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For all that Plunderer may be firmly paint by numbers, it’s at least nice to see to show how best to take conventional and run it for all it’s worth. Case in point this week. Sure, we may have received yet another bit of “filler” material, but you know what’s quickly (hopefully) coming down the pipeline.

While it would be easy to rip apart the coincidence of Hina and Nana randomly smoking Licht out of hiding (because coincidence rarely makes for fun), there’s no denying this was going to happen eventually so the sooner the better. All true adventures need the party together before hitting road properly after all, and with Hina—i.e. the central piece of this story—now back in the picture I suspect we can start getting some of those details Plunderer keeps dancing around. Well, and more adorable pouty faces, because what can I say, I too am I man of culture. Not like Hina and Nana will be the only ones either; I anticipate a pair of familiar faces in Lynn and Jail are set to join the band shortly too, even if only in a Team Rocket sort of manner. Plunderer may be missing the reason for all this aimless running about right now, but everything is set to finally give it some purpose.

As for what that purpose will be, I think it’s not too hard imagining the details. Licht’s undeniable familiarity with flight for example shows just how old this guy is, and more importantly, what’s likely a stake. If man-made flight is banned, it’s not hard believing other technologies are too, and if those are all banned, three guesses gets you how Counts factor into this. Thought it would only be a tale of lecherous vagabond and damsel in distress versus the world? Better think again. Between Licht’s flashback and the very obvious indication the Abyss keeps people alive (seriously, I doubt Pelmo is only a one-off character) there’s a greater power at work than simple Counts and the powers they can bestow. It’s anyone’s guess just what that is right now (it’s been a running theme of late), but with this season now halfway over and one enemy clearly primed for an introduction, I think a little conflict and explanations are next on the menu.

At least right after Lynn and the totally not a tsundere Jail make their triumphant return next week.




  1. Does this show have any plot to speak of? Six episodes in and all I see is a sex pest main protagonist and a whiny main girl who’s about as deep as a puddle. I’m not sure why I’m still watching it desu.

    1. It’s the curse of long-running series with slow buildup. Plunderer is pretty much taking its time introducing cast and premise before laying out the big guns because it has the time to. Of course hindsight will depend on how strong the payoff is, but I’m optimistic for this one.

  2. Yes this show has a great plot. The story gets really heavy from this point forward, there wont be these kind of peacefull episodes. Next episode is gonna be great. Lots of action/twist/romance and drama.

  3. The anime is more or less, but manga is good.

    About the story: I think the overall story is pretty interesting, as well as the way things are revealed. As the story started with taking place in world that being ruled by number/count that character had in their body, and how it could affect their life. As the story progress, there is a hint of seriousness, despite the overwhelmingly indecent act of the world, with the primary story focusing on Licht Bach Show Spoiler ▼

    Now to the characters. Not particularly good but not really bad either.
    I would first say that the main character Licht is interesting in his own right, though he is a quite pervert guy and isn’t afraid to show it – but the manga doesn’t particularly try to show boobs etc as often as possible unlike something like fairy tail. Still have a fair amount of it though, but the main girl is quite boring in comparison. Well I hesitate to call her the main because she really isn’t, we just see her first. But no matter. Anyway, she takes on the role of damsel in distress at the start, though her role becomes more of a side character later on alongside the other sides. That’s fine actually, as I much prefer that she isn’t forced into the main girl role just because we saw her first. The side characters have their own quirks and have some likeable traits – they’re good people and might grow on you as you read more. However, I didn’t feel much emotional investment in the characters, but I’m interested to see what happens to them in the story and I also enjoy seeing them interact and go about their stuff.

    Overall, I’d say this series has an interesting story behind it, though the typicalness of the plot at points might delude you into thinking it’s just another boring story.

    Pancakes Edit: Spoiler tags added.

  4. To satisfy our curiosity:…

    Plunderer Introduces Main Characters and Additional Cast

    The upcoming January 2020 anime adaptation of Plunderer, based on the manga of the same name by Suu Minazuki, has revealed more characters and their cast.

