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We finally learn about what’s happened with Michiru’s old friend Hiwatashi Nazuna in Episode 06 of BNA. But as she starts to learn about the life that Nazuna has led since she was freed from an experimental facility to become a Guru for the Silver Wolf Order, Michiru is forced to face the obstacles that come from growing apart.

There was a glimpse of Anima City’s religion with Ginrou as their deity-of-choice in Episode 02 with the children, but this episode helps explain the importance of Ginrou in the average beastman’s life in the city. Although the mafia appears to have the supreme rule over its citizens, especially in the slums, Anima City takes Ginrou seriously enough that they see the Silver Wolf Order’s efforts to have Nazuna transform into a wolf resembling Ginrou as blasphemous and manipulative.

But while the Silver Wolf Order was able to convince the average citizen in the slums to gaze in awe of Nazuna’s ability to conjure up an appearance similar to Ginrou’s, many citizens also find his presence to be a nuisance. Nazuna’s personal ethos that Ginrou is a fable that she aims to harness as a means of keeping followers of Ginrou placated by their beloved deity also calls to attention how fragile the role of Ginrou is to the general populace. A similar sentiment is shared by Shirou, who also finds Ginrou’s existence to be a convenient tale to believe. It makes it fascinating to see how Silver Wolf Order would be able to integrate into Anima City when you have a clearcut divide between those who don’t see the significance in Ginrou and those who hold Ginrou strongly enough in their hearts to be easily deceived by Nazuna’s shapeshifting or find it to be an obscene gesture on her and the cult’s behalf.

It, unfortunately, causes Michiru to second-guess her relationship with Nazuna as it had such a strong foundation before Nazuna had taken on her role as a guru. Although it ultimately manifested as a role similar to her dream job as an idol, Nazuna had revealed a part of her to Michiru that took her unconditional support for granted by going along with Michiru’s enthusiasm to give her a platform to work her magic. After meeting with the mayor, Nazuna openly tells Michiru that she didn’t need her to have gotten the meeting to be a success and went along with her because she’s gullible enough to think that she can interject into any situation without getting egg on her face.

Michiru has had this recurring problem throughout the series as she puts herself on the line without second-guessing whether she’s being taken advantage of or if she’s creating a larger issue for the people she tries to help. A friend like Michiru would be amazing to have because she’d always have your back, but it would also be exhausting because, once she’s decided a cause is worth fighting for, no strategic planning or critical thinking would be necessary for her to justify her rationale. But whereas this had helped her get to know and understand those throughout Anima City, it’s her main Achilles heel for Nazuna, who know enough about finessing to know that Michiru is easy to take advantage of and used her meeting with the mayor as a harsh lesson for Michiru not to rely solely on her best judgment when life and those around you have other plans in mind.

It will still be an uphill battle for Michiru to understand Nazuna, especially when she was quick to find Boris Cliff to be sketchy and when she still has to shoulder the heartbreak from seeing Nazuna casually knock her friend down a peg for putting herself on the line for those she wants to protect. But at the end of the day, Episode 06 helped to establish how Michiru can develop from all of this if she hopes to rekindle her bond with Nazuna in a way that protects her from the negative influence of Boris and the Silver Wolf Order.


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