Alright be honest: you knew this reveal was coming from over a mile away. After all the teasing, all the fun with names and appearances, it was simply a matter of time until KnA started stating the obvious, even if doing a pretty good job of muddying the waters and introducing some doubt. I think we all know exactly where this story is heading in the end, but until we arrive there’s still plenty of room for some serious surprises in this little sci-fi adventure.

Considering the impact of this episode’s final moments it’s only fair to start with that: yes, Quitterie and Funicia are clones. That’s right, not just family, not just sisters. Clones. With quiet mentioning of genomes and a global project to that effect several weeks ago—not to mention all the focus on character appearance and shared features—this was frankly a reveal waiting for its time to shine, but I got to admit I never thought it would start with our two little blondies, mostly because I also thought they wouldn’t wind up actually being the clones (surprise). This basis though does start showing just how deep the KnA rabbit hole goes, because it raises the questions of why we have clones in the first place and what they are meant to accomplish. Someone after all didn’t just clone whoever to create Quitterie and Funicia (and others, because that’s coming next guaranteed) for no real reason, there is serious intent behind the act with some defined purpose in mind. Likely has to do with all that talk on memory transfer and the inherent challenge to its everyday use (hint hint), but until we start getting to that part of the story there’s plenty of space for some different ideas to make their suspenseful presence felt.

On the other side of things we also got a few more interesting tidbits, and a few more hints as to where we’re heading next. Our new girl (woman?) Paulina for example pretty much screams relation to whatever reason is behind the cloning reveal, because it’s hard to deny the implications of that shock and awe at some major event supposedly not coming to pass twelve years prior. Also the matter of her ship being called Ark VI (not the name you’d typically associate with a glorified space exploration vessel) and that striking similarity (again) with one of her deceased crewmembers, but we’ll get to those delectable shenanigans soon enough I imagine. The real fun of course instead lay with pairing #2 being confirmed in the most appropriate way possible, because if you’re going to make a marriage proposal, you might as well do it before teenage embarrassment kicks into high gear. Got to give Quitterie credit though, that’s certainly one dream you wouldn’t expect being so easily—or loudly—revealed.

Whether or not the remaining mysteries in KnA offer themselves up as easily remains to be seen, but you can bet there’s plenty more where this episode came from.


  1. One totally weird thing I just now noticed watching the OP today (thanks mostly to some comments from last week) is when Aries name popped up my brain read it as Seira without me even thinking about it. I had to get up and rewind it – it’s the only name that is backward and upside down.

    When you think about it, all of them could be clones for various reasons…

    1. I thought exactly the same. Though maybe Ulgar is being disposed because they think his brother told him something incriminating, Luca because of shame of his father, the girls because they are clones, and Aries probably is Seira, but they implanted memories in her. I don’t know where Yunhua and Zack fit in here, but Kanata probably is there by accident. That’s my theory.

    2. I don’t think all of them are clones, but there’s definitely more than Quitterie and Funicia. Aries as you mention likely isn’t one, and Kanata doesn’t scream it to me either. Zack and Luca though are raising red flags on that front.

  2. So the enormous mutant star goat didn’t turn up after all – poor Paulina.

    Still, with everything else that’s happening, it’s not too much of a stretch to suppose that the reason someone wants to get rid of the Astra’s crew is that they are all clones created for some now-defunct purpose.

  3. one ship is flying again,
    and another has sailed

    conveniently lego-class modular spaceships aside, there are 2 big bombshells this episode, one courtesy of genetic testing – does that mean Funicia is merely a clone of Quitterie, or are both of them are clones of someone lese – presumably their “mother”?
    the other one is Pauline’s reaction to the time passage – was there some disaster enroute that was to be avoided by emergency space colonization program? And it did not come to pass apparently?

    wild mass speculation –
    1, was the memory-passing program related to cloning experiments?
    2, is the worldwide genome mapping related to the cloning experiments, or is it a threat to them? (obviously it would reveal any clones in being)
    3, was the entire attack on our group means of disposing of the evidence of cloning? if so, are all onboard clones too?

    1. Probably not, though that was my first idea. I think Aries is the one that is part of the implant memory investigation, and in fact she is Seira. Then the clone girls are there for obvious reasons, maybe even Zack is also a clone of his father, probably Ulgar is there because they think his brother told him something incriminating, I think Charce is the enemy, or maybe he is aware that Siera is Aries and they decide to dispose him also. I don’t know why Yunhua is here, but probably Kanata is the only one that is in the group by accident.

