「復讐の猟犬」 (Fukushuu no Ryouken)
“Hounds of Vengeance”

From Antwerp to Berlin, one crash landing step at a time. Continuing in the vein of weekly character (re)introductions, Strike Witches brought back everyone’s favourite German duo of Erica and Gertrude this week for a bit of friendly bonding—and some more than friendly exposition. We may still be taking our time in getting to the big showdown at season’s end, but never fear, because the results are always worth it.

Much like last episode helped remind us about the intricacies of Perrine’s personality, this one was pretty much all about showing how Gertrude is more than just a serious leader purely looking to maintain discipline amongst the rabble. Sure, we got plenty of that disciplinarian in action again (albeit less effective than Gertrude would probably like), but really it was all about highlighting just how much the girl cares for her junior Erica and the lengths she’ll go to keep her safe. And how much it affects her when she thinks she’s failed. Such intense emotion inevitably colours many of the scenes this week, and while Gertrude’s cold and determined rage is understandable, a few of her responses left a bad taste for me. No matter the plan in mind, no matter how much the anger is needed to stay on track, I think girls like Charlotte are owed some form of apology after stuff like this, even if the end results were successful. Might just be me, but close allies never deserve such talk at any time; as with Minna in the sauna it can often be better to simply stay silent than lash out.

Beyond embarrassed Gertrude though, it was the same steady buildup to the big fight. Yoshika is now firmly back in action after getting in the right mindset, and while the threat of a repeat burnout exists (have to keep options open for later after all), she’s more or less return to normal. Likewise, with Antwerp still intimately acquainted with Titanic’s iceberg, the ever-ravenous wartime logistics machine turns to Kiel, which per Strike Witches’ love of history, was actually a suggested invasion target in both World Wars I and II (got to love reading specialist literature). And then comes the Neuroi with their newfound love of speedy bois and giving Charlotte’s latest flight unit a true run for her money. How will all of this fit together and where will it end? Anyone’s guess at this point, but rest assured Strike Witches won’t leave us hanging when it comes to a season finale. There’ll be fighting, there’ll be plenty of struggle, and oh yes there’ll be a massive celebration when victory is achieved.

At least right after we finish indulging in Francesca’s feminine impulses and figuring out just where the hell Gertrude kept that pistol of course.

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    1. Also, Hamburg do have an Harbor. it was even known for his Old Times Trade Power (The Fugger)

      But okay, perhaps Kiel is bigger and are more fit for this many material to move on

        1. Pretty much this. Kiel’s importance was its naval facilities, and (arguably more important) its control over the eastern entrance to the Kiel canal. It was given some consideration as a target in WWI because either cutting or seizing the canal would isolate any naval forces in Wilhelmshaven and firmly bottle the rest of the German navy in the Baltic. Likewise, in WW2 it was considered an alternative to Antwerp following the difficulties in clearing the Scheldt. These locations aren’t selected randomly, serious strategic and logistical thought goes into them.

          And yeah, pistol, revolver, handgun, for the average person it’s all the same thing 😛

          1. Also

            Enterprise was the only Air Carrier they had, in that Region at that time (Not here). Her repairs would take normaly weeks, but with enough Willpower (and manpower) they repair her in 2-3 Days

            So, if there is a will, there is a Way. If they really needed Hamburg Harbor they surly would expand the Harbor “at all cost”. With meaning crash Building around for make Space

            But, lucky it never happen. Also, this is just ideas for an “alternative Way” of Storytelling here

  1. I see Erica’s trash problem is still of titanic proportions. Anyway…

    – My thoughts on this week’s Neuroi: “So, have you found a reason to fight yet? Buddy?” [*Spanish guitar intensifies*]
    – Damn, Trude got as fit as Mikasa! (And I swear I could hear Akemi Soryuin breathing heavily and drooling in the background.)
    – Dat princess carry
    – Was still chuckling at the appearance of Minna’s “pantsu medal” in a previous episode. (And started to imagine certain German kanmusu/kansen wearing those striped panties…)

    Hmm, with Antwerp still out of commission, the next best frontline supply port is now Kiel. That also reminded me of the Kiel Canal–a freshwater canal linking the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. I’ve seen pics of Kriegsmarine warships (including the battleship Bismarck) transiting through the canal on their way to and/or from the Atlantic. Despite knowing that Kiel is the current objective of Allied High Command, wouldn’t it make more sense to secure the other end of the Kiel Canal and use that instead as a supply port/staging area? Or is that other end not a good port city compared to Kiel?

    Not to mention the canal is most certainly under risk of Neuroi attack. In keeping with the Ace Combat Zero reference above, it also gave me flashbacks of escorting the OFS Kestrel CBG through the Futuro Canal. Escorting the Allied forces transiting through the Kiel Canal and supporting land forces acting as flank security seems something the Witches might have to do if the Allies make that push.


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