「母の言葉」 (haha no Kotoba)
“Mother’s Words”

Frankly while surprise may not be Maou Gakuin’s modus operandi at this point (we know how every new development is going to end by now), shock and awe certainly hasn’t yet left the picture. Thought our mystical magical demon king wasn’t a hardened badass under all that adorable fluff? Oh, darling you have another thing coming. Permanently.

Although the results of the magic sword tournament were never in doubt, I got to hand it to the show for at least making the inevitable somewhat interesting. Having Ray turn into the unwilling antagonist of the moment is something I didn’t see coming, especially when you realize the method of it means one or more true villains are waiting for their grand reveal. We know for example how the final fight is going to play out obviously (because Anoth is Anoth and only he could make such scenes utterly hilarious), but could it lead to some knowledge on who exactly is manipulating Anoth’s past? I sure hope so, because for all the fun of deadpan god man, some good old-fashioned mystery solving can never go wrong.

On the other side of the coin, however, is the fluff and I cannot deny I’m really starting to love the softness. For all which Anoth may be Maou Gakuin’s selling point, the parents (alright, and harems fan clubs too) are starting to be the true MVPs. My son is the ruler of all demon-kind and in need of no help whatsoever? Pft no matter, cheering and adorably protecting anyway! Normally such actions would arguably be cringeworthy or just the expected adulations every Gary Stu rightfully deserves (*sarcasm alert*), but Anoth’s response and quiet appreciation of them really set things apart from fellow competitors. There’s no grandiose speeches or long-winded and protracted trials of vengeance here, just short, simple, and utterly brutal consequences for doing something someone probably should’ve thought through first. No denying Emilia needed to be put in her place given past acts for example, but by holding off until the line was crossed showed that Anoth fully knows power only gets one so far. For all which strength is needed to lead, love is what truly keeps a ruler on his throne. Something tells me our new hybrid teacher is only going to figure out that lesson the hard way.

And as for Ray, well, there’ll be no surprises on that front. He may be the enemy of the moment, but as motivations and MC shenanigans indicate, his showdown with Anoth next week won’t be as absolute as he may think.




  1. Overall, I find this to be a pretty dumb show but it had a couple of amusing things this episode. I thought the girls’ Anos song was good silly fun but I wonder if they have some double entendre in their lyrics.

    Also, Emilia’s punishment was actually a fate worse than death — a concept often referred to but rarely implemented. That was well done. And her earlier line about her ‘students’ being mere eavesdroppers was also pretty clever.

    1. To be fair though a fate worse than death is in the eyes of the beholder. There’s no denying she considers it as such, but it’s hard thinking being socially ostracized through magic is worse than dying overall – especially after the Unitarians get around to removing that barrier.

      1. She’s the beholder in this case. She doesn’t want the Unitarians removing any barriers or fixing anything. Her problem isn’t with ostracism. She approves of ostracism and believes in its inherent value. Her problem is that for her entire existence, she’s hated one thing… and now that one thing is her. No matter how hard she scrubs (i.e. dies/reincarnates), she cannot ever wash herself clean.

  2. I thought Misa was just a useless side character that fans over Anos. I guess there was a character build up for her.

    But what made me satisfied about this episode was their teacher, Emilia. Never thought she look cute with her new hybrid demon form. 😀

  3. You know your MC is something else when he has a diegetic chorus providing the background sound for his battles. This is the kind of dumb fun that makes the series so endearing.

    Indeed, as in One Punch Man, I feel that the secondary characters seal the deal. Just because Anoth is invincible, it doesn’t mean everyone else’s struggles are meaningless. The fan club’s achievement wasn’t winning or surviving (in fact, they didn’t), but earning Anoth’s recognition. In another interplay of narrative and meta, they literally gave a reason for him and the audience to know their names.

    Going by the 4-episode arc formula, I expect a grand spectacle in the next episode.

    1. Oh yes they do without a doubt. Normally the MC is what carries these shows, with everyone else just 2D cutouts whose only function is to play up the MC as the end all be all because that’s what wish fulfillment demands. This series though seems to have put some more thought into things by letting the secondary cast do the tasks the MC would normally saunter through.

      The fan club scene for example likely wouldn’t have happened elsewhere because Anoth would’ve confronted Emilia before the girls even got involved, likely just for the sake of displaying his power. Here, however, the girls do face off and show themselves to be important, and as you say, indicate that their struggles are not only for show. Coupled with Anoth’s personality it adds a good chunk of diversity to the usual script, and while still not particularly deep, enough “new” material to really keep things entertaining.

  4. Well, Emilia-sensei getting reborn as hybrid….
    Perfect punishment.
    And the girls from fan-club?
    They might be not powerful, but certainly badass to the core.
    Anos recognizing them and giving quiet gratitude was perfect too.
    And, I am salivating for next duel between Ray and Anos.
    And besides harem antics, do I see a new Ship: RayMisa?

    1. An endearing episode thanks to the good parents, whether biological or not, existing in this show. Can we suspect that Anos’ parents have a previous important life? Because it would be too unbelievable to think their love for their son isn’t controlled by a hypnotic spell. Reincarnated parents are the best reveal to that answer.

      Kudos to Anos’ Mom for being able to think twice despite being an ordinary housewife. It may be reckless of her protecting that sword, but her bravery shows her love for her son is limitless. Even if this can be seen by most people as stupidity, those kind of people should hate the unfair teacher who just lied to an endearing mother. Seeing that fanclub being willing to out their lives’ down for their master’s mother is an awesome moment that you rarely get to see these kind of fans in LN series these days.

      As for Ray’s adoptive mother, she’s ready to accept her passing on once she tells him to live for himself, hinting him that he shouldn’t do something he regrets just so he can save and prolong her soul. Though this isn’t easy for he’s determined to save her and maybe slay Anos for good…guess we’ve to wait another week huh?

      Random heartwarming moment: https://randomc.net/image/Maou%20Gakuin%20no%20Futekigousha/Maou%20Gakuin%20no%20Futekigousha%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2006.jpg

      Proud manly tears for his awesome son. ☺️

  5. This anime is so simple yet satisfying, I just love it.
    It does know how to hit all the right notes.

    ” My son is the ruler of all demon-kind and in need of no help whatsoever? Pft no matter, cheering and adorably protecting anyway!”

    It doesn’t seem the parents know that their child is the actual demon lord.

    1. At this point it’s hard thinking anyone outside of a few really knows or accepts he’s the actual demon lord given how tongue in cheek and near fourth wall breaking a lot of the character dialogue and interactions are.

  6. It amazes me how this show can still make surprises.

    Reviving a racist as the race they hate is one of the few punishments I’ve never thought of. Maybe cause it’s impractical in real life.
    Gotta ask why she realized it by looking at her hair though.

      1. Pretty much this, although there’s been plenty of pure blooded demons shown who’ve had the same whitish-purple/pink hair colour; wouldn’t be a stretch thinking she knew something was up when she was brought back with brown hair.

        And no one ever said Anoth couldn’t give with one hand while taking with the other Angelus XD

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