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Hataage! Kemono Michi – 03

「家出少女x襲撃者」 (Iede Shoujo x Shuugekisha)
“Runaway Girl x Attacker”

Our third episode of Hataage! Kemono Michi introduces us to Hanako, a half-dragon from the Fafnir family who was known as Fafnir Guildmelag Lindablair before she left her castle to seek out better meals than goblin meat. But in her absence, she ends up attracting chaos as her servant Camilla Vanstein aims to take her back to her castle and bring the ruckus along the way.

We saw this within shades of the last episode, but the anime has been improving its comedy even more within this episode. The introduction of the half-dragons gave us some humorous and welcome additions to the cast. I really enjoyed Camilla’s scenes as I have a soft spot for comical antagonists that straddle the line between puffing themselves up and giving the heroes too much leg-room. She definitely has appeal as an attractive vampire-esque half-dragon, but her underestimation of Genzou’s strength or resolve makes it all the goofier when she gives him just enough time to splash her face with holy water or is defeated by a wrist-twister. Genzou himself isn’t too shabby this time as well with his lovestruck reaction to an older bear-woman, and his instincts to don his wrestling attire as he tries to track down the dragon attacking the village and have Hanako tag along with him while she wears one of his masks.

But the main star of this episode is Hanako, and much of the episode helps to make her an endearing new friend to Genzou. Much of her character is centered around her interest in new experiences outside of her cushy yet culinarily depressing castle life, and the decision she makes to satiate her hunger on the finer meals in life. Hanako’s hungry streak is made funnier as she is left salivating not by regular human food, but rather the other animals that surround her in the pet shot. Her desire to eat Hiroyuki ended up being hilarious with how fixated she’s been on the dog, doting on it for being adorable and anticipating the day that Hiroyuki will be plump enough for her to eat. She eventually gains interest in helping Genzou with his pet shop to continue her search for food and spend more time with Hiroyuki, taking on the name Hanako because of the fun she had going on the run with Genzou as his wrestler persona. Because she’ll be working at their prospective pet shop, hopefully along with Camilla, it will be interesting to see if the anime explores the heritage and hierarchy of the dragon families and if the Fafnir family will eventually come into the fold in future episodes. Above all else, it’ll be nice to continue to follow Hataage! Kemono Michi as one of the more amusing and eccentric comedies this season.

October 16, 2019 at 5:12 pm
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