the intro of a character wasn’t done well (IMHO), but they do need to explain why this level of neurosis. Hopefully, it’s not just “’cause comedy”.

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