“Preparing to Conquer the Steel Lady”

「鋼人攻略戦準備」 (Haganejin kouryakusen junbi)

We don’t really learn anything new – which is frustrating the mystery fan inside of me. I’d been hoping for less of a slow trickle. Kotoko reaffirms that they’ll have to manufacture logical fiction in the form of a counter-rumour to defeat Steel Lady Nanase. And she outright voices her suspicions that Kuro’s cousin, Rikka, is involved with this incident. At least we were treated to some endearing moments between Kotoko and Kuro. Casting aside his usual stoicism, Kuro hand-feeds Kotoko some chocolate and gently strokes her head when she begins to over-exert herself. In this way, we can see that he truly does care for her.

So here’s the golden question. Previously, it’s been mentioned that Kuro’s cousin died. However, as viewers, we can indeed see that she was alive and well in the previous episode – sequestered in a room surrounded by Steel Lady Nanase items. Assuming she was also a part of their grandmother’s cruel experiments, it wouldn’t be a stretch to conjecture that she gained some kind of weird supernatural ability too that might have allowed her to cheat death. But perhaps there’s something wrong with the way it manifested, leaving her in this twisted condition. And if she’s exactly Kuro’s type of girl, there’s going to be a lot of baggage to unpack when they get around to confronting her.

Anyway, because the plot was kind of thin this week, that’s pretty much everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and catch you next week to see how they continue hatching a plot to overcome Steel Lady Nanase!



  1. I must say there is a lot of cut content from the Manga making the animation story seem butchered in someway. Even after saying this the Anime had a lot of substance especially during the hotel room where Iwanaga, Kotoko had to brainstorm solutions. Had I not read the Manga that scene would have totally lost me. The brainstorming of lies for Nanase’s fan bass was a pivotal point as well as.

  2. “Previously, it’s been mentioned that Kuro’s cousin died”
    Well Saki “heard” that Kuro’s cousin died.

    I assume the next episode we will switch to Rikka and they explain a few things about her. Bullshitting can wait. I really want to see Rikka animated.

  3. Soooooooooooooooooo Crunchyroll just announced they’re going to release “Crunchyroll originals” that they create and produce, and they …. included this anime as one of them? How does that work!?! It already exists!

    1. If your saying the series will extend to 24 episodes then nothing changes. The Karin Nanase\Steel Lady Nanase arc is SO LONG it’s ridiculous. Just the three alternative lies that Iwanaga created in the hotel room took 4 – 5 chapters in the manga alone when being used to fight Rikka’s fan base.

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