「アビスの悪魔」 (Abisu no Akuma)
“Demon of the Abyss”

You know I was certain I was going to have another week of lightly laughing at and commenting on the usual developmental antics Plunderer has firmly latched onto, but apparently not this time. Alcohol-imbibed bonding and all the joys of cute faces aside, this was the moment Plunderer hit the gas, and oh boy I couldn’t be more excited.

After the teasing last week of demons and mass destruction, Plunderer deserves some credit for cleverly keeping the charade going for so long. Town on fire? Claw marks on trees? Flying evil emerging from the Abyss? The usual victim foreshadowing doom? Oh don’t deny, you know you expected flying monsters too—not Russian attack helicopters. One hell of a switcheroo for a show a few probably thought wouldn’t stray far from typical fantasy, although it’s one which besides the awesomeness that is rockets and miniguns definitely helps piece some more parts together. We now have a pretty big reason for the ban on artificial flying for example, and also one silently answering why no one in this world seemingly uses guns. And the Abyss? I think a few explanations just jumped in probability.

As for the human side of this story, well no major surprises either. It’s been easy to guess Licht is a legendary ace/baron since the start for example, but we now have confirmation thanks to Jail’s impassioned failure at 20 Questions and Licht’s own hinting of his age. Still no explanation for Licht’s power bonus over poor Jail mind you, but hey, the bonds of brotherly friendship guarantee something will give on that front before too long. Or at least hopefully. After all I’d wager our new upcoming character introduction has more than a little to do with Licht and his past, and with modern technology now appearing from the void, a guarantee someone will be offering up an explanation for just what the hell is now going on.

Might be good for Lynn and Hina to start banking that female charm, because there’s no room for romance where this story is headed next.




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  2. At first I didn’t understand why the helicopter came along, but when I read the manga, I understood everything. I was surprised by the pilot’s identity. plus either two or three episodes, and finally we’ll have the episode that will explain the whole history and origin of the anime and the MC that was a guy much more pervert than he currently is. |o|

  3. Having mixed feelings and it’s not because I’m expecting from the source material but the pacing has been putting many viewers off that those who are going blind (a.k.a. not reading source material) have their unexpected twist except it feels anticlimactic given that earlier on it was a drinking challenge that covered up 1/3 of the episode’s duration.

    But I guess I can’t deny that they need the drinking game for the calm before the storm (abyss) trope. And yes. Every blind viewer should be expecting a real monster; yet when you think about it if this were to appear in real-life medieval times, the HELICOPTER can look like A MONSTER. Hopefully fighting scenes for next ep is smooth though that depends because of the Coronavirus delaying many anime episodes and that Plunderer might be hit by this serious circumstance.

      1. It’s because they took fucking forever to get to the interesting part. I mean really, did they actually just stretch the first few boring chapters to eight episodes? The fuck were they thinking?

        1. Probably an attempt at building up characters and making them interesting (or something similar). Debatable exactly how well it worked overall (and hindsight is going to be a riot), but it’s a pretty common strategy for any shounen-esque series.

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  5. Didn’t see that one coming.

    A Hind? can certainly cause damage like that. Heavy winds and load noises certainly make it seem demonic. But I think the most important question is, does it have a number count?

    I think there’s a chance the next episode will answer most of Jail’s questions.

    1. they get assigned count task and they do their thing, or they get sent to hell (lol), if they up their count their abilities (if they have any) get better
      and there is no need to explain how count system works in the first place because literally magic/deus ex machina/ayylmaos

      1. That’s the thing. If he/she doesn’t or is lower it’ll actually disapprove Jail’s theory that a higher number means better combat capabilities. He always thinks Licht has a hidden number instead of a hidden device.

        Always thought the numbers meant Life Points with a slight stat boost to military personnel.

  6. Okay I have questions and I need answers.

    1st, this abyss is this a portal to another world?

    2nd, If this is indeed a connection to another world, is this like the premise of Raising of The Shield Hero? Where inhabitants from one relm invades the others, kill people destroy the world?

    3rd, why is it that any contact with this abyss involves violence?

    Lastly, so those that get pulled in aren’t actually presumed dead. Is the world Lycht and Hina living in sort of like GRANCREST SENKI where everyone is living in a pre-modernized civilization?

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Pancakes edit: spoiler tags

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

      Pancakes edit: spoiler tags

  7. Thanks for adding the spoiler tags, Pancakes. Please also add a note next time.
    As for the episode, I caved a bit and read the corresponding manga chapter and the 2-3 chapters that follow that don’t really reveal too much yet.
    To my disappointment the manga includes the (not funny) drinking scene though the anime takes its time, probably to make sure that it ends on the helicopter cliffhanger. First thought was that this might be a “Gate” to our world added with time travel, but we’ll see.
    Impressed that Jail came with his own explanation for the “demon”.

    1. Np! And yeah I am after this week, way too many spoilers to deal with haha.

      From what I know of the manga the mid-season climax should answer what they Abyss is and where it leads, while the second cour will deal with the consequences and Licht’s role in it.
      Plunderer really picks up after this point so I’ve got my hopes up the anime can match what comes next.

  8. Spoiler tags arent working for me.

    So consider this a spoiler tag:

    2.-Warm. No but yes.
    3.-What is the title of the serie?
    4.-Kinda, but more directly.

    Hope that it helped. 🙂

    1. They don’t work for me either, no one has said what the new tags actually are. So don’t worry about accidently posting spoilers, you’re not alone in doing so because the tags dont work.


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