「王子たち、青春する?」 (Oji-tachi, Seishun Suru?)
“Springtime, for Princes?”

This week’s Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka takes a turn back into the human world as we have to endure more nonsense involving Hugo’s grand scheme to murder Shun and anyone that would approve of Shun’s existence. But while his grand plot to revolt against the school backfires, we start to see the gears in Kumoko’s head turn with regards to who could possibly be in charge of the laws of the universe she was reborn into.

Honestly, the most fascinating part of this episode was seeing how we see a more introspective Kumoko who questions why she’s getting conveniently dogpiled by so many skills after she openly complained about certain quality-of-life features she would’ve liked. She had funnier moments earlier in the episode such as when the Chuuni appeal of having an “Evil Eye” skill tickles her inner edgelord. But as she continues to grab skill skills relating to her vision, it racks in her mind as evidence that there has to be a gamemaster or observer that dictates the kinds of powers she gains.

Unfortunately, most of the episode takes place in the human world and it focuses all on Hugo’s intense jealousy over everyone liking Shun because it goes against his god complex for anyone to like anything other than himself.

His hate-boner eventually manifests into a murder-boner, causing him to cook up a half-baked scheme where his friends unleashed monsters and helped kill Shun, his friends, and his teachers. In the process, Hugo would kill the monsters and get rewarded for “avenging his friends,” assuming that the kingdom will just reward him without looking into what he did as if he was boofing and not murdering everyone he knew.

But it’s an uninteresting and immature plot move to have someone as petulant as Hugo as the current main antagonist of the series, especially if he has to rely on other outside forces to make himself anywhere strong enough to be able to brag about how much greater he is than everyone else.

There was something interesting going on with Filimøs this time around considering that she’s aware of what happened to the missing students with four dead and three missing. The latter of which she treats as an ironclad secret that she doesn’t wish to dispel to anyone. It’s probably the only thread aside from Julius’ dungeon raids that seem fascinating considering that Filimøs likely has suspicious ties if she has secrets that run deep enough to keep what happened to those kids as hidden, forbidden knowledge. Her ability to erase Hugo’s stats like Amon also calls into question the kinds of powers that were bestowed to her based on her role. There’s some lady that sympathizes with Hugo, but I’m looking forward more to seeing what we’ll come to find out about Filimøs.


  1. well that was a WHAM! episode for me…
    First, we have full count of Classróóm Incident (definitive name pending until we have more info) victims.
    11 protected (or detained?) at Elven village
    6 including teacher at academy (Shun, Hugo, Yuri, Fei, Katie, and Sensei)
    2 somewhere else in human realms
    4 deceased
    3 missing in action (I presume Kumoko is here)
    then, Sensei cryptically tells that skills, especially too much of them can be dangerous
    but refuses to say why
    do they cost “reincarnateds” their humanity? do they prevent possibility of return to previous life? who knows…
    then there is myterios 1%=W “skill” (?) that seems innate to reincarnatees
    Hugo getting his master revenge plan was predictable, but Sensei basically level-draining him to zero was something like GM-mode?
    Then on another front Kumoko gets in contact with … Game Developer?
    which scares her shitless (and rightly so considering dire situation of being character in game controlled by someone else)
    And then Hugo (after ragefest worthy of Kylo Ren) gets visited by some demon chick who offers him help… so idiot immediately agrees…

    1. -And yet Oka-chan sure seems to have some high level skills of her own. Huh.
      -In fact, remember the “cheat” ruler skills like Pride, Perseverance and Wisdom that Kumoko keeps finding? Oka-chan said she was using her ruler authority when she level drained Hugo.
      -D also gets mentioned by Kumoko in the ending theme. In fact the entire final section is just Kumoko ranting at D. Kumoko doesn’t seem to like D or D’s “crappy game” very much.
      -If you found out there was a being that could apparently make an RPG in real life, or alternatively trap your soul in a game, wouldn’t you be freaked out?
      -The mysterious girl also said she was a reincarnator too. Does this mean 2 of the 3 “MIA” reincarnators are accounted for now?

