「魔眼蒐集列車6/6 雷光と流星」 (Magan Shuushuu Ressha 6/6 Raikou to Ryuusei)
“Rail Zeppelin 6/6: Lightning and Shooting Star”

By golly. That was a lot to unpack given all those unexpected twists and turns. The misdirection from the end of last episode was strong, when Adashino used her evil-looking purple magic to restrain Caules. Who could have suspected she would actually be one of the good guys this whole time? It’s actually unfair that she collaborating with Waver through the use of secret notes. Also, I couldn’t have anticipated Yvette to have been working with the villain all this time, or suspected that the Caules on the train was a fake. And that Waver had figured it out a while back when Doctor Heartless performed healing magic far beyond his student’s actual caliber. In hindsight, it all makes sense. After all, those investigations by Luvia and Kairi had to mean something – and it ultimately bore fruit. Some people will be seeing jail time for their transgressions – BEGONE THOT! But if you’ve got a heroic spirit to chaperone you around the place, like Dr Heartless, the regular rules and enforcement don’t quite apply to you – and he immediately busts himself out of the Rail Zeppelin through coercion after openly threatening to destroy the precious mystic eyes.

With the mystery resolved and no significant questions remaining, we can now move onto some exquisite action – fantastic considering Faker has a massive grudge to settle with Waver. Studio Troyca have been technically outstanding for the entire run of the show, putting up episode after episode of consistently pristine visuals. But in my opinion, this episode was something else. We enter complete overdrive. Seeing the Child of Einnashe crawl out of a nether realm summoned by Dr Heartless elicited momentary fright, that was quickly quelled when the combined efforts of Olga Marie’s summoned meteors and the Rail Zeppelin’s defense mechanisms sent it tumbling back to whence it came. Karabo’s duel with Hephaestion had fluid animation and it was a treat to see the beautiful world from his eyes, and how he can choose to activate the past at his will now that he’s free from the interference of Dr Heartless. Everything on the screen was extremely gorgeous, and I didn’t think they could outdo themelves. But boy, did they continue to step things up in this visual feast for the eyes. And it really helps that Yuki Kajiura continues to work her musical talents into the background – poignantly bringing us full circle by re-using the soundtrack used at the very beginning of this series, when Waver had a flashback to Iskandar’s death at Archer’s hand.

At the end the episode, Gray makes a stand against Hephaestion, who resorts to her mystic eyes to incapacitate Karabo – only to be undone by a perfectly timed amulet negating the effect of Gray’s paralysis, causing her to land a critical blow on the heroic spirit. But far from being a mortal blow, this hefty slash only manages to further incite Hephaestion – who summons the Hecatic Wheel as a last resort to wholly and utterly destroy Waver alongside those on the Rail Zeppelin. But Gray refuses to stand down and chooses to revoke all thirteen seals on Rhongomyniad – hoisting this episode to an unbearable and excruciating climax. As the magical powers of prayers surrounds her and concentrates into a singular pillar of golden energy, while the magical chariot thunders down from the skies above charged with red electricity, the episode fades to black – leaving us on one heck of a brutal cliffhanger. How scintillating.

What next? It’s clear Waver or Luvia don’t die here considering their future appearances in future Fate entries. So you could say the outcome is a foregone conclusion to some viewers. But if we’re able to suspend our disbelief for a moment or two, next week should prove extremely gratifying and I look forwards to seeing how this arc will really conclude – with a part 7/6 in order for what I expect to be the true finale. Anyways, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week when all hell finally breaks loose!


