「来訪者編Ⅺ」 (Raihou-sha-hen Ⅺ)
“Visitor Arc XI”

As one door closes a neighbouring window opens—or in Miyuki’s case, just further widens an already impressive entryway. That’s right, the Visitor arc has now more or less concluded with a mentally refreshed Lina off back to ‘Murica, but there’s still a bit more on tap before we finally conclude this season. After all, if there’s one thing Mahouka loves, it’s further complicating things.

After building up the parasites as a major threat all season and largely dealing with them last week I cannot say I’m too surprised we got a rapid conclusion to the matter this episode, although I can admit a little disappointment. Lina is probably the main source; significant doubt about her actions, stark confusion and thought encouraged by Tatsuya, and the matter largely resolved during a quick shower? Yeah, colour me a sad panda, even if it’s decent pacing for a light novel adaptation. At least we got some more Lina-isms to round things out, however, and when combined with the likes of Erika and her sly teasing proving why I usually like the secondary cast more than the main duo, it’s hard finding too much fault with the conclusion. Mahouka is as Mahouka does, whether you like it or not.

The main source of confusion though is undeniably going to be with new girl Sakurai Minami. I expect some further info to be dropped on her next episode, but right now for the unfamiliar the only important thing to know is that’s she’s a bodyguard for the Yotsuba clan with some serious magic skills and the niece of Yotsuba Miya’s former guardian. And who is Miya? Why Tatsuya’s and Miyuki’s deceased mother of course. Yeah, don’t expect a lot of this to be delved too deeply into during this season’s remaining episodes, because light novel adaptation hatchet job. Pretty much this detour with Minami is a setup for later arcs as where Minami will end up because of it is a prime indication (or refresher) of just what the future has in store for both Tatsuya and Miyuki.

And if you don’t know what that is already, well, best tighten your hold on the reins, because the Mahouka rollercoaster hasn’t even hit the summit yet.




  1. Woah.. I didn’t expect the sudden shift in the storytelling. I felt that we left the previous arc with more questions than answers, and here we are introducing more characters and more complications I guess. But I think this was the way to go, I couldn’t think of any other way they would overextend the “parasite” storyline after that epic battle. Still, I wasn’t quite prepared for this, with more potentially complicating love angles for Tatsuya.

    Is it safe to say, the title “Visitor Arc” encompasses more than just Lina and the parasites being the visitor? Anyway, I’m now intrigued with this new direction.

  2. In this episode we just got a glimpse of the Arc that follows after Visitor Arc in the novel (Double Seven Arc – Vol. 12), which was bound to happen. But the ending to this ep had me intrigued and surprised, because it’s headed towards a new direction to an entirely different Arc/Story that even us Novel Readers don’t know anything about. The last 2 remaining episodes are going to be completely New and Original Content made by the Author, meaning it’s an Anime only content. I’d assume it’s either going to be a brief overview of the Anti-Magic Movement and their intentions or just a showcase of how strong Minami is and her history as part of the Sakurai Series body guards (or both). Either way, 2 Episodes worth of New content won’t deviate that much from the original story. It might just be a kind of filler to give background to the new character and to build up for an upcoming Season for the new Arc.

    1. Hmm interesting, didn’t think the last couple of episodes would be entirely original, seriously thought there was some more light novel material left to adapt!

      I’d wager they will serve to fill in some gaps and lay the stage for future arcs though, especially in regards to Minami. Considering her role in the future (from what I’m aware of) it does make some sense too before things really go off the deep end plot-wise.

      1. “seriously thought there was some more light novel material left to adapt!”
        Ohh trust me they had More than Enough Material to adapt for a 13 episode single cour Anime. They just had to do the usual “Chop relevant plot and context to make it Watchable” method they keep on doing. It still suffers the same Complications as the First Season. Every episode makes you feel as if something Big happened yet they never showed it.

        If a Season 3 does eventually happen, I very much Hope and Pray that a New Director with actual experience in adapting Sci-Fi Novels, takes over this god awful Adaptation of an Anime and fixes it.

          1. Probably not as long a wait as we got between seasons one and two, but it’s anyone’s guess how long the next wait will be.

            Don’t expect the adaptation chopping to change for any season three sadly, Mahouka’s writing heavily encourages it and the goal of these shows is always promoting source material sales first and foremost; so long as the “interesting” bits are reached during the season, the producers figure people rushing out to grab the light novels to fill in the blanks will solve the rest.

            It’s partly why I’m surprised they’re going for anime original material at the end, Mahouka has so damn much it talks about that it shouldn’t have been impossible to flesh out a few earlier scenes to make up another 40 minutes or so.

  3. “I’m going to fuck my brother before you do, do you understand me Sirius?” *sweet home alabama starts playing in the background*

    Seriously, at least in season one she publicly denied any sexual attraction, but now she’s straight up saying she gonna fuck him first.

  4. On the subject of the anime, it seems as there’s gonna be a grand old party next week and everyone’s invited. I hope it’s fun.

    I hear Katou Megumi’s voice there in Nanami.


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