「超電磁砲×心理掌握 (レールガンxメンタルアウト)」 (Reerugan x Mentaru Auto)
“Railgun x Mental Out”

It may not exactly have been an eternity since Railgun last aired, but damn does it ever feel like it. Two week breaks, even for infamous “production” reasons, are already rare at the worst of times, but in the current chaos of coronavirus run amuck who honestly knows what will happen next. At least it looks like more Railgun for the moment, and it couldn’t be better considering where this arc is currently going.

As is often the case for numerous science-side Indexverse stories Level 6 and its attainment is the raison d’etre for many a villain, and the current situation is no different. We now know our lovable octogenarian mad scientist Kihara Gensei is back at it again for example with MEMBER-assisted plans to use the Sisters for yet another Level 6 scheme (never waste research materials, science is expensive!), while Misaki fights against this for, well, some reason? Yeah, that bit was sort of left out. I wouldn’t worry too much about this black box though, as the pacing right now leaves us open for some Misaki backstory I firmly expect few unfamiliar viewers will have seen coming. Hint: everything is far more interconnected than you thought it could be.

Of course whether Misaki has a legitimate reason for her actions doesn’t take away from the questionability of said actions. While the girl might be correct in believing Misaka to be a loose cannon wholly incapable of surgical strikes (it’s a time-honoured tomboy trait) and mentally attuned to never trust a spoken word, there’s no excuse for mind wiping Misaka’s friends or trying to keep the biribiri out of the picture. Such actions only dig a seriously deep hole of misunderstanding likely to result in a worse outcome. Seriously, if you want to control Misaka I guarantee it would’ve been easier explaining the situation and focusing on directing her outrage rather than trying to avoid it. When it comes to unstoppable forces all you can do is give them a path and let them go wild until inevitably running out of steam. Well, unless looking for hilariously cute catfights, because there’s no way we would’ve got that otherwise.

We may not know yet if Railgun is now back for good, but stay tuned boys and girls, because with the plot quickly heating up and two snappy Level 5s on the prowl, you can bet what comes next will prove amazing.




  1. So Misaki knows about the sisters — interesting 🙄.

    While Misaki is being played as the baddie, I actually (kinda) agree with her approach
    with Misaka — she’s definitely a loose canon and unable to perform a surgical strike —
    way too emotional and alpha; not good follower material. But that’s our Misaka…

    Misaki also was straight with Misaka and explained her actions of trying to protect
    people close to Misaka. Keeping in mind that her only reliable tool is Mental out, of
    course she’s going to use it. Apparently, she uses it almost as a reflex not even thinking
    about it — much like Misaka and her ability (spider-girl, there goes a spider-girl!~)

    So, what is Misaki trying to stop? We only know it has something to do with the
    sister’s network and that the baddies are looking for the sisters. (Honesty though,
    how can you hide over 9 thousand teenagers that all look alike!)

    I hope the next episode isn’t another 3 weeks!

    Food for thought :: how come no one has thought to just take her remote away❓

    1. Well iirc only 10 Sisters are left in Academy City the rest were shipped all over the world to co-operating facilities.
      One of Aleisters plans was to spread the Misaka-Network (AIM Field) all around the world for his Anti-Magic Angel (Fuse Kazakiri) which he used in the Academy City Invasion Arc against Vento.

    2. Didn’t Konori do just that (take away Misaki’s stuff) in episode 2?
      As to why the adults don’t do it, that is something to think about. Especially those in the know.

    3. If I recall correctly, there are only four of the main-series SISTERS still in Academy City (not counting Last Order and Worst, though I believe the latter’s still in development at this point in the timeline).

      And taking Shokuhou’s remote away isn’t as useful as one might think, because she carries multiple remotes of varying designs and, ultimately, they’re more mnemonic devices she uses to help her focus than anything else. Everything she can do with the remote, she can do without it – it just takes more effort.

  2. Kihara now faces TWO angry level 5s
    I lamost feel sorry for him. ALMOST.
    I was surprised that the meet up of those two ened up only with comedic levels of violence. Mikoto is more in control of herself than Shokuho gives her credit.
    I wonder what are true motives of Shokuho, but she is a bit into antihero territory now, Kinda like Accelerator, who approaches this status from the villainous side.
    Oh and if Accelerator ever gets wind of that plot to abuse sisters…
    It is better for Kihara if he ends up dead now at hands of those 2 girls.

  3. I can only pray that the Railgun production team got everything sorted out in the past two weeks, even if it means working from home for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Dat Misaki underboob shot… Noice.
    Misaki revealing her lack of athletic stamina was both funny and ironic after being chosen as the Daihasei (Sports) Festival student representative during the opening ceremony.
    – On a more serious note, I guess I understand why Misaki did what she had to do… Trust really is something that’s usually in short supply. Though I certainly don’t blame Mikoto taking it personally after Misaki directly manipulated the memories of Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu.
    Mitori Kozaku… NGL, I’m finding her to be Railgun T‘s new waifu/”2D mistress” bait after Accelerator‘s Esther Rosenthal. (Though with her twintails, Mitori also reminds me of Hirumi/Hiromi Hishigata–at least before she turned into that Lovecraftian abomination.)
    – Ah, the Kiharas. They’re the Belkans to Academy City’s Strangereal. (Usually.) Also, Gensei mentioning “things are going a little too smoothly”… Hmm…

  4. That cat fight was worth the two week wait. On that note, I think Misaki shoud’ve worn a sports bra. Might alleviate the problem of that extra bouncing mass she’s carrying around. XD

    Was really surprised with how little interaction Misaki actually had with MEMBER. Actually thought she made some input in directing them. It turned it was MEMBER who was messing around with her plans. Can’t help but notice how all her actions now was to minimize collateral. As messed up as her world view is, she’s really a good girl.

    Poor Mitori, don’t you just hate it when your employer withholds information. Could’ve done things a little differently.

  5. I can see where Misaki is coming from – for a super psychic that can read and manipulate minds on a whim, someone that is immune to mind f*ckery must seems utterly terrifying for her.


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