「魔眼蒐集列車3/6 巫女と決意と腑海林(アインナッシュ)の仔」 (Magan Shuushuu Ressha 3/6 Miko to Ketsui to Ain’nasshu no Ko)
“Rail Zeppelin 3/6: A Sibyl, Decision, and Child of Einnashe”

It would seem like dead apostles ancestors are vampires that are near the top of the Type-Moon world in terms of power, though I’m not sure how they’d stack up against servants like Gilgamesh. Otherwise, it would seem that the Child of Einnashe is a mere branch of the actual forest, which consumed the blood of a defeated dead apostle ancestor named Einnashe for centuries and ended up gaining his vampiric abilities. If all it took was for the Child to make short work of three mages skilled enough to board the Rail Zeppelin, and make most other mages quiver in fear while sealing themselves into pocket dimensions, then I can imagine that the real deal would be significantly more formidable.

With the amount of blood that appeared alongside that ominous hand, I was seriously under the impression we were dealing with something sent by the Child of Einnashe itself. But it was just Melvin Waines, self-proclaimed best friend of Waver Velvet and a master tuner of magical circuits through his magical violin. Pretty helpful for the upcoming expedition of trekking through the treacherous forest to re-activate the leyline. The whole sexual pleasure from tuning magical circuits took me back to Shirou’s menage-a-trois with Saber and Rin in one of the Fate/Stay Night routes… since that was meant to a way of exchanging magical energy. Pretty suspicious that it might simply be brainless fanservice, but I’ll give the creators some benefit of the doubt by assuming it all somehow ties into established mechanics from within the universe. Anyhow, with the help of Karabo and Yvette, the group seem to accomplish their task with ease. I kind of wish there was more of a challenge from the forest, considering what it was shown to be capable of at the beginning. Nevertheless, I understand there were other things the episode needed to focus on.

On the side, Jean Mario’s cooking show skit felt like a pretty random inclusion. That said, the steak was sumptuously animated and that guy has one heck of a charming smile. I have to admit I laughed at Luvia’s rich girl attitude, when she slipped over a fat cheque in the hopes of acquiring valuable information. And they struck gold, since it seems like Trisha was researching the very killing technique that was utilised against her a week before her demise. From my perspective, although she couldn’t see the actual killer in her future sight, Trisha realised the way she died was unconventional and sought to narrow down the potential killer by trying to figure out the culprit for a previous spate of murders that held similar patterns. I’m interested in seeing where this investigation goes, since it takes place externally yet concurrently to the events aboard the Rail Zeppelin. And with the discovery of Trisha’s decapitated head by Olga Marie (that poor girl just can’t catch a break!), I’m definitely enjoy the direction the mystery as a whole is taking, and wonder if it has anything to do with the previous head of Modern Magecraft who received a brief mention previously, since that was the trail Kairi and Luvia seemed to be following.

To wrap off my speculations, it seems rather mysterious that a heroic spirit was summoned outside of the Holy Grail War, and one that was so keen to reveal their name no less. If I had to guess, their summoning seems extremely unconventional and I think there has to be significant drawbacks. Otherwise every capable magus would already be evoking legendary heroes from the past. That Gray is able to hold her own really impresses the Servant-class entity, with Hephaestion commenting that she didn’t think such warriors existed in the modern age. Perhaps one of these drawbacks is that the summoned spirit is weaker. Either that, because I’m not entirely sure how Gray compares with the actual Arturia and whether she has the potential to reach that level of strength. But I’m just so excited to see more Fate style epicness, and I’m absolutely itching for another Rhongomyniad moment to happen. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week for the conclusion of Gray and Hephaestion’s intense bout!


  1. Lots of interesting lore stuff here. The child of Einnashe, the Invocation talk, the imaginary numbers pocket dimension.

    And the idea of the Mage’s Association having celebrities (doing a zombie cooking no less) to manipulate the mass media makes perfect sense.

      1. If you go back and read the file that adashino was reading in that one scene this episode you will see that the mage association deals with Scotland yard and MI5 on a regular basis. Makes sense since that would be the logical way to go about controlling the secrecy of magical murders and other super natural phenomenon that the British government need to deal with.

        Fate strange Fake also established that the Mages association of America is apart of the US government and is directly involved with the Police and Other government Alphabet Agencies in dealing with information security on the super natural.

  2. I was looking through the pictures and it occurred to me that the Policies lady looks like the Servant and was wondering if it was her but then she can’t be in two places at the same time (fighting gray and where the head dropped) so guess not….Decent episode..agreed the forest fight was a bit too easy but they wanted to get on with it i guess.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2030.jpg
    Isn’t that the venus symbol for females?
    Like to know how much was in that check. Anyway, unlike that mage with the electric bunnies, I am surprised that mages can completely understand the concept of the Media. I can now understand how Caster’s big monster incident was covered up in Fate/Zero; the mages that time did a good job to prevent big leaks. Like to see how the Mage Association will cover things up in Fate/strange fake, that should take place in the time period when nearly everyone, in America, has a Smartphone.

    In FGO, Gray is considered a Servant but, along with Shirou with Gilgamesh, I am surprised that there are humans that can fight well against Servants. I can’t understand why someone like Ciel, who is immortal, or Aoko Aozaki, who can use MAGIC, or Shiki Ryougi with her mystic eyes can only fight “low level” Servants.

    BTW, why does the priest want to remove his mystic eyes? He wants to be blind? I probably missed that.

    And Melvin seems to be a “nice” buddy, “who hurt Waver besides me?” Why did he said that?

    1. I believe the cheque is about $10000 in a stitched screenshot someone did.
      And as to Gray being a servant thing in FGO is the simple fact that she is summoned by Waver as an actual ghost liner with a spirton Body and all the advantages that would convey. Here she is still in a mortal body and she can fight this servant only because
      Show Spoiler ▼

      As for the priest
      Show Spoiler ▼


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