OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Polly Jean」by (Nai Br.xx and Celeina Ann)

「Walk This Way」

This first episode of Carole & Tuesday’s second cour feels like a compilation of short story introductions. There’s a loose thread at the end of each scene long enough to reel you back in for the next episode.The episode has laid out a foundation for the upcoming challenges the Carole and Tuesday are about to face. They’re choosing to go indie, which we all knew was coming, but on top of it, they now have to face off against Angela who successfully whisked the public off their feet with her debut single. Can’t say it wasn’t a great tune.

Thirteen episodes in and I’m still hot and cold about the series. When I hear C&T’s music, it warms my heart but when I see something like the satirical ‘Allen show’ go live, I get the Heebie-jeebies. I’m biased when it comes to these references because I don’t watch them and haven’t for over a decade. However, I can appreciate the context the shows like ‘Mars Brightest’ and ‘Allen’ create. Artistic merit no longer relies on how creative and unique the music is. Instead, an artist’s success relies heavily on public opinion, heavy promotional campaigns, performance value, media contacts, money, social media, etc. The artist’s work is rarely the only thing considered. It’s all about their image.

Angela’s debut (musical career launch) was screened live throughout Alba City and took up even more space than C&T’s appearance on ‘Allen’. Unfortunately, if Gus doesn’t figure out how to promote them on the same playing field, they might lose their current footing with the public. A small guerrilla performance on the outskirts of town won’t really make a dent. By the look of it, they went completely unrecognized by the people living in this region yet still succeeded in stealing a piece of their hearts. I think the main difference in Angela and Carole & Tuesday’s artistic value comes down to community. Angela’s music can be as popular as Crystal’s or GGK’s (had she won) and captures people’s screens for a moment but Carole and Tuesday use their lyrics and harmonies to connect with the audience on a different level. But that’s just my opinion. How is their story going to play out? What exactly is this seven minute miracle? Do they win the best new artist award? Questions!

Those aren’t the only questions lurking the depts of my brain. Tuesday’s mom is a corrupt politician? Will she be using her daughter’s fifteen minute of fame to up the polls the same way she’s using her son? Tobe (Iwasaki Hiroshii), the Zeus-looking music producer, is meant to help them how now? Why does Dann (Tani Atsuki), the man who ‘isn’t from around here,’ seem to know Carole? Could he be her father? Could he have left her behind to protect her and give her a better future than he could? Did he finally find her after years of searching? What are the odds they cross at the laundromat?

Like I said, there are loose threads everywhere and it looks like I’m in it for the long-haul to see how this all plays out.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Not Afraid」by (Alisa)


  1. The further we get into this show, the more I think that Carole & Tuesday are less likely to be big stars as they are to be the less popularly known musicians that the upcoming musical movers and shakers emulate and innovate from and thus stand upon the shoulders of giants.

    Honestly, this has been the case for much of Rock music, if not music in general, to not be a coincidence. Dollar to a donut that Angela is the big breakthrough, and not Carole & Tuesday.

    The music, but the intentionally bland and the intentionally good, are not my cup of tea Jack Daniels, but I certainly appreciate historical respect shown, not only of the music itself, but of the past tribulations, as updated to a futuristic Mars setting while incorporating current reservations about algorithm derived songs and autotuned pretty faces.

  2. – I fear that Carole will come under the Wheels of “depart of Illegal Emigrants on Mars!” campaign of Tuesday’s mother. She is a refuge from Earth right? I can see this outcome miles away against the wind

  3. It really is a pity that the art and music of this show keeps being let down by weak writing

    Looking at you obvious Carole father, obvious eventual carole potential deportation, and beyond obvious that he was going to reject the contract all along

  4. Well Dann did know them both, he saw them on the Net. So but why he was so formal with them? Well, perhaps his age… or he is perhaps the best candidate as their Bodyguard.. Gus can not do all things alone


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