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「あらしふく」 (Arashi fuku)
“As Storms Sweep”

I was honestly disappointed that Chihaya ended up winning. I didn’t expect to react that way. I thought I was rooting for her somewhere deep inside but it seems I was really on Taichi’s team. When I saw how upset he was, I was upset for him. Of course, it makes sense that Chihaya walked away with a victory considered she’d worked so hard and so long to become such a skilled karuta player.

After seeing her well up in front of her mother with all her confused thoughts and feelings, I couldn’t help but cry. If you don’t know just yet, I’m the writer here on RandomC who openly confesses to crying. I just sat there, tears dripping as large as Chihaya‘s right into my bowl of breakfast oats. Yum. Salty oats.

I am, however, confused about her choice to go on the class trip to Tokyo. She mentions wanting to be a high school teacher so she could become a karuta club advisor like Ms. Miyaichi and Ms. Sakurazawa, but this epiphany of hers is new. It does tie to karuta, however, her real dream is to become queen. I guess if I think about it, this is the only time in her life she can experience a school trip with friends, whereas competing for the highest karuta title in the land is something she can achieve at any age.

Spakrs seem to have ignited between the boys. So far, season 1 and 2, aside from their elementary school years, rarely have we seen Arata and Taichi go head to head over Chihaya. For some reason, this last match really ignited a jealous fire in Arata. Is it because his friends are playing without him or is he slowly realizing that Taichi has the upper hand now that he’s become a better player than he once was, maybe even surpassing him altogether? The tension between these two and their passion for Chihaya is creating an emotional storm that’s now making it into the lives of everyone around them. If Yuu continues to love Arata and if Sumire never gets over her interest in Taichi, they’ll forever be caught up in their storm. They’re currently experiencing very painful unrequited loves but will their feelings ever be answered?

I know the show is about the subtlety and it has done so well in building each of the characters’ true feelings, but I can’t help but see everything as intertwined. The stronger their bond with one another (referring to all characters), the more progress they make in their training, their personal lives, etc.

My main concern after this episode is what she’ll do now that she’s found out Taichi will be going to the Eastern Region Master and Queen qualifiers. Will she support Taichi? Will she scold him? What will happen of their relationship? It’s unfortunate, however, that her whole experience of Kyoto is having her head (and heart) wrapped around karuta and Taichi. Talk about not living in the moment Chihaya.

November 21, 2019 at 8:02 pm
  • November 22, 2019 at 11:01 amMockman

    Regarding Chihaya, I can’t help but feel that she’s about to boil over and flee Kyoto. She is a creature of impulse so we’ll see whether her random impulse to be a responsible student can hold up against her newly re-awakened competitive instincts.

    Everything else aside, it is Taichi’s fate to suffer where Chihaya is concerned. He has everything in life but what he wants.

    Part of what I like about him is that while on the one hand, he’s sort of wrapped around her unwitting finger but on the other, he tirelessly pushes around his many self-imposed restraints towards his goals.

    Together, the two make for a yin and yang relationship (and I say that without any deep understanding of the concepts so perhaps there is a better metaphor). But while he is superficially calm, he does seem to be roiling underneath his usual, placid expression. He left it all out on the floor there.

    As for Arata, I guess that the unspoken conditions set while they were children have been met. With Taichi surpassing him, at least temporarily, does this mean that the two will now begin their struggle for the oblivious Chihaya in earnest?

    What a great show this is.

  • November 22, 2019 at 12:11 pmPanino Manino

    “it seems I was really on Taichi’s team”
    That’s the only team that matters and should exist.

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