「回復術士は、フレア王女を壊す!」 (Kaifuku Jutsushi wa, Furea Oujo o Kowasu!)
“The Healer Ruins Princess Flare!”

Well for anyone expecting Kaiyari to be anything else than shown last week I’d say this week gives you the answer. Whether toned down or not compared to the light novels (and there’s some debate on that), this adaptation fully intends on going all in on the depravity with no excuses made. Rest assured this is just the start of what’s to come; with ten episodes to go and a concept this simple, the only direction is down.

Per the foreshadowing last episode, revenge on Princess Flare was the name of the game here, with Keyaru determined to get the full meal deal. Torture; rape; literal mind fuckery; if anything the only real surprise was how Kaiyari clearly held back on where it wanted to go. Some scenes for example were pretty explicit in what would’ve been shown entertainment regulations notwithstanding, while others beg the question just what Kaiyari can top them with down the road. After all, when your pièce de résistance is turning the princess into fully automated submissive sex slave it’s hard guessing what you could possibly do to balance the scales when it comes to the remaining heroes.

More than specifics, however, this narrative intensification invites the very real problem Kaiyari might experience sooner rather than later: desensitization. The main issue revenge-based stories like this experience is running out of ways to both keep the premise going and raise the bar with every new arc. Series like Shield Hero tackle it by morphing out of the pursuit of vendetta into something else, but given the extent of Keyaru’s revenge (both materially and duration-wise) Kaiyari intends on maintaining this initial focus for a good while. Sure, there’s the indication of a switch given the demon lord, but that’s a long-term goal; with the remaining heroes to deal with alongside any other assortment of characters who get in the way, it’s revenge until the cows come home. Couple it with Keyaru’s wide and ridiculously strong array of healing-based powers (even if some are quite hard-pressed to be classified as healing no matter the wordplay) and it’s going to take some imaginative writing to keep things interesting narrative-wise.

In either case, we’ll find out soon enough. After all, no good adventure sticks to just a party of two, and by the looks of it Keyaru is in the mood to start recruiting.




    1. Well, he is not brainwashing all scums he meet, only the true evil ones, there are also girls who join the party on their free will for different reasons, he will not brainwash them.
      The slave girl of the next episode is just an example. This is explained why she join and it have to do with the skill and level cap system (world buiding).

  1. Toned down is a matter of perspective i guess. The torture, rape etc went on for long and was described more i guess, but having visual/audio a long with it probably makes it just as bad or worse.

    Still pretty decent adaptation though.

    You do hit the nail on the head with revenge stories, it is fine starting with revenge but if it never transitions past it the story gets boring.

    1. Yeah it’s going to be the challenge for this one eventually. Kaiyari might have the edge going for it, but that only lasts so long, and the true strength of the series will be how it handles the moment when it arrives.

  2. After this episode i went ahead to check the first chapters of the manga to see if it’s more brutal there and how badly anime was cut, guess what? Anime is more brutal than manga… in manga they went from him being chain up and drugged, to only few females raping him (NO MALES AT ALL), commander beat the shit out of him, then month later he gained resistance to drugs and he escaped leading to Flare room incident.

    Does anyone know if they based anime off the novel? because clearly it is not the manga.

    1. What version of the manga did you read? Of course he was raped by males in the manga, at least in the versions in Mangahere and Mangatown. But I agree, this anime adaptaion is far more brutal. I really enjoyed it, the seiyuus did a great job in the voice acting in this second episode.

        1. I think that there are fundamental, physiological differences between our reactions to spoken —or screeched— words and those written. A common concern with anime adaptations is how to best take advantage of the different medium.

          I looked up Flare’s seiyuu and it looks like this is her first role that would even be considered ‘supporting’. She’s pretty new at this. Heck of a first role to land.

          1. Could be. Keyarga’s seiyuu is also fairly new at this.

            That said, the seiyuu for the other four females (Setsuna, Norn, Kureha, Eve) have basically been working since between 2011-13. Dunno whether their roles are significantly different though.

    2. It’s extremely rare (though there are cases, like Shiki and Arslan Senki) for the Anime to adapt the Manga adaptation of an LN instead on an LN directly. The Manga adaptation has toned down some things (as I remember), but the Anime clearly doesn’t intend to do so.

