After a whirlwind adventure of flying north to do pipeline things in the middle of nowhere and coming home to equally heartbreaking tragedy, I thought I’d get some relief with a little KnA, but lo and behold even our journey through space turning out to be more than originally apparent. Sure last episode pretty much sealed the deal that this wouldn’t be any ordinary sci-fi adventure, but this week? I’d say we’re going places. Murderous places.

While it would be easy to take the bait and start hypothesizing given everything seen, I’ll be the first to say it: I doubt there actually is a killer among the kids. Ulgar’s gun might be a huge red flag, Yunhua may be too quiet and brooding for her own good, and sure Funicia’s memory hints towards sinister plots, but the existence of a killer is just too easy a path when we also have to contend with giant wormholes and all manner of stellar threats. And that later idea about the killer being on a suicide mission? Even less practical than the original thought a killer existing in the first place. No KnA is going this route right now because it wants to deliberately deceive, to draw away from the real reasons behind the kids’ current predicament and why they were chosen for this in the first place until ready for the grand reveal. We may not be able to easily guess the answer considering the other information flying about, but you can bet the reason is very likely hiding in plain sight.

Of course getting to the meat and potatoes of KnA may be easier than expected, and that comes down entirely to the characters at work. As mentioned last time every character has a skillset almost tailor made for this survival trek (ex. medical knowledge, handyman skills, brute intelligence), and now backstories suggesting reason for their elimination. It’s relatively simple to guess reasons behind the actions, but the key to it all is likely to be Funicia. This girl as far as we know is just an orphan and has no ties to anyone of importance that need breaking, so why randomly place her on a supposed suicide squad if she’s innocent and no threat to anyone? Yeah, there’s a very big piece of important information agonizingly missing from this picture. The good news though is considering how quickly breadcrumbs are coming to light, it shouldn’t take too long before a common thread emerges among the chaos.

After all I seriously doubt Ulgar is going to keep that gun hidden for long, and that’s before the communication disabler slips up and reveals themselves, because you know full well that’s one secret which won’t stay hidden for long. Who knew Wednesdays would wind up being my favourite day of the week.


  1. This episode really surprised me. Episode 3 is where I start getting really nitpicky on shows that I haven’t either decided for sure to follow, or dropped already, and I went into this episode feeling some of the character interactions were getting kind of stale, and wondering if I’d just be dropping this after this episode.

    Man was I wrong. This episode, almost psychically sensing my frustrations took a serious turn for the dramatic, and made things much more interesting, and while also seemingly keeping the characters true to how they’ve been portrayed so far.

    This series has been a slow burn for me, as I really didn’t care for the first episode outside of the last few minutes, and the second episode was better, but still kinda meh imo, but if it really keeps ascending like this, it could end up sneakily as one of my favorite shows this season.

      1. Crippling depression I can accept, but maybe not absent-mindedness, because even the scatterbrained Aries had her helmet on. In any case, I’m glad the story is proceeding faster than the last space-themed series I watched (Classroom Crisis, which took 5 episodes to get going).

        I haven’t watched Infinite Ryvius to compare it with, but the survival aspect reminds me of “The Martian” movie with Matt Damon. Another thing I noticed this episode is that they haven’t done a full inventory of the ship’s contents– it was Aries that mentions the backup generator, while Ungar recalls the extension cables. Isn’t that part of Survival 101 (take note of everything you have), which is Kanata’s schtick? Then again, it’s better narrative-wise, since it gives the other characters their own moment (to shine, or at least contribute). So far, Yunhua is The Load of the group, but hopefully this changes in succeeding episodes (but probably not without intervention from the others).

        Magnus Tancred
  2. Did you saw it too? The Mirror Image of an Long Blond Hair girl as a Mirror image after the introduction of the characters in the OP?.. Now playing X-Files theme song…

    Problems after problems, like the two Brothers that want go to the Moon.. well… okay…

    Let’s see, what this girls strength is about, perhaps with that an the support of the crew, she gain back her optimistic looking into her OWN future. Nobody ask about their past, the present is now important and that this crew working for their future (arrive back at home)

    Can she fix holes in the Space suits or such?.. Seems like the cooking falls into this blond Guy hands

  3. probable false leads all over the place…
    brooding Ulgar with gun and Yunhua whose depression seems bordering on suicidal (did she purposefully not put her helmet on?) are all too visible suspects.
    moreover the big question is more of whydunit than whodunit, because for all intents and purposes those kids are not threat to any galaxy-spanning conspiracy with ruthless methods of achieving its mysterious goals, nor they have done anything to incur their wrath…
    unless they are threat in future by virtue of them becoming gifted individuals in their own fields – but this means we are well into terminator gambit and time-travelling killers

    1. Basically this, if killing is in the cards I don’t expect everyone on board to be a target. We will need some more damning backstories (ex. Zach’s) before that will become a reasonable possibility IMO.

  4. I think theory with the killer could work like this – drop them into space, be the only one with helmet on and survive, get to the spaceship, use communicator to call rescue, explain it away as an accident. It didn’t work, because they activated their helmets, so killer had to destroy communication equipment to have time for Plan B. Of course this whole plan relies on team B5 not activating their helmets. Theoretically, if everybody’s suit thrusters were sabotaged, except for the killers, then it would be a sure thing, even if a few of students had presence of mind to activate helmets, but only Aries thrusters didn’t work. I don’t think that the answer, but it’s one possibility.


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