「アルシア誕生」 ()
“Birth of Alcia”

Well it certainly took a while, but everything has finally been revealed. From Alcia to the Aces and even baby Nana in between, Plunderer has put all its cards on the table, and now the real story can begin. After all, who honestly doesn’t want to see how that three-way catfight is going to play out?

Next to the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise Ace of Flashing Strikes, the hot button topic this week lay with Alcia’s origins. As though population control through war wasn’t crazy enough already, Plunderer took this to eleven by creating a floating continent of utopia propped up by the toiling masses on the surface below. The Abyss? Nothing more than a return to Earth proper, while the Ballots we are most familiar with are the One Child Policy-esque selection method to ensure Alcia’s carrying capacity stays within its limits. Naturally Schmerman’s clique are the controllers of the whole charade thanks to possessing the true Ballots governing Althing, although this little reveal raises some further questions. We know Hina has one after all, and considering who originally assembled them, it probably didn’t just randomly roll into her lap (unless she’s Firenda’s descendant, because the pink hair never lies). There’s still some missing info on what happened with Schmerman and friends following Alcia’s formation, and guaranteed Licht’s (and Nana’s) falling out with them played into the current situation.

As for the history of the remaining Aces, well, there’s going to be more to learn yet. Class A being left on Earth and killing themselves for the sake of the children does explain why everyone believes the Aces dead (it’s a convenient mythos for the new leadership to exploit), but Sunohara’s reappearance and Alan still kicking around means Doan is probably not far from his grand return—and all (barring newly turned Sunohara) are likely on the side of sucking the world dry. Licht may supposedly be for ending the new world order, but the how and when of his plans are now the running question, particularly given Hina and friends will certainly be eager to help set things right.

For all we’ve learned there’s a lot left yet to come in Plunderer, and we’ll definitely get to it. Right after seeing how long copping a feel truly stays in the mind.

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  1. Wow! An 8-in-1 stories and genres in one show! I know this made people give up this series, but to me, it’s quite intriguing especially these events somehow eerily confront viewers on the dilemma of saving humanity. Surely you can’t deny the parallels/similarities we’re facing in real-life world.

    As much as I like the progression of reveals and plot twists, there’s one plot hole that’s been bothering me behind the scenes…

    If Nana CAN SEE THE FUTURE (hence, the making of her video message), why didn’t she stop Licht from staying in that city where Red-Eye Sonohara will do her killing eventually? Unless her Ace Operation is experimental and maybe incomplete, she can’t use her powers at her own will to call out those predictions formed inside her mind.

    Maybe she’s NOT A TEENAGER back then and that she still retains her youthful innocence. I guess her kind of powers are not the killing kind despite Schumermann’s blood fused with her DNA.

    Speaking of DNA, I suppose Tokikaze’s wasn’t strong enough to call out his own power at his own will…which made him bite the dust…RIP 😢

    I guess now we know worst case scenario is Licht gonna kill the ALCIAN MILITARY even if many of them have no idea what their country is made up of. 😨

    1. In the Manga Nana speculated that the aging process stopped at the moment the Ace felt a deep regret. Because she stopped aging too after she regretted that she was now physically older than Licht.
      And yes, Nanas operation was incomplete.
      Also her count does go down each time she used her powers, like how it is now 2, so I think she just didn’t look into that future.

  2. A major surprise on how the world turned out. Can’t really tell if there was any major difference from Nana’s intervention.

    Six of the seven Aces has been revealed, who’s the final one? Unless class A using that black uniform means they’ve also been operated on. This episode also implied that Rihito has been ordering them NOT to kill anyone. A contrast to the previous account when Licht was reprehending Sonohara on her inability to kill.

    Something to note, Nana’s star count changes. She started with 7 (Nana XD) in episode 11. Appeared again in child form with 77. Met Rihito with 52. When the war ended it was 6! By the end of the episode it was 2. She certainly changed something.

    Of all the things they explained, I still don’t get Schmerman’s change. I still can’t see him training psychotic killers. Broken, sure, but not going down that far.

    1. Finding out what happens with Schmerman and crew is the next big development because it’s the only missing piece now. Personally I suspect Schmerman hasn’t changed given his shown treatment of kids. More likely is someone like Firenda being the one driving the training considering the rest appear to place survival ahead of morals.

  3. If Licht was the only one supposed to kill the enemies, then there was at least red haired guy who didn’t follow orders.
    Marriage promises should not be broken, so NanaXLicht confirmed. 😀

      1. Sounds like a Nana sacrifice incoming? Now wouldn’t that be predictably boring? But I don’t care enough about the show to get bothered by it. So let’s wait and see…

    1. Have to remember that the red haired guy is Doan and he wasn’t actually part of Class A – Licht doesn’t have any command authority over him. Thus why we only see Doan killing alongside Licht and none of Class A.

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    1. The only recent strange series I ever encounter watching them are Gleipnir and Kabukichou Sherlock. With the latter confirmed to be just a stand-alone series, I can’t deny Gleipnir to be renewed even if I gave up with the (ahem!) fanservice and yes, I’m ironic given the fact I’m watching Plunderer, ANOTHER ECCHI GENRE due to the same author of HLP.

      So are there any strange series I’ve missed out these past several years, Pancakes? The one you said got renewed despite its strange concept/plotline? Unless I’m misunderstanding your words, correct me. Nevertheless, I want PLDR renewed like Shield Hero and Fire Force did. 😢


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