“A Workshop, a Grave, and a Necromancer”

「工房と塚と死霊魔術師 (ネクロマンサー)」 (Koubou to dzuka to Nekuromansaa)

Roll up! It’s yet another case involving deaths, though whether these deaths are murders or not remain unanswered. Having said that, we can be certain that there’s strange magic involved. To paraphrase Sir Ian Fleming: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action and more must be the work of some nefarious magical entity or some shit”.

While Waver investigates the case based on what he feels like an obligation owed to the surviving brother of the deceased Sola-Ui (not to mention the possibility of obtaining a spot in the upcoming Holy Grail War), the Mage’s Association sent its own independent investigator to ascertain, perhaps even unfairly manipulate the outcome of the situation in a way that they desire. What we know so far is that the land is situated upon a faulty leyline, and the instability of the magical energy is such that even Reines experiences intense agony and glowing in her magic detecting eyes. To that, I would ask, might this simply be a naturally magical phenomenon resulting from supernatural entities, as opposed to a human magus murderer? I’d say definitely not. There has to be a human component, a motivation somewhere in the mix that is resulting in such a disastrous outcome. Why? Mainly because I think a novel writer of this calibre certainly wouldn’t want to chalk it down to some kind of coincidence.

It certainly seems fishy that every trace of Trevor’s soul has been obliterated into oblivion. However I wouldn’t feel so quick to suspect his son Wills or the investigator Adashino. They might have some suspicious personalities and mannerisms, which seems common for most of the mages who have appeared in the series so far. But what the series has been good at doing so far has been throwing us for a loop, and hitting us with unexpected surprises. At least from my perspective. Nevertheless, I’d feel reluctant to put it down to a mere accident with the supernatural. There’s got to be something more to it than that. Only I can’t put my finger on any particular individual. Maybe it might be like the previous two episodes, where they don’t show up until the very end.

To wrap off the episode, it seems that Waver figured something new about the magic at large before going to sleep, and that Wills former fiance and cousin (who hated him for spurning her) has now become the latest victim in this sequence of bizarre deaths. There are really so many questions I want to ask, but it feels like I have almost nothing to go off of because the series has kept many cards tightly hidden under the wraps. Anyhow, I’m extremely excited to see where this case goes and I think the fairy that appeared will be the lynchpin in figuring this one out. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week for what should be another excellent payoff to a well constructed mystery premise!


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    What can fairies do? can they make an excalibur?

    I am expecting that maid golem to go berserk while say “I am a robot from the future”. Who is controlling that mercury golem. It seems pretty sentient and can speak perfectly.

    So is that Japanese girl good or evil? She is sexy, but I am wondering if she is a younger version of Kiara.

    1. I dunno if I’d say she’s “evil”, but given how those two were talking like they have some sort of backroom deal already worked out and how she’s talking about re-interpreting whatever happened there to suit their goal, she’s definitely going to be an obstacle for Waver.

    2. She’s not a younger version of Kiara and she’s not good nor evil. She’s a mage and thus as long as it suits her goal (in this case order in the clocktower) she doesn’t care how she has to spin things. She actually appears in the first novel and by the end Waver suspects she might have tried to get him killed through the case

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