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Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e – 03

「ミノタウロスの要塞」 (Minotaurosu no Yousai)
“The Minotaur’s Fortress”

While we may be three episodes into Kemono-tachi with the Three Episode Rule demanding its time in the sun, it’s not too difficult seeing slow burner become the key phrase when describing this series. We may have received a little more action and a healthy dose of monster mashing (because it was going to happen eventually), but for all intents and purpose it was introduction round two as our main girl found her place and the rest of the team was fleshed out. Fully. It may be a show taking its sweet time, but you know full well there’s something more lying under that straightforward veneer.

With Kemono-tachi in full introduction mode it makes some sense for the show to focus on episodic “arcs” for the first bit and that is certainly what we received again this week. No real shockers here, our Minotaur Incarnate wound up losing his mind (well, sapience technically), Hank comes in to rectify the wrongs just waiting to get worse, and our spunky sharpshooter Nancy learns a little bit more about the mission the guy has taken on. Oh and we got a more thorough introduction to Hank’s helper Liza, although thoughts on her won’t probably be trending towards mental fortitude. How does a girl actually run with mass like that and no underlying support? Truly a mystery for the ages. At least Kemono-tachi should more or less start delving into the intricacies of the Incarnates soon because with the beastly degradation and the effects they’re having it cannot be long before even Hank starts openly pondering why these things are happening and how to properly stop them. Episodic introductions always lead into longer fleshed out arcs after all, it’s only a question of when.

As for what the main story in Kemono-tachi will be, no question it’s going to revolve around our apparent enemy in Cain and whatever girl is now keeping him company. Incarnates may be going rabid and destroying that they swore to protect, but the one glaring unknown untouched thus far is who is trying to benefit from it—because someone always does. Cain for example clearly has it out for Hank if spying is any indication, and that you can rest assured isn’t just because of evil naturally doing evil things. There’s a lot missing in the why Cain shot Elaine and the immediate aftermath of her shooting, information guaranteed to explain Kemono-tachi’s currently ambiguous power blocs and what our supposed villains are after. Power, fame, control? No damn idea yet (which is a good way to keep me watching), but you can bet the process of figuring that out will involve some sacrifices from the good guys. We may not know who it’ll be yet, but hey, I think I know who’s looking good on that front.

One way or another Kemono-tachi is primed to start picking up nicely, and while I don’t know whether I’ll be covering it further yet, it’ll certainly be one show I plan on keeping an eye on it for the rest of this season.



July 16, 2019 at 9:27 pm
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