「命の輝き」 (Inochi no Kagayaki)
“The Glow of Life”

Alright honestly I’m going to be one sad panda once Maou Gakuin wraps up in two weeks. While not the greatest thing since sliced bread, this show has consistently outperformed since its start, and now at what looks to be the grand reveal of just what happened two thousand years ago, we truly are in the realm of pure popcorn. Given the amount of source material which exists right now I don’t expect any surprise sequel announcements, but a man can certainly dream.

Considering everything we know Anoth is capable of (spirit bombs will never be the same again), the end result of the exam with Kanon’s reincarnations isn’t that surprising—although the manner of it definitely threw a curveball. Ray and Sasha helping to carry the day? What is this well-rounded deviltry doing in my unilateral wish fulfillment power trip? I got to hand it to Maou Gakuin though; having Anoth not just able but happily willing to step back and let the others actually do the heavy lifting was a treat to see, especially considering it cathartically put our heroes in their proper place. While brainwashing may be an excuse for everything which happened thus far, there’s no denying there’s plenty of satisfaction watching Diego get his ass rightfully and repeatedly handed to him. Mess with best girl and get the fist, it’s just the law of the land.

Of course, the interesting bit is what we’ll wind up learning from our water girl Eleanor next time. Given how twisted the heroes wound up being it’s pretty obvious the rot has enveloped a lot more than immediately apparent, but the how and why remain firmly up in the air. Personally, I suspect it’s nothing more than a grudge taken to the extreme by some secondary (Anoth and Kanon are pretty much the only ones shown so far who are/were able to understand their battle was never black and white), but there’s always the potential to see something more complex—after all, if Ray happens to possess one of Kanon’s sources, just think of what may have been reincarnated on the human side. Honestly no idea what’s in store, but I’m definitely eager to find out.

And maybe just a tad excited to see what happens when our demon king finally discovers the truth. You know, for science.




  1. I’m going to miss this series too. It’s been brought to my attention that the studio, Silver Link, is the same one who made the Bakarina adaptation. Lovable characters, affectionate deconstructions and over the top moments seem to be a tried and tested formula.

    I wish more people were aware that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make a decent product. Even if you lack Ufotable’s animation crew or the source material isn’t precisely a Shakespeare play or the Quixote, a bit of heart can do wonders.

    1. I think a lot of the hate just comes down to us having received so many power trips, wish fulfillments, and fantasy isekais which have either been poorly executed, poorly written, or both. When we’ve been inundated so many similar series it’s easy to pass this one off as just another entry on the list when that would be the wrong thing to do, especially for those with a passing interest in the concept.

      If anything it just shows how much a lot of us these days rely hard on first impressions to determine whether a show is deserving of attention.

  2. Lay stealing those holy swords… I’m suddenly reminded of High School DxD‘s Yuuto Kiba and how he stole Siegfried’s swords. (a.k.a.: Weapon NTR)

    The Anoth Fan Union doing a musical number to power up their lord’s Asc spell had me in stitches. XD However, that also made one hell of a mood whiplash when it turned out Asc had a brainwashing ability (effective on humans and lower-ranking demons).

    When a human becomes more demonic than actual demons, they usually turn out to be just as destructive if not more so… Unfortunately, Diego was dealing with Anoth effing Voldigoad, reincarnated Demon Lord of Tyranny…and the former made the big mistake of harming Misha.

    Damn that cliffhanger, though. Why was Eleonore put in that shrine? Also, what’s the depth and reach of the conspiracy, and does it involve every known nation/race in that world?

      1. Welp, after reading TVT’s character page for the series, I just got spoiled regarding the identity of Avos Dilhevia.

        On the bright side, potential major spoilers for Eleonore were pretty minimal there. Also, I honestly confused her with Zeshia to the point that I thought, “Was Zeshia cloned from Eleonore?”

        Hopefully, the next episode answers those questions.

  3. I am betting the Kanon’s ally who hated daemons in the flashback, not only killed Kanon, but usurped his place in human’s history , and corrupted the very idea of heroism.
    It definitely looks like he was waiting in some form 2000 years to exact his revenge on Anoth, and probably start war anew.
    Also, that fanclub cheering song… Damn SilverLink you owe me a new keyboard!

  4. Nice to see Sasha and Lay deal with those guys in a demonic way. Can’t have those pesky humans usurp the demons at everything can we.

    Actually flinched at that stabbing scene though. That guy who did it deserved what he got.


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