    3. It’s definitely based on the light novel, as Nayrael mentions it’s incredibly rare to favour manga over light novels if the manga is based on the light novels. You’ll usually see manga adaptations only when the story itself was conceived in manga form.

    1. This is Hentai, why it is Airing in the TV? even if it has Adult protection laws?

      Why got it Green lighted for TV Airing Station?

      Aww.. okay. Perhaps Fapping Stuff Money do not stinks

        1. Sure, TV Airing Laws let this Pass..

          AT-X? Okay, if they want it, They should keep it. If they want to Stream it overseas, then seeks the Help of Hentai Distribution

          Good Luck in finding one

      1. Having explicit on-screen sex does not qualify you as Hentai, just like how having explicit on-screen sex in a live action movie or TV series does not qualify it as porn.

        Porn (including Hentai) label only applies to stories that focus solely on sex (and usually the authors/producers sell them as such).

        In any case, there is a censored version. RandomC blogs about the uncensored version.

        1. I know. But this Faces, This “Good acting”, this flesh… At first “is that Hate Hentai?” comes into many minds, well you know from where i am. So i do not think it is a wise decisson to plan with “Money” from overseas stream renting fees..

          This is just to much an fresh hot Bomb that you can not hide here. And if they censor the “shit” out of it, then the Anime is no worth to watch, because to many cuts

          i believe, this is an (without ill meaning) Japan only Anime or Adult Anime. But not under 18 Adult Age Anime for sure

          1. Also these 3 Episodes rule is not something for fun. it is “Reality” (well more or less), and alone Episode 2 will “burn” in their Minds and well.

            First Impression is important

          2. His revenge:

            – He Kills instantly the female Bodyguards
            – He has all kind of “Deus ex Machina” copy Ninja Skills (I do not want to use Kakashi here)
            – He is not troubled to put the Room on fire and use an Decoy that are also dead.
            – His Maniac Face and Laughter.. Well the other that Abuse him are no better
            – His Brainwashing now the Princess into believe she is his Wife (or worse? please no)

            What this make ridicules, are his Insane non-existent “level cap” and Copy Ninja and even Shape shifting skills.. he is to “omnipotent” (God)

            Perhaps a bit more “foreplay” of his Life and how they treat him like Trash, could build up more acceptance. But this Jump into the Hot mess, was to soon to build up bonds

            Timing is messed up

            This is my try to write my thoughts down. It is written in an normal tune, no “look down” or other ill meanings

          3. I can’t understand half of your gibberish. However I hate hentai and find this series interesting. Just because a series has sex does not make it hentai. I guess Goblin Slayer would be a hentai, too. This series does have explicit sex but the story is greater than wanking material or a show that exists just to get readers off. More than a sex fantasy this is a revenge fantasy.

            Anyways obviously it isn’t your cup of tea and it won’t get any less offensive so I’d suggest not watching the next episode

          4. @Alickem

            If you can not understand my gibberish, then why offend me and trow this on my Face? This is not an good start for discussion

            My Mother language is not English as the most can see and guess. But until know the gist was transporter. i blame it on my age and my very rusted school english and others (private)

            But, i wish you an good day, too

  3. I really enjoyed this. Putting the story aside, the production values, the visual and the level of voice acting are pretty high, specially in this second episode. they are putting their heart into this adaptaion. This anime is actually quite popular in Japan, so they should not be afraid of low sales, better they burn their money to keep the quality until the end.

    1. Given light novel/manga adaptations are usually meant to increase source material sales, I’m pretty confident they’ll get what they’re looking for. For better or worse risque stuff like this will always be popular so I’m not surprised by the money being thrown at it.

  4. This was probably not the best episode for me to watch because I have this kind of phobia about finger injuries so I had to turn the sound off and look away for that bit. A bit like that episode in C³ with the girl torturing herself with the demonic bondage tape.

  5. “After all, when your pièce de résistance is turning the princess into fully automated submissive sex slave it’s hard guessing what you could possibly do to balance the scales when it comes to the remaining heroes.”

    Oh, it gets so much worse.

  6. Really wish other hentai has production values as high as this.

    I think they adapted the episode quite well. Had to lower the sound because of the screams though.

