「Ha det bra」

If there’s one thing you can count on it’s friendship winning the day. Or strategy, because that works too. Yes, it’s the perennial Railgun showdown episode this week, where blood is shown, powers are flaunted, and matters are concluded in the most ironic of fashions. Does it bring us one step closer to explaining the central issue of this arc? Eh, somewhat, but if the straight and narrow was that much fun we’d already be at our destination.

I think by now everyone knows any battle involving Railgun’s main protagonist cast isn’t going to lead to major surprises, and Saten’s/Frenda’s duel with Yumiya was case in point. While all these conflicts can be detailed and can be suspenseful, deep down you knew full well our newfound friends would get out of this mess fine. The only question was how, so lo and behold shut-in loner assassin shenanigans. The Indexverse may be known for imaginative solutions to even more ridiculous displays of esper/magic abilities, but having the kill shot come from poor Yumiya’s inability to realize the popular idol life? Oh, now that’s cruel. Also utterly hilarious and perfect for the moment mind you, but hey, even Tohsaka Rin impersonators deserve a headpat or two every now and then. Even if Saten right now deserves them more.

As for the masterminds of the moment, well, I think some know where this is going. For those who may have forgotten Index III (honestly it’s really hard not to), SCHOOL leader Teitoku Kakine is the Level 5 whom Accelerator had his duel with during the first bit of that season. Pretty much a known factor, even if the use for those in-demand tweezers remains firmly up in the air. No denying what the mention of Kirigaoka Academy means though, because I’m sure a few might remember that as the school Dolly friend Mitori went to. What’s that, more Misaki and probable cloning shenanigans on the horizon? You can bet your biribiri that’s going to be the case; after all, we’re still waiting on the identity of the girl whose card Misaka came across, and Railgun has been heartily indulging in some Level 5 bonding these past couple of arcs.

Good to know we’ll be getting some answers on that front next week then wouldn’t you say? With the Dream Rankers arc quickly approaching its climax, it’s about time to find out just what we’re fighting over.




  1. Uiharu’s arm in the a sling is meant to tell you straight out why Frenda never showed up to eat at Saten’s, as of course that means Kakine has already crushed her arm for refusing to give up Last Order’s location to him, which means that Mugino has already bisected Frenda.
    Fun fact, no esper there has observable powers. Saten, Frenda, and Rakko are all level 0’s. Rakko’s power is related to wave manipulation (as in waves of sound or other similar waves) but as a level 0 she cannot manifest it. Similar to how Saten is a level 0 aero hand (same power as Mitsuko) but can’t manifest it except when she used the level upper.

    1. Thanks, I wasn’t sure anymore where Uiharu’s injured arm came from. As for Frenda, I though that there might be more time so I didn’t consider that being the reason for her not showing up. 🙁

  2. Seeing this always reminds me the end of Frenda… And I really like the fight of this episode.
    The fact that she fight and the way she ejects Rakko was wonderful. By far, one of my favorite episode from the Dream Ranker Arc…
    Saten being one of my favorite characters from Railgun Spin off.

    1. Saten is always fantastic, although I honestly have a hard time favouring one over the others personally; their personalities are incredibly varied and just mesh so well. No denying Saten deserved some dedicated screen time for once though!

    1. They always work best when it comes down to strategy over ability IMO. Similar to Kuroko’s fight with Mitori, that was heavily dominated by abilities, but it featured a similar level of thought and maneuvering we don’t get whenever Touma enters the picture.

  3. Strange seeing an episode without Misaka in it. Still fun though.

    The ending made me check out the manga. Had my suspicions. But damn, I didn’t expect it to be that sad. I thought that at least one of those two combatants survived till the end of this episode.T_T That broad in the dress is scary.

    Also, poor random golfer.

  4. Shot through the… Not quite the heart.

    Man, Frenda really gave a good showing this episode. Though I’m also sad that her friendship with Saten was a short one (and the last time that they would talk was through text messages). And within that one week after that battle with Rakko, Frenda gets literally cut in half.

    Been browsing through the old posts on Index III (because God knows I don’t feel like watching that rushed mess again) for a refresher of what ITEM was up to during the Battle Royale Arc. Something about attacking a laboratory minus precautionary measures (and it’s possible Frenda still wasn’t at 100% after her battle with Rakko), SCHOOL managing to rout ITEM and achieving their objective, Kakine cornering Frenda and making her give up the location of ITEM’s hideout, the rest of ITEM gets flushed out (Hamazura escaping with Takitsubo), Mugino goes batsh!t crazy and turns Frenda into Fre/nda.

    And after further reading via the wikis, Rakko gets killed off-screen during the Battle Royale arc? Ouch.

    On the bright side… Aisa Himegami! (A Mamiko Noto voice that I’m glad to hear after the scarousing Elsa from Re:Zero.) Also, on to the meaty part of the Dream Ranker arc.


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