「強襲」 (Kyoushuu)

Now that was awesome. No matter the hit or miss animation right now, no matter how much better Wit might have been, when SnK fires on all cylinders and teases the carnage yet to come, I am going to enjoy every moment and eagerly await more. After all, this season is just under halfway finished, and what’s to come, well, let’s just say it makes this look like a walk in the park.

As promised last time, Eren was going to claim the War Hammer Titan, and claim her he did. At least after letting the rest of the Paradis crew show what they’re made of. Whether or not the likes of Zeke, Reiner, and Pieck are expendable tools not deserving of the fate in store for them, it’s hard denying the satisfaction which comes from watching Levi finally get his comeuppance against Zeke or seeing Porco slowly realize how letting his anger get the better of him likely will cost him his very life. Also Reiner going full fatalist and now openly wishing for death, but that’s a bit of catharsis which will have to wait for next week. Right now it’s all about Eren smashing the unholy hell out of things; he’ll get to Reiner when his number pops up on the board.

Not to be left out of things either are some remaining character appearances, with Armin’s debut assuredly the most explosive of the bunch. Yes, the pun is terrible, but I’m not taking it back when Titan nukes are back on the menu. Hange too is finally back in all her eccentric glory, with her appearance in particular answering the question how every one of the good guys intends on getting back home in one piece. Well, those who managed to survive the haphazard Marley counterattack. We’re still early days in grasping the fallout from Eren’s attack, but without a doubt Paradis has shown that Titans and anti-Titan weaponry in isolation aren’t enough on their own to overcome a group thoroughly experienced in asymmetric warfare. To stop Eren from quite literally walking over Marley and destroying what it has built—i.e. by initiating the Rumbling—will need some imaginative thought, and Marley’s leaders unfortunately don’t have all the time in world to think.

It’s just a question who among them will be the first to start taking action and see what works.




  1. So freaking good!! The build up has been amazing. I haven’t peaked at the manga so I can’t believe things get even crazier!! I can’t wait to find out why and how Eren went rouge, what Armin’s grand plan is and how they will cram everything into 16 episodes?! Next week we are already half way there!!!

    1. They won’t. Come on, as already mentioned in the comments of the previous episodes, the remaining manga chapters will either be adapted in a 2nd part of this final season or a movie.

      1. As boingman says, it’s been mentioned for several weeks now that this season will not be a full adaptation. Whatever manga is left outstanding will come in a later adaptation, whether that be as an OVA, full TV season, or movie.

  2. Apart from a few weird looking CGI Titans (Eren) this was a good looking episode, probably the best of this final season so far with better transition from CG to 2D animation.
    Soundtrack was on point as well and exciting to listen to.
    Much better than the previous episode.
    Plotwise, to see how team Paradis completely dominated the despairing enemy forces, damn. You could almost feel sorry for them.

    1. Agreed, best ep of the season. I’ve been waiting to see the “crunch” moment animated for years and they nailed it. Such a savage brutal moment that really defines the post-timeskip Eren character.

    2. The soundtrack made this episode IMO, it was better defined and audible compared to last week and hit all the appropriate orchestral notes at the right times.

      And yes, Eren’s Titan model was probably the biggest animation offender, I had to laugh out loud at the scene where he’s standing there mouth gaped open as though he’s a toddler waiting for his present XD

  3. Watching this reminded me of Gundam Seed. (Bear with me here)

    Seed is all about war and the tragedy of it, and there’s a scene after the two main characters get reunited, where they talk about having killed each other’s friends, but not knowing the one they killed so not being as affected.
    In the eyes of both sides, the other side are monsters who’ve killed their friends and deserve to die, but also know that some on that other side are innocent and did nothing to deserve this hatred and treatment.
    Neither side is right and neither side is wrong, and it could be argued that the only thing that will come from endless conflict is mutual annihilation (watch saikano)

    1. Funny tangent to dig into because it’s well-recorded that soldiers since WWI have largely been able to get over their experiences due to never really seeing who they are shooting at and killing. Intermediate and long ranged fire always has you aiming for helmets or small figures, there’s no individual, no person right there to stick in your mind (which is why a lot of the most vivid scenes for these men were of close quarters combat).

      This lack of humanization is one of the arguments for the ease of perpetuating modern warfare, and also is part of what Armin lamented on this week and why Reiner is so utterly depressed. It’s not because either side is inherently right or wrong as you mention, but rather that the winner will be the one who ultimately loses the least.

  4. Great episode. My one minor gripe was with the Paradis crew that got killed, as they seemed like no name characters who we didn’t even know ala Lost towards the latter seasons. That Redshirt vibe takes away a bit of the gravity from the situation. Still tense either way.

    Random Considerations:

    – Thought it was interesting to see the Eldian Titans, who had to go through a lot of training, began falling apart once things went south, causing them to make massive mistakes, like Jaw Titan.

    – Jaw Titan is lucky Reiner came to. Saved his literal and figurative neck.

    – On the flipside, Eren strategizing in a real time, figuring out how to get out of his jam AND take out War Hammer Titan THEN exploiting Jaw Titan, taking full advantage of their mistakes.

    – Levi being patient then busting out and cuttin’ down Zeke!

    – Mikasa too, getting those shots in on Jaw Titan.

    – Sasha got in on it as well, though not sure if she was bait for/decoying Cart Titan.

    – And Hange showed up!

    – Next episode: UFC 257 Eren vs Reiner 2

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