「プランダラ」 (Purandara)

Was the wait worth it? Certainly up for debate, but hard denying Plunderer is holding back now. From the happy go lucky to murder, death, and destruction; it was the full meal deal, even if the likelihood of some outcomes (*looks at the supposedly dead Jail*) are less likely than others. We’ve got a million and one oddities in need of some explanation, but never fear, the infodumps are definitely near.

Considering where we were even only a week ago it’s slightly jarring seeing where Plunderer is leading this ship. Helicopters, ATGMs, and autocannons are only topped by the appearance of guns, bloodthirsty unknowns, and one new cutie pie in Sonohara who you just know is going to be a handful. A yandere-esque, romance competing handful. Besides that frankly awesome half-cyborg look going on, Sonohara is our second actual Ace, confirming (to no one’s surprise) that Licht is also an Ace and more importantly the main Ace; you don’t possess a mark one eyeball or get called senpai for being a loyal third wheel. Who she and her companions represent, what she’s after, and why she heralds from the Abyss are of course the big things lacking for the moment, but I expect we’ll get an answer on all of that shortly. After all, that 32000 (!!) Count is just begging for some discussion.

Also in need of some further information is Licht, because hot damn the mystery just tripled in size. Legitimate ranking colonel, bloodthirsty past, and a guaranteed actual name in Rihiko: we got more on our resident voyeur’s backstory in 10 minutes than we have over the previous eight weeks, and that’s before touching on Licht’s real reason for gallivanting around the countryside. At this point it’s wholly unclear what is meant by plundering, but considering the nature of the Abyss/Althing and how our new enemies of the moment sprang forth from it, it’s not too difficult deducing what the concept might mean. Expect Counts and Ballots and the reason for their existence to start seeing a lot of attention, because without a doubt they’re going to be the thing driving everyone to do what they’re doing.

It might be unclear just where Plunderer is going with all of this, but you can bet the result will prove surprising.

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  1. This episode was fucking amazing. I have not had my eyes glued to an anime episode in a very long time. Probably since watching Shingeki no Kyojin season 1. I’m hooked on this world and story now, for sure. I had so much anxiety watching the boy being held hostage, I was legit pleading for him to survive.
    Licht is not playing around at all anymore. Sonohara awakened a part of him that you can tell he’s been suppressing for a very long time and it looks like next episode is going to be even better. Also, she’s really hot.
    I’m working with a theory that Licht and Sunohara are actually from Japan and the “abyss” is like a portal between worlds. The modern Earth is trying to “plunder” resources from this world? Would explain why Licht calls himself Plunderer and why Sunohara is on the side of the helicopters.
    A lot of people wrote the show off because of the pervy comedy and what not, but honestly that’s all just a plus for me. Ecchi just enhances shows IMO. Once the series gets going, it looks like it really gets going. Definitely one of my faves of the year.

    1. Wasn’t it Sunohara that shot down the helicopter? Seems more likely to me that Licht and the other aces plundered resources from the “modern world”, which is why he’s so shocked that they’ve managed to get a working heloicopter gunship together.

    2. Those guys are from the times of War, which happened 300 years ago.
      Quick deduction and connecting two dots will tell you it took place in modern day and destruction it caused pushed back civilization into medieval ages. Similar thing happened in Shinsekai Yori. I’m anime only and it baffles me people fail to deduce that.

      1. Well, if EMP goes Worldwide and do not worn off, then we fall to Stone age or mostly into the Steam Age. Where electricity like we know today are impossible

        1. All Inventions after “Edison” or “Tesla” and such like Telegraphing, Telephon, Radio are impossible. because they work on electric. But our ancestors survived or we did not got born. So it is possible, but an Shock to get used to this art of Life

        2. No, if a country is hit by EMP it’d be chaos yes but the “Power system” calling it that for the sake of simplicity can be restored if rebuilt. The first thing any first world nation would do after restoring law and order would be to restore the power. It’d take months but it’d come back.

    3. From what I’ve seen, there are several factions at play here. The helicopter and whoever’s behind that Abyss, our heroes, the regular military in blue, and those men in black led by Sunohara. Seems that to be the men in black are a special force suppressing all knowledge of the other world, and called to intervene when something from the Abyss pops up. They most definitely do not look like allies with the world beyond the Abysss.

