「転入生」 (Ten’nyuusei)
“The Transfer Student”

Well I got to hand it to Maou Gakuin: it may not have any intention of changing its formula, but at least it’s willing to go all in on its implementation. While the show continues embarrassing the likes of Usain Bolt with its insane plot progression speed (have to encourage reading that source material somehow), with one of Anoth’s main subordinates now joining the classroom LARP session and another Demon Emperor set to appear on the horizon, the only question left is when this story’s heroes will finally appear.

After seeing this veritable anti-Jesus flip castles, effortlessly crush competition, and repeatedly show up his classroom teacher, you’d think the weekly Anoth shenanigans would grow boring, but it still remains entertaining—well, at least for me. While I saw the little scheme to try and deny our budding harem top place coming, I did not expect Anoth to so quickly and hilariously destroy said scheme and leave yet another wannabe antagonist wondering why the fates decided to royally screw him so. Honestly the speed these minor conflicts are resolved is a little concerning given they’re usually the main source of character development, foreshadowing, and other miscellaneous story components (even if ubiquitously filler-ish), however there is something to be said for Maou Gakuin’s strategy. So long as these scenes result in something new or unexpected like Shin Regalia’s appearance it’ll remain easy to keep being swept up in the moment. The instant there’s a lack of appreciable payoff or switch into the main storyline though the show is likely to hit a wall, and with it lose a lot of the momentum and fun it’s spent weeks building up.

Now whether that actually occurs this season of course is completely up in the air, and so far at least there’s plenty of untouched tangents for Maou Gakuin to explore. The reveal of the Unitarians (no, it’s not the church you’re thinking of) and Miss Teacher’s vocal denigration of misfits this week for example means we’ll likely start seeing more on the underlying conflict social conflict at play, while the presence of Shin implies yet more major players from Anoth’s past won’t take long to similarly appear. After all, it’s a given we’ll see more of the Demon Emperors eventually considering last episode, though the one I’m more interested in are the previous heroes. They’ve been shown far too much to simply remain memory, and you sure as hell don’t indicate an unwieldable sword without having it appear. I suspect before all is said and done Anoth might receive the challenge he’s looking for, and with it some hint of just what happened to his actual post-death history.

It’s just a matter of when that particular wrench decides to throw itself into the machinery.




  1. Really thought Ray was going to be Kanon’s reincarnation. Rather surprised he turned out to be one of Anos’ subordinates. Those two demon emperors that showed up turned out surprisingly weak too. Can’t tell if them not remembering Anos has any significance like the previous one.

    Regarding the Hero party I have a suspicion that Misa (why so similiar to Misha?) may be related to Reno. Since she’s half seirei/spirit. Also think her club or movement is rather opaque.

    1. I wasn’t too surprised by the reincarnation here given the episode never tried to hide it, the bigger one was the transfer student being the subordinate and not one of the heroes.

      And yeah it’s very likely Misa and some of the other Unitarians are related to the heroes and their allies. Given how the world was segregated and the void of knowledge surrounding what happened after Anoth’s slumber it’s not too difficult seeing some intermingling happening which resulted in the current batch of characters.

  2. Anoth:If you want to shut me up, then drill that sword into me!
    Me: “Gah! Yaoi-sounding double entendre!”

    This architecture looks just about right… (*sees magic cannon materialize in the middle*) Freaking knew it, the magic Schwerer Gustav is back.

    That failed attempt to steal the relic staff (forgot its actual name) was hilarious. At first I thought that the episode’s plot would revolve around searching for the thief who “conveniently” stole the staff before it was appraised…only for Anoth to show off his hax-ness and retake it from the thief who was actually in class the whole time. Well-played bait-and-switch. The actual episode’s plot is a decent addition to the show’s worldbuilding, but with the accelerated pacing, I can’t help but wonder what subplot(s) were swept aside.

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  4. This getting serious — it’s been TWO episodes since we’ve seen
    his mom fawning over Anoth. We need more mom time!

    Anyway, fun (but not as great as the previous 4 episodes) episode.
    I thought we’d see a little followup on the fact that Misha is still ALIVE!
    Is nobody at the school or the teacher surprised?? Also, no update
    from the “fixed” Ivis Necron?

    Oh well, this is a series that you can’t over-think.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next…

    1. Oh I wouldn’t fret too much, mama Anoth will come back before too long – she’s too damn cute important after all XD

      And yes without a doubt this one is purely popcorn. There’s probably an argument for some thought if the show was a true adaptation given the magic system at play, but given everything else it’s a kick back and relax kind of affair. And considering how many similar series have an uncanny habit of even screwing that up I’ll take whatever this one wants to throw at me lol.

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