    It had previously been announced that the main character Licht Bach will be voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima and the heroine Hina by Rina Honnizumi. Today we bring you the character illustrations and additional cast members! Joining the cast are Ari Ozawa as Lyne Mei, Aoi Ichikawa as Pere, Yuichiro Umehara as Jail Murdoch, and Shizuka Ito as Nana.

  5. I know I’m in the minority, but I must confess that this is the best ep so far for me. I know there’s Licht’s uncomfortable perverted antics but one gotta know this will happen in an ecchi series.

    As for “filler” materials, (sorry but) I’ve to correct you, Pancakes. It’s more like “change” materials because I didn’t like what happened in that chap because there’s another (ahem!) creepy old dude and Nana wasn’t in it so I appreciate her “(the beer obviously) Cup Punch” in this episode.

    The filler materials is the bridge in ep 3 (though they did that to make that cliffhanger happen on time) which is the worst ep for me that I got through with some skip buttons.

    I know my fave is still Jail-tsun, but I’m beginning to appreciate how the screenwriter added depth for Licht’s reactions here. And that electrocution scene~ Boy! I didn’t expect that! Flashback memories that nearly hurt Licht are coming to light though they could’ve make it a bit brighter of those FB scenes & Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m still keeping my expectations as moderate as I can, but I’ve to give praise for the screenwriter in making this episode memorable and emotional. Thought this series will be ruined seeing his past works (Rail Wars! especially) being a big disappointment.

    Correct me if I missed a great past work of his.

    Pancakes Edit: Spoiler tags added just to be safe.

    1. You could have spoiler tagged that “loved one” part. Now I know what to expect once the inevitable flashback starts.
      What is happening with so many spoilers in the comments? Please do something, Pancakes.

        1. Oops! I apologize for I’ve forgotten a moment how to spoiler tag. But I’ll make sure not to spoil anything, even if it’s a minor one; Also if I make spoiler tag, I might “kill” them with it. 😅

          But on the upside, I’m just glad that there are newbie viewers who really are avoiding the spoilers even if the beginning of this story is still baking its raw materials if you get what I mean to describe it.

          Okay. I know it’s a hassle but can you place this text ( tag) at end of your ep review so that new commenters who might not find this at the RC main page.

          Once again, I apologize and will refrain myself as much as I can from typing any spoilers even if it’s a minor one.

    2. I label it filler mostly because it’s material which at face value doesn’t seem to add anything to characters or story outside of a few personality details. Of course here that’s not accurate given the flashback and further teasing on the Abyss, but the setup of random character with random problem the main cast deals with for a week is the bread and butter of any shounen-esque series 😛

  6. Decent episode, I guess, with most of the close up art looking pretty good.
    Him harassing Hina was so random though, they could have just cut it out, considering that he stayed serious/depressed most of the time this episode.
    Wonder how many chapters this episode covered, because we barely knew that new (big boobed) character before she was molested by tenta…sent over to the abyss.
    Me currently still unspoiled I don’t expect her to stay “human”, so maybe she serves as food/material for whatever is waiting there….

    1. I also guess we are finally going to get to a point where seriousness is involved to a degree, but I doubt it, because this is a work of the same author who brought us Sora no Otoshimono whose the MC was also a pervert guy who harassed and molested girls during the entire show.

      1. This being by the same mangaka was actually a big reason why I started watching it in the first place. Loved Sora no Otoshimono’s humor. Problem is that to me Licht doesn’t do as good a job of being a perverted lead as Tomoki. It doesn’t fit character wise. Well, and unlike Sora no Otoshimono this is, so far at least, more of a battle shonen.

      2. Funnily enough Licht’s perversions are growing on me because (if this episode is any indication) he uses them as a way to distract, either from himself or some aspect of the world he doesn’t want others to discern—thus the feeling the quirk doesn’t fit the character. Doesn’t take away from the question of making Licht a pervert in the first place, but I can sort of see the reason for why he was written like this.

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