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「プリンセスxパンツ」 (Princess x Pantsu)
“Princess x Panties”

Fatigue hits fast in this episode of Hataage! Kemono Michi when it plays out like a greatest hits of the worst running jokes of the anime. As always, Genzou sucks out any kind of entertainment from the show with his joyless antics of ignoring everyone around him until he decides to mindlessly assault anyone who wants him to kill demons. His efforts at maintaining gender equality are among his most egregious moments as he barely even lets Princess Altena explain why she summoned him before he decides to spend the remainder of the episode suplexing her and leaving her spread-eagle for the entire town to see their princess humiliated and violated by the hero of this story. It doesn’t help that any type of characterization they give to Princess Altena focuses less on her as a leader and more of the blushy and flustered feelings she gets about being manhandled and humiliated by Genzou.

And if you got tired of Genzou’s endless suplexing of Princess Altena, this episode is going for a double-play by having yet another scene where Genzou goes to the guild to attack everyone who cheers for him to kill or hunt the Demon King. He goes there to learn about the Demon King, and, because he’s his own worst enemy, he learns nothing because he’s too busy attacking everyone in unprovoked outrage over the mild slight of even the mildest insinuation of killing the Demon King. It’s really miserable material, and it takes up a majority of the episode. And as icing on the cake, we have another appearance of Wolfgang crippled and scarred from being publically assaulted yet again as Misha plans a Death Wish-style revenge campaign against Genzou. Its tonal shift is both jarring and completely unbecoming of a show that’s supposed to be funny.

It’s a shame because there are some jokes that did work within the episode. The initial response to Altena’s appearance was hilarious by virtue of having everyone in the house swiftly team up to try to have Genzou arrested and paint him as a colossal pervert that has wronged just about everyone he’s ever encountered. Camilla also gets a good joke in by using Genzou’s obsession with the Demon King as a way to trick him by lying about how he looks and getting him excited over a bogus and eccentric interpretation of the Demon King to get his hopes up. MAO’s side of the story was great as well since it gave us one joke where Joanna spins MAO’s reference to knitting as a hint that he’s actually been knitting evil garbs using cursed material to impress Rose. It’s almost as it MAO was supposed to be on Princess Altena’s side with how normal and cordial that MAO has been about getting the beast kingdom by his side while Genzou’s been violating all of the royalty and animals he’s ever come across.

November 27, 2019 at 4:26 pm
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