    Also interested to see if there is a difference between Flare’s and Freia’s voice.

  7. Rape, mind break, deep throat, femdom tags… I’ll filthily and happily consume….

    Torture however… I am not comfortable with that… Espicialy if it involves breaking fingers and toes…

    Is the manga also tagged with ugly bastard? That’s a definite no from me…

    Henrietta Brix
  8. I was not prepared as this was more explicit than I had imagined, though I’m surprised that he didn’t use the other “rod” for even more torture porn.
    Also while him taking revenge on her was a given, I didn’t expect him to turn her into the blue eyed character from the promo pics, I thought that this was a different character. If the “evil” green eyed princess is already gone, then I have to wonder what the OP is about.

  9. I know it’s crazy, but I’m actually kind of enjoying this. This show is so completely ridiculous. It’s like watching a train wreck.

    I may actually end up watching this purely for a “so bad it’s good” entertainment

      1. If this show actually survives all the manufactured outrage and completes its TV run then there must be hope for things like Parallel Paradise to get an anime. Not sure whether that’s a good thing or not, though.

  10. “♪ Pain, torture, sex, awful bloody pain…
    Torture, sex, when you least expect it… ♪”

    – Brocas Helm, “Skullf**ker”

    And with a bit of drug use and sodomy thrown in… Yeesh. (Plus I’m certain what Bullet/Brett did to Keyaru in the old timeline was just as bad, if not worse.)

    I read the corresponding manga chapters in preparation for the animated dungeon scenes, and while some details from the manga were omitted/changed in the anime, the anime didn’t pull punches with the dungeon scenes (to say nothing of the main scene LN/manga readers were looking forward to) and probably exceeded the manga version.

    Random thoughts:
    – That being said, Keyaru did one hell of a deception play pretending to be weak and drug-addled in order to make Flare and her lackeys lower their guard.
    – But let me get this straight: Keyaru managed to steal the body (or at least, the physique) of the Imperial Knight Leonard with his copied abilities? For a moment, I could have sworn there was an element of “soul transference” involved, though I guess it’s more along the lines of magically altering Keyaru’s own physique to appear similar to the person he’s copying.
    – To quote one Korone Inugami, “YUBI YUBI!”
    – Looking a little further ahead than the next episode (which I also already read in the manga and got the gist of), I wonder how Kureha would react if she found out Keyaru mind-wiped Princess Flare and had her personality, name and memories changed? Either Keyaru will have to “subjugate” her as well (if she turns out to be as f**ked-up as those Keyaru wants to take revenge on), or Kureha might reveal that she’s already aware of the corruption within the Gioral Kingdom and willingly sides with Keyaru.
    – And speaking of mind-wiping Flare, any chance her old memories might resurface again (and she’ll return to being “discount MaltyB-word”)? Or was it implied in the LN that Keyaru was thorough with that mind-wipe without leaving anything to chance?

    Anyway, might as well ask the big question: Has the Twitter s**tstorm started?

  11. After reading here and there, i come to this conclusion:

    – His Heal skill is more then just Healing, it steals Skills, can even create an Body Double and manipulate Memories and Minds..

    Is there no end to this?

    – We saw an forced to Drugs addicted men, they abuse him, even if they waited so long for this kind of Person.. So fallen from Hero to Trash in what time?

    Why did they now treat him like trash? it is lacking. Well Episode 2 is to late

    – When he Heals he read and “suck” up their Emotions and such of the Person he heals. With time it corrupted his mind.

    He is now an totally Train wreck!

    – So with this points: How do you see him? more in the Light side or the Dark one? (Only Anime viewers, please)

    Without so little “foreplay” is see him in the Dark side, totally…

    So the Anime fails to paint him as “victim” he is now the Rapist, Killer, and Hijacker (Princess)

    The Light of the Female Swordsman was overlooked. But it could had helped to turn another picture of him

    Well, sigh

    It is okay, but this Anime will never leave the Adult Snuff Stuff Rape corner now. As i said first Impression are very Important

    1. Gotta love the people who scream this is degenerate Porn and yet we have other anime that have done the same (just not torture). Goblin Slayer (tame in comparison), Yosuga no Sora (Incest), Original Berserk. Western Sensibilities aren’t applied to Japanese culture and that’s what makes anime so fascinating.