  2. That was Savage! being obliterated like that feels like bombing yourself and you won’t feel a thing! i think Rihito 57,000 number is the number of people that he killed…lolz just guessing!

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  4. Sonohara, the best girl appears, yay. On the other hand, just like in the manga, Hina manages to be, at the same time the worst girl and the less interesting character in this show, although she is the main girl and the MC’s main love interest. |o|
    The animation of this episode is still an SDS s3 level of bad. At least the blood isn’t white.

    1. Girls with glasses. Extremely attractive. I never see a girl with glasses and think “she is ugly, her eyesight is poor and I don’t need her in my life.” Dude girls with glasses are the bees knees. You don’t need to worry about this at all. Who doesn’t appreciate the hot librarian look? No one. So get the head gear on and start knockin’ em out.

  5. Everybody was giving me shit for saying this show was at least a 7 but this is the most epic and drastic tone shift I’ve ever seen in an anime. I fucking love Litch (Plunderer)

    Will the Litch have a harem ending?

    1. ill give them credit, they know how to make antagonists like how they supposed to be, unlikable dingbats that we cant wait for Litch to beat the snot out of, or in this case, kill off her.
      hehe we got a mention of the title of the series

  6. With this we got to see someone that are Atoning for his own Sins and now try to defend it for happen again

    Some veteran that saw enough in the War and try now to prevent it with all cost. A change of heart

  7. I believe it’s confirmed that this is the breaking plot point & best episode so far in this series.

    As for who’s in the helicopter, it doesn’t look awkward to me when they didn’t show their identity. Though they can show it next ep where you can expect more unpleasant flashbacks of Licht/Rihito. Yes, it makes sense if you spell it in romaji~ Though the post said “RihiKO” unless Pancakes is expecting a gender switch filler episode since this world is full of magic that anything can happen lolz 😅

    So far I’m satisfied with the screenwriter’s direction that some changed scenes still makes sense with its source material intact in this ep. Hopefully he’s able to handle the next arc well though I’ve to warn you that it’s inevitable that he plans to have that arc stretch for 12-eps. As for those who read the source material, please don’t spoil unless you’re giving vague hints (if Pancakes lets the latter approved). 😗

  8. Am I the only one who is confused with what’s going on in this series? We saw a helicopter appear out from under through the purple clouds then a flying girl with some kind of jet pack and a pair of uzi. I understand the ACE’s are supposed to be legendary and powerful but considering this episode; the additional info about the ACE’s still doesn’t explain who they are exactly. From my view they seem to be some kind of organization with space age tech. These ACE’s seem to enjoy involving themselves with pre-modern civilization.

    I am still waiting for a better description for the Count system, the purple cloud portal, the purple Evangelion looking hands, and lastly where the heck do people go to when the hands take them away. (My guess is a retirement home. every night is Bingo night…) Trying to understand how the world of plunderer works and in doing so I am creating more questions than answers.

    1. Ok.

      Spoilers. Because spoilers tag doesnt work.

      I think that the full explanation would start in the next three episodes.
      It isn’t really important. The votes aren’t important, the ballots are.
      This and
      This are thanks to the one up.
      They go down.

  9. Good episode for Plunderer, though still too many QUALITY shots.
    Maybe it’s because I had the volume too low but I seriously didn’t notice that Sonohara is voiced by Yuki Aoi. She almost sounds like Hayami Saori here.
    After rewatching, okay, I hear it now. Anyways, she does a great job giving life to that character.

  10. I didn’t expect to see most of the town wiped out. Especially when it wasn’t that old Hind that was doing it. It did increase the tension on whether or not that kid got head shot though.

    Something I noticed was that Sonohara is a Major (少佐). Meaning that there should be at least someone between her rank and Licht’s. She’s clearly not next in rank. Guess whoever it is couldn’t really lead considering Sonohara looks pretty broken. Also since her arm’s nomber is higher than Licht’s sword, I guess it doesn’t correlate with rank.

    Biggest mystery this episode for me, who exactly is Nana? Sonohara doesn’t seem to recognize her, but Nana seems to know quite a bit about Licht. Don’t know if it’s just tunnel vision on Sonohara’s part.


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