      heiro one
  2. Well, self-proclaimed reincarnator lady who shows up at the end to Hugo seems to have pointy ears like the Demon King (side note: are the other 2 “MIA” reincarnators demons?), so I’d say it’s more likely Hugo is about to become the Demon King’s puppet. She certainly seem to have some big plan going on given she apparently stopped the Taratects from fighting Julius.

    heiro one
    1. I presume she in true haughty demon queen fashion wants to reserve the right to fight Hero to herself alone…
      Is it me or Shu might end up being dragged by circumstance into becoming Hero if Julius dies?

  3. I’m thinking the getting too many skills thing is probably dangerous for the world. Kumoko is already overpowered and near godlike i’d say. If she keeps going she would be able to destroy the world if she felt like it.

    Also are they really in a game?

    1. Have you literally played any RPG for prolonged period of time? Too many skills don’t make you OP, they just make it really confusing what you need to use, more skills you get the harder and longer it takes for you to polish your style, something like WoW will take you hundreds of hours (I’m talking 600+) to finally find your routine. And if that D god can simply create skills, that’s like having played RPG for 900 hours then suddenly there is new expansion and all your old skills become outdated so you can to integrate new ones into your style which will take additional 100 or 200 hours of play. It’s madness.

  4. Ahhh, so you’ve seen “The Producers!”
    I have hope for today’s youth once again.

    Kumuko’s request for the Wisdom attribute may be what keeps her from slaughtering her former classmates on sight.

    She was getting fairly haughty, defending herself from, and overcoming, so many strong enemies. Her conversation was less and less about staying alive and more and more about the next big victim.

    A great show.

  5. okay this was a spoiler hiding in plain sight: here are the english-translated lyrics for Ending song:

    You can tell from the intro what Kumoko has been up to All right, let’s go! Just a school girl in Classical Literature class Then suddenly everything blew up Some time passed then I finally woke up As a spider… Wah, what a chaos! Here and there this topsy-turvy Kumoko I’m in great trouble daily in the Great Labyrinth It’s eat or be eaten so do your best Kumoko By the way my starting stats are the lowest of low (Eww) Awful enemies (yeah!) Unpleasant meals (yeah yeah!) I’m on the edge of crying, so unlucky I wouldn’t be upset even if someone burned down my home (yey) But my motto is “I want my home back!” Aa, I had a dream of reincarnating in another world I was the reincarnation of a beauty who was a winner in life Eh, isn’t there any Reversal skill? Appraisal, Thread Control, Throw, Expel, Concentration, Perseverance, Satiation, Universal thread, poison synthesis, medicine synthesis Heretic attack, Rot attack Various kinds of Evil Eye, Height of Occultism, Parallel Minds And my last resort is a Desperate Attack! ora ora ora ora ora ora ora ora Yeah, I will do whatever I need to! Scratching through, bulldozing through, With a lot of skills I’m full of bruises and cracks (Uwaa!) I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I want to stay alive! I want to stay alive! I wanna live through this all! (Uwaa!) I don’t want to live in such a shitty game! If I reincarnate, I wanna enjoy life! Why did I got such a savage start?! I will never forgive you Administrator D! The Great Labyrinth is full again today Everyday it’s hard to survive Well, maybe it’s fun in its own way but I still can’t understand why Am I a spider?!…

    1. “okay this was a spoiler hiding in plain sight: here are the english-translated lyrics for Ending song”

      There are much, much bigger spoilers out there. Just don’t google anything about this series (though reading the light novels is always acceptable).

  6. one more thing:
    VA for Kumoko is just freaking awesome…. she carries the show almost singlehandely, and her acting despite being limited ot spidergirls inner monologue until personality split is just unbelievably good…


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