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OP: Hypnosis Mic 「ヒプノシスマイク」 by Division All Stars

「Episode 01」

Hypnosis Mic is a bishie idol show with a rap twist,
But the direction and purpose of the anime are all missed,
The perspectives keep shifting from guy to guy,
It’s far too scrambled to soar up high,

The misandrist government aims to keep them divided,
To weaken their influence and keep them in hiding,
So why not pick them off from group to group,
And take care of their problems with one fell swoop?

It’s all too transparent that the guys were made,
To be viewed with a very particular gaze,
Scenes like the cigarette kiss were conveniently used,
To make fujoshi money and not to follow through,
With getting any pairs of guys in relationships,
Cause baiting always has a stranglehold on these scripts,

The verses are commonplace if you listen to boy bands,
The rappers are more like Rap Monster than Method Man,
Feels like the songs from Epic Rap Battles of History,
The strong language warning is frankly a mystery,
The dialogue says “fuck” but the songs say nothing,
The guys have the attitude, but all of them are bluffing,

I’ll have to give credit to the beats that ruled,
The talkbox one was especially cool,
But the rest of the show’s faults are hard to ignore,
Like is this show about rebellion or a turf war?
What makes a mic legal and unlawful?
Hopefully, the rest of the show doesn’t end up awful,
But I also have faith that it’ll be alright,
Because it was hilarious to see a crowd of gangsters getting ready to pummel the leads with their mics.

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