Oh you thought one surprise would be enough did ya? Well how eight more for genetically equal size, and another arguably bigger one for spice. That’s right boys and girls, your happy go lucky summer space adventure has just turned into anything but, and if current trends are any prediction, it’s only going to grow more heated from here on out. There’s a lot of shenanigans to work through—and just enough time to do it.

As discussed last episode, the reveal that all of KnA’s cast are clones of certain people should not prove too surprising. Physical appearances, family relations, and all the teasing surrounding the manipulation of genetics and memory were enough to give it away, and that’s before we got the Quitterie-Funicia one-two punch last time. The use of clones specifically for immortality is probably a little more shocking, but also well televised for those with keen eyes—after all, it’s hard denying how some of these kids were treated and Zack’s father’s obsessive focus on memory transplantation. The interesting thing (at least for me) rather is how our little parent council intended on using their clones to become immortal. Memory transplant alone does not imply immortality for example, as it completely avoids the essence which makes us unique—i.e. a soul or similar. No whole brain and spinal cord transfer, no living beyond your age (and there’s plenty of philosophical arguments and neuroscience studies supporting this). I suspect KnA actually means whole brain data swapping when they mention memory (a la Altered Carbon), but there’s certainly room to delve farther down this rabbit hole if the series is inclined to further flesh out its variety of human rejuvenation. Just ask our one spunky girl whose backstory has been conveniently left in reserve.

Whether we get to that though will be heavily dependent on KnA’s next major reveal, because oh boy this one is going places. I cannot be the only one for example who just assumed home for these kids was Earth and went from there, but lo and behold the truth that we’re dealing with both clones and some variety of temporal multiverse. One hell of a twist (and one I actually went back to episode one to verify), but one definitely helping fit some of these pieces together. The presence of identical ships on distant planets? The apparent obsolescence of Paulina’s astronaut gear and equipment? It starts making a lot of sense if you consider Paulina (and others) crossed over to KnA’s universe via a wormhole of some variety. Oh did I mention we already have such a wormhole too? Yeah, everything needed for some serious mental fun and games is present for duty.

It’s going to be incredibly interesting seeing how KnA fits in this latest jaw dropper with everything else we’ve seen (and providing an explanation for it), because if one person and her fellow crew did wind up crossing between universes, just imagine who else preceded (or followed in) their wake. Best pepper that angus boys and girls, it’s popcorn time.


  1. oh ok… I really wasn’t expecting my clone theory from last week to just be info dropped in the first 5 mins…

    There is quite a lot of plotlines going on right now with signs of more to come, I hope things don’t get to muddled before the end.

  2. I didn’t really think they’d started off from Earth in the first place, I always assumed it was some colonised planet because the name “Earth” was never mentioned. Do we need to invoke the Mulitverse to explain things? I don’t think so. Polina was sent on a mission (clearly one of many such missions) to find another home for humanity and had a date in mind when some disaster was going to befall Earth as you can tell from her surprise when she found out how long she had been in cold sleep. So maybe planet Astra was that new home, but the children born there were never told that it wasn’t humanity’s home world because reasons.

    On the other hand, if you’re going to invoke wormholes and the Multiverse, it’s the kids who have probably ended up in an alternate universe as we know they’ve travelled by wormhole, and Astra may well be an Earth-like planet but there’s nobody home.

    My favourite shot from the episode:
    Funicia learns how to make clones!

    1. Normally I’d agree multiverse is stretching things, but I find it harder to believe any history of Earth would have been kept deliberately hidden from them, especially considering the mention of World War III during Charce’s backstory (implying they’ve been taught history). Also there’s the date of 2061, which is based on our current dating system means Earth would still be in the collective conscious.

      1. Come to think of it, Paulina’s spaceship seems awfully torn for a ship that’s only laying dormant for 12 or so years. It’s possible that the calendar on her world is disjointed from the calendar of this world and she’s actually in cyro-sleep for much longer.

  3. Excuse me, have you seen my mind? I’ve having trouble locating it at the moment. I think it might be in pieces here and there due to force of the blast. If you could help me collect them I would greatly appreciate it.

    Ah, yes, the show? I guess the big reveal at the end of the show will be that cloning has actually been happening IRL and Kenta Shinohara is actually a clone of M Night Shyamalan.

  4. I just cant een, this was the first plot reveal that i was actually surprised about, the rest it was more “wow, okay, i get that, should have seen it coming.”

    but not even “earth” wtf

  5. It looks strange that Paulina’s (I’d say Polina sounds easier on my ear :-] ) gear is out of date but the ship itself hasn’t raised an eye brown from Zack who’s got spaceship license. How can it be that spacesuit tech has moved ahead a lot but ship tech hasn’t?

    I’m not sure I’d want that sort of immortality that much.. Another body with exactly same memories as original me? How is that better than children? You can also share your ideas and ideals [like communism and re-establishment of the USSR 😉 ] with them

    1. They were both ships of the same type made around the same time. The kids were probably lucky that the ship they found in orbit was an old one, you know how much more difficult to repair the latest high-tech stuff is!

      1. > They were both ships of the same type made around the same time

        Yes! And the kids were not at all surprised by how outdated the technology of the ship was. Not a single comment. Not a single eye-brow raised.

        The ship is seriously outdated compared to what they’re used to be traveling on. It is seriously outdated compared to what Zack was trained on. And yet no reaction at all.

        Or – we have to assume that ships haven’t changed that much from the time Paulina’s suite was made. Now this is what surprises me

        > The kids were probably lucky that the ship they found in orbit
        > was an old one, you know how much more difficult to repair
        > the latest high-tech stuff is!

        He he! You’re right mate. BTW I was surprised to discover Samsung Note 3 is almost infinitely repairable. It comes together and apart just like that. I wonder if say Note 8 is similarly surviceable

    2. I get the impression that memories are moved from the old body to the new body rather than being copied, so there is only one version of ‘you’ in existence at a time. The old body is just reported as having died a natural death. Of course this entails deleting the memories from the new body, effectively killing the person.

      1. > I get the impression that memories are moved from the old body
        > to the new body rather than being copied, so there is only one
        > version of ‘you’ in existence at a time. The old body is just
        > reported as having died a natural death

        Yep, exactly
        Would you want this kind of “immortality”?

        To me that’s same as premature death
        I don’t care about how the “new me” will feel

        This me who sits here in front of the computer would cease to exist, be murdered and reported dead

    3. The spacesuits really are a sticking point. Based the rest though I’m guessing it’s being kept deliberately quiet until Paulina’s backstory is tackled because it’s just too obvious to have the kids not notice it.

  6. It would be good that if they have gone to the past they can send a message to the future. It would be good to see the originals get arrested because of message, with the relevant DNA from the past. Maybe that was the reason for the gnome program, to gather evidence. Perhaps by their decedents. If they have gone to the past it is likely that there will be survivors from earth there as well.

  7. OK so I was right about worldwide DNA sampling being thorn in the side of the cloners, and the memory transplantation was of course method to use clones as repalcement bodies for the “originals”.
    Aries is outlier in so many ways, her mother was not anybody famous and influential, and her mother loved her sincerely (which probably means she’s adopted).
    The big bombshell though is that all the kids, unlike Polina are hailing not from Earth but another similar planet which, quite obviously has followed different history (remember the 1963 world war 3 and following establishment of world government?).
    Now the big question is, who is in the wrong universe, Polina or the kids?

      1. Seira (If she’s real) is proof that Aries is a clone. Aries just had a happy childhood because she is adopted. ouNow I will bet she’s the traitor because she’s the least likely and could make for another twist.


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