Episode 04

Episode 05

「火中模索 / 悪魔の型」 (Kachū Mosaku / Koruna)
“Groping Through the Fire / Corna (Sign of the Devil)”

The 8th Fire Force is spread thing across the city when Haumea launches an attack to give herself, Charon, and her henchmen the chance to abduct the fifth pillar, Inca. There’s so much happening, they become easily overwhelmed by a swarm of Infernals, a demon infernal, and raging fires impossible to quell.

This is a pretty big arc to have at the beginning of a season but it’s about to lay the groundwork for the evolving story around the Pillars, the Evangelist, and the Great Cataclysm. Not every thread has been woven yet but the Pillars make up a big part of the mystery behind the cataclysm.

As it is, it seems that the Evangelist has the upper hand. With his plans still unknown, the Fire Force is scrambling to catch up. Inca has no intention of joining them. The thrill-seeker that she is doesn’t align with the safe haven the Fire Force wants to offer her. Ever since her Adolla Burst emerged she’s chased the taste of death.

As this huge battle ensues during Haumea’s attempted capture of the fifth pillar, comrades and other brigades join forces with the 8th, turning the tide in their favor. But for how long? Everyone, including Karim of the first, Juggernaut of the 2nd, and the Bubble Gum Explosion guy of the 5th combine their forces to push back the White Clads. I won’t hide it. I was not pleased by Tamaki’s nunsense (get it?). Although Hinawa’s and Vulcan’s remarks were pretty on point. Fun little bit they included but I wish it’d finished earlier and Tamaki would have at least fulfilled her role.

Something else I’m not always fond of is the expositionary drop that comes and goes in this series. In order to explain the emergence of the ‘demon’ Infernal, there’s a brief scene with Haumea talking out loud to herself where she explains that the bugs used within the vicinity a new Adolla Burt would result in a demon infernal. It’s so quick and trivial, these expositions rarely fit into the larger context, the larger whole. It makes it quite difficult to keep tabs of all the new rules. I feel like I’d have to write a few post-its from this season and the previous one to remember why things happen as they do.

Aside from that, did anyone else draw the parallel between Sailor Moon and Shinra’s Corna sign though? I would have sworn he was about to yell something along the lines of: “In the name of the hero, I will punish you.” It’s too bad he had to go through that much damage intake before making a dent in his opponent. How much damage can he take though? This kid is definitely superhuman, with unparalleled strength and bones that can take an irreparable beating. But, he successfully used his ‘Corna’ ability… for a second.

Since I segued into the fifth episode, I do want to give it praise. The elaborate and very detailed plan to extinguish all the fires and put the demon infernal to rest, executed without a hitch, was honestly one of the most entertaining things I’ve watched in a while (aside from Kimetsu’s renowned battle). Again, I know I sound like a broken record, but who would have thought fire could be designed in so many ways?! It’s the combination of a good script (Obi & Vulcan’s extinguisher bit), fantastic animation, and overall well-designed scenes that make it so enticing to watch. No one wants to pause in the middle of that. There’d be no reason to. You’d lose the momentum.

This arc has a long way to go, so there’s still time for the 7th & Shinmon to appear. And there’s still time to watch Shinra fail as he attempts to save this damsel who doesn’t really seem to be in distress.


  1. There‘s the Tamaki fanservice I was waiting for! (Besides the earlier scene where she loses her pants, and the scene before the one in the screencap where her top simply falls off after getting behind Vulcan.)

    Seeing Takehisa use the fire tornado (held together by Maki) to boost his ability and turn it into a railgun was even funnier after watching episode 17 of Railgun T, where the biggest disaster predicted by the precognitive esper Shaei turned out to be…a large fire. Probably an unintentional coincidence, but a hilariously accidental cross-promotion nonetheless.


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