    2. > conveniently lego-class modular spaceships

      indeed 🙂 I was looking forward to Zack orchestrating moving the reactors between ships using some kind of improvised hoisting machinery since last episode, so it was slightly unti-climatic that they managed the repairs so quickly and easily

    3. also Cloning.. a Clone is a 100% copy of yourself or person right? So what if you need an new body part to continue living? Would you snatch it from your body double? (see some Netflix series, too)

      As you can see, Cloning have also a dark side

      Also “Moon” the Sci-fi Movie.. there are so many movies out there with this base

  4. I’ve been waiting for the story to reach this part.
    Can’t wait for the next episode, it’s one of the few anime series which I’ve read the Manga first, and I still enjoy watching it in a different medium.

  5. Wouldn’t Kanata’s reckless heroics at the end of the episode diminish his chances of gaining captaincy especially at an unusually early age?

    What he did before was risky but justifiable. Here?.. They do keep a log and will be in there. When some old chap reviews the possibility of entrusting Kanata with $108.7 trillion worth of taxpayer’s money in the form of a Ark II model ship and lives of a crew he will certainly look at this page.

    And honestly what was that part for? Just to make it more shounen? To convince Puline despite being the only adult and the only one with full proper astronaut training (specifically for that type of ship!) that she shouldn’t attempt to take the reigns of power into her own hands? That’s an ulterior motive on the part of script writers if you ask me. Character actions should naturally flow from their traits and circumstances not happen because it’s convenient for the plot..

    Playing with 4th wall? Meh..

    1. IMO it’s just cheesy sci-fi through and through. A lot of the happenings are inexplicable when delved into in any detail, so a lot of it comes down to how much you’re willing to overlook. Realism and logic aren’t going to be KnA’s strong suit lol.

  6. Copy-pasted comment from episode 5, because all of it is relevant to the reveal in this episode.

    1) Human Genome Management Project. What is it meant to do (we don’t know yet)? It could be a red herring, but it seems odd to bring up and note that Luca’s dad was the leader against it. Also something about illegal campaign donations.
    2) Yunhua and her mom have a mole on the exact same spot on their faces. Not even identical twins, who have the exact same DNA, experience this.
    3) Zack mentions that his dad and Quitterie’s mom are working on memory transfer technology.
    4) Some of the parents seem oddly eager to declare their children deceased. Specifically, only Aries’ mom and the woman to the left of her seemed to be still concerned about the kids.

    At this point we have enough clues between the history of the kids and the four clues dropped in episode 5 to figure out the “whydunnit”.

    1. Couple more things. Remember the good old story-telling rule called Chekhov’s Gun; don’t introduce objects or characters that do not contribute to the story.

      1) Ulgar’s brother was investigating campaign finance violations, but said “he was in over his head” and was killed.
      2) After telling Lina that she was asleep for only 12 years, she panics and blurts out the line “so nothing happened after-all?”
      3) Lina’s space suit appears to be archaic in design compared to the kids’ suits. It is bulkier and has a screw-on helmet.
      4) Lina prays to god. It’s odd only in that we’ve never seen any of the kids or their parents do the same, and the show goes out of its way to have Lina pray.
      5) Zack’s dad’s research into memory transfer hit a brick wall. What was it, and does it tie to the cloning reveal?

      1. Interesting you bring up #3 because that really stood out to me watching. Given the ship similarity you’d expect a similar level of tech across the board, but Paulina’s suit looks crude in comparison, suggesting a time frame far longer than initially apparent. Couple that with the name of the ship (Ark) and there’s definitely something far more important our Russian girl is keeping quiet on.

  7. I had really expected that Paulina would have made herself more useful with the ship repair, but as usual Zack can fix anything with just a screwdriver. Then she wants to visit the place where the rest of her crew was killed – sure that there’s no chance of anything dangerous. This isn’t the way that a trained adult astronaut should act, was she on the previous ship as a brood mother?

    1. Considering she was bound to a wheelchair or chair/bed the entire time the indication for me was she lacked the physical strength needed to do anything substantial (which is believable when you consider what coma patients experience in terms of muscle degeneration). As for her choice of place to visit, probably just have to chalk it up to the demands of story 😛

  8. I got too anxious and went and read the rest of the manga… if you’d thought you’d seen enough plot twists, sudden revelations and cliffhangers already then buckle your fucking seat belts because they’ve only been warming up so far.


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