      Reading the Light Novels – Over the 4 years in the past time line he understood what his skill is and how to use it. In a RPG sense he would be a level 1 Character but with the knowledge of how to unlock level 100 abilities and how to use it. He’s still considered weak at the start of the story but 6 months of stealing XP from level 20+ characters is always going to result in an over powered character – Specially when he steals the sword techniques of a master Swordsman, Alchemy skills and what not.

      Think of Mahouka’s Regrowth – He takes all the damage and information from a body, creates a new body which overwrites the old body. Same Principle. He’s taking all the information, all the pain and suffering, all the experience and replacing that was lost. He just understands he can store that information as experience / skills.

      “We saw an forced to Drugs addicted men, they abuse him, even if they waited so long for this kind of Person.. So fallen from Hero to Trash in what time?” – Not quite sure what you mean here as the word structure is hard to follow but i’ll try and answer.

      Going back to the start of the anime – in his previous incarnation it was 4 years of abuse, no proper food, no love or affection, a truly broken man. We’ve seen this sort of thing in Game of Thrones (Hate i have to relate it to that but it’s the best analogy) in Reek/Theon Greyjoy. When he redoes the world, it’s the day before his adult ceremony where he gets given the healer hero power. Even if he were to run away, they’d find him, force him through the same thing over 4 years and start again.

      His fall from Hero to “Trash” happened before the timeskip – We’re just seeing the repercussions of the other Heroes.

      ” Why they treat him now like trash? ” Well it was always going to happen. It’s like asking why does the demon lord in a game always start a war on a certain day? because it was ordained? He’s just rewound time, things will keep playing out the same it was unless he changes something. His skill is one of a kind – Like the old man said – Imagine being able to regrow limbs during a time of war? No matter where he went he’d always be chased, bound and made obedient.

      “So with this points: How do you see him? more in the Light side or the Dark one? (Only Anime viewers, please)” – Okay this i can understand – I do believe they should have shown more of the depravity that was forced upon him during the 4 years and 6 Months to show him more as a victim but the story here is more to do with everyone here involved is shit and there is no light in this world, Only grey and darkness.

      “It is okay, but this Anime will never leave the Adult Snuff Stuff Rape corner now. ” – Pretty sure it was aiming for that area so it’s not really that bad – It’s going for shock value and story is second.

      1. Okay, first thanks for your reply ( i mean it)

        Then this Anime is really Dark and want to attract this Kind of Fans. Sure, be it. But as i wrote. if it play to expand into overseas, then they should not except wonders. Because this Snuff Stuff is “no go” there… and i do not know if the money they would earn is enough

  12. Well that’s new.
    Allot of time when we see “revenge stories” in anime they tend to fizzle out and go the wholesome route. ( yeah they were trying to murder me, but i made friends so meh )

    Don’t think this anime has that capabilities as they went all in on the depravity.

    We will see which direction this will go.

  13. The brainwash part at the end im not so sure about, the revenge was fine up till then.

    It wasn’t explained in detail of what it did, but unless Flare is still in the, like backseat in her own body while its automated on minimal self awareness, that would be revenge and fine by me, but the way i currently see it theres a new innocent person inside a body that looks like flare, thats just punishing someone else for flares crimes.

    1. It’s not explained well in the Light Novel or Manga but it’s basically treated as a new person. He treats her better but he’s still a sick and twisted man so there’s always going to that stigma of his abuse attached to his actions towards Freia.

    1. “Redo of Healer” gets the attention because of all the rape.

      Outside of the rape, Higurashi actually has far more disturbing scenes, as does the light novel/manga “Nidome no Yuusha” which goes the “I wouldn’t even rape you route” for some rather terrifying “poetic justice” revenge. Frankly, I’d love to see an adaptation of “Nidome no Yuusha”.

  14. Episode 03:

    – First comments i find saying that Episode 03 show us how evil the Girl here are.

    – And how “lovely” our Main Cast is, despite making this face and laughter


    It would had been better if they had swapped Episodoe 3 with Episode 2

    Oh, well. The Damage is done


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