「俺は意外な一面を知る」 (Ore wa igaina ichi men o shiru)
“I Discover an Unexpected Side”

If my stalker turned out to be a good friend of my mum’s to the point where she’s getting invited around to bust my porn magazine stash, that’s about the moment I’d request a restraining order. But I think most dudes would put that on hold if it meant being in close proximity with a well-endowed and beautiful girl in her swimsuit.

And so we were blessed with the obligatory swimsuit episode. In other words, not much happened. That said, it remained a refreshing break that whisked us away from the usual drama. It also comprehensively established that relationships have now been properly patched up between each relevant party from the first arc. Also, for all his jerkass shortcomings, I really respected how Joro found forgiveness inside of himself to overcome the suffering each individual put him through – especially that red haired gyaru who really had it against him. More importantly, for the viewers who love fanservice, we got to enjoy the scintillating views that each individual girl brought to the screen – especially Cosmos and Pansy for me. Most shows can be quite upfront and brazen with the fanservice to the point where you become fatigued from being bombarded at every opportunity by oppai and oshiri. Yes, that happens even if you’re a devout lover of oppai. However, Oresuki largely focuses on its RomCom antics then teases us every now and then in high quality chunks. Now that’s a kind of trend that I could get behind within the anime industry. Not too much, not too little – somewhere in between like this.

To raise the stakes beyond gratuitous fanservice, all three girls butt heads and refuse to concede Joro to one another – leading to a situation where they decide to give him the best time they can in all kinds of steamy ways. I can’t say I’m usually a fan of this stuff where girls fawn over the protagonist like that, because I’ve seen it play it too many times. However, as usual, OreSuki finds way to subvert expectations. This time, we have Sun-chan to thank. When the water slide goes wrong, where Joro loses his swimming trunks and definitely would have been punched by Himawari, Sun-chan dives in to shield him. When Cosmos becomes lost in her fantasy world, leaving Joro alone on the pink dolphin, Sun-chan dives in yet again to salvage him from being perceived as a loser who got dumped. When Pansy is about to begin exposing Joro’s fetishes, Sun-chan dives in to protect his friend’s dignity. So it comes as absolutely no surprise that ultimately, Joro chooses Sun-chan over all three – a brilliantly executed subversion of the usual cliche.

At the end of the day, thanks to Sun-chan, nothing eventful happened at the pool. But it wouldn’t be OreSuki without drama and excitement. Just as they get back to school, a new transfer student rolls in. She immediately walks up to Joro and takes a knee, proclaiming that she is the perfect girl who will protect him from everything. Right now, I’m sensing nothing but ‘best girl’ vibes due to her chivalric, Saber-esque nature. However, there must be more to it than meets the eye. What fair share of troubles is this new character going to bring? It’s hard to say but coming forwards with such a strong stance, conflict with the other girls surrounding Joro seems inevitable. Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading my post and see you next week!


  1. I must say I’m warming up to Sun-chan again. Sure, he was a dick in the beginning, but the “threat” that had everyone up in arms always seemed to me more bark than bite, born out of anger and frustration at being found out by the girl he was after. At least in this adaptation, the whole school turning against Joro was due to a serendipitous eavesdropper, not an intenional part of the Sun-chan’s plan. So to me he was never as unforgivably rotten as other people saw him.

    1. Agree. Were he actually honest, out heroine (a genius who can’t be fooled by appearances) would never let him get close to any of the girls anymore.
      So I interpret the scene as him wanting to scare her and remove that smug smile from her face. When someone talks down to you with a big smile on their faces, you want to fight back.

      Still something one should never say, but it’s not like real people tend to adhere to every rule that exists.

  2. New girl walks in, all smiles and charms…
    My inner Admiral Ackbar: It’s a trap!
    (no not THAT kind of trap mind you – though not out of realm of possible)
    She has definitely some hidden agenda. We already know Oresuki enough to expect that…

  3. Henrietta Brix
    1. If you’re gonna go with Star Wars starship comparisons, Pansy would be a Star Dreadnought (more colloquially known as a Super Star Destroyer)–with Interdictor capabilities, if I may add. (Just look at those “gravity well generators”!)

      Pansy-class (Project 177013) Star Dreadnought/Super Star Destroyer

      Bench-kun would either be the Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought, Death Star, or Starkiller Base.

      (*resumes watching the newest episode*)

  4. Joro’s bench fear cracked me up. One of those cases a main character develops a deep seated fear of something for a very good reason. I’m ready for more bench action, particularly since we know it’s Pansy setting that up _every time_.

  5. https://randomc.net/image/Ore%20wo%20Suki%20na%20no%20wa%20Omae%20Dake%20ka%20yo/Ore%20wo%20Suki%20na%20no%20wa%20Omae%20Dake%20ka%20yo%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    Was that Yukari Tamura as Joro’s (eternally 17) mom?

    Pansy wearing that beautiful dance dress last episode, and now, a bathing suit? (HRRRMMMMM!)

    Shukashuu’s character (post-gyaru) reminds me of Hippo Team’s Saemonza (Girls und Panzer). I dunno if she or Naobou’s character would turn out to be some kind of “dark horse” entries to OreSuki‘s harem war.

    Other thoughts:
    – Joro’s “Bench-kun” paranoia… XD (And said bench gets more oshiri than Joro at this point.)
    – Also didn’t expect Joro to go for “that option” (a.k.a.: the gay option) with Sun-chan.

    Can’t wait for more rom-com chaos to ensue next episode.


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