  1. https://randomc.net/image/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files/Lord%20El-Melloi%20II%20Case%20Files%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2024.jpg
    That is a very decent spell. To have some stars fall on earth and create flames.
    remind me again the significance of this?
    deja vu with Excaliber and the Gordes wheel, is Faker alive?. Anyway, it seems to be a complete lie that humans don’t stand a chance against Herioc Spirits. Karabo seemed to hurt Faker just fine, without a Noble Phantasm, and Gray manage to win. I am surprised, especially with Karabo seeming to win against Faker. Nasu stated even Ciel, someone in the burial agency who has the Seventh Holy Scripture (not sure if that thing can be considered a Noble Phantasm), can only fight in a defensive position against Servants, must be exaggerated otherwise I didn’t understand how in Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay night Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, fill me in, is Dr. Heartless working for Chaldea or for Olgamally’s dad? IF so then how did he manage to summon a Servant? Or a Grail that can summon a Servant? Are there more Servants? Is the doctor and faker alive still? What was Doctor’s goal? And is doctor a dead apostle? Seems crazy to live without a heart or can casually summon that Forrest. IS Waver really that important to Dr. Heartless’s plan?

    1. That is a very decent spell. To have some stars fall on earth and create flames.

      It’s the first time I see Olga Marie being useful. 😛

      remind me again the significance of this?

      It’s a charm that cancels the effect of Mystic Eyes. Waver threw it so Gray can break free of Faker’s Mystic Eyes (of paralysis). Trisha originally carried it as a precaution. It’s a crucial piece of evidence that Adashino chose to ignore in order to bolster her version of how the crime was committed.

      Anyway, it seems to be a complete lie that humans don’t stand a chance against Herioc Spirits.

      IMO Type-Moon lore is always in flux, with nothing set in stone. What Nasu said before can be undone by later developments, esp. with these spinoffs that are written by others.

      Magnus Tancred
      1. That’s more boasting from Heroic Spirits than reality. In fact even the original FSN has two instances of humans beating servants. Heroic Spirits have obviously a long series of advantages but can be beaten with tactics, surprise or supremely powerful abilities or artifacts like Rhongomyniad.

      2. Feel like the author keeps overestimating Servants too much. Karabo isn’t even in the burial agency yet he put up a good fight against Faker. Nasu stated people like Ciel, with her own holy scripture cannon, can only fight on the defensive while people like Aoko Aozaki, a master of 5th MAGIC, can only fight WEAK servants. Bleah.

        Want to see Servants go against Lugh Beowulf or a True Ancestor

      3. Well, when Nasu compares power levels he always talks with the perspective of a square fight like a martial arts match. In that case a servant will always have an advantage against humans. However real battles are a different thing as showed in FSN where Shiro, Kozuki and Kirei took down servants using various means. The latter is particularly relevant because he won by skill and cunning alone. We can say that Nasu likes the concept of the underdog winning against powerful, but overconfident enemies.

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I keep forgetting that large amount of text would require moderation
    On the side note, I hope someone animates fate/requiem. I am not sure how Dr. Heartless did it but summoning a Servant doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. Can’t understand why magi make a big fuss about it. Like to know if dr. heartless was responsible for everything in fate/requiem

      1. However, there’s only one more episode after this one, so it’d make sense that Troyca studio would animate the night wherein Emiya Shirou summons Saber, making it sure that Waver never gets his chance.

      2. Hm, I investigated a bit and it’s kind of unlikely.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Gray did not undo all 13 seals here, she only fulfilled the condition for 5 of thec13. At 13 seal released the spear can basically sunder reality. Getting all 13 seals undone is also extremely difficult, for one Type moon never officially disclosed what all 13 condition were, on top of the 5 shown this episode, fate prototype revealed 2 more conditions one being the battle must be fought one vs one, and the other being that the battle must save the world from destruction. Obviously gray ‘s battle here dont fulfill those 2 conditions.

  4. Just some of the Seals known so far:

    Bedivere: The enemy must be more powerful than oneself
    Palamedes: The battle must be one-on-one
    Lancelot: The enemy must not be an elemental
    Mordred: The battle must be one against evil
    Galahad: The battle must not involve personal gain
    Gaheris: The battle must not be inhumane
    Agravain: The battle must be for truth
    Kay: The battle must be to live
    Arthur: The battle must save the world
    Unknown: One’s comrades-in-arms must be courageous
    Unknown: The battle must be an honorable one


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