Episode 14

Episode 15

「暴悪 / 唯一の救い」 (Bouaku / Yuiitsu no Sukui)
“Savagery / Sole Salvation”

Although earthquakes may be an incessant source of anime watching frustration, I have to say I’m not that displeased the latest example turned into a double episode affair for SnK. Given the sheer amount of reveals (and associated carnage) over these forty minutes it’s arguably the best choice, as between open questions being answered and showdowns being arranged we have now properly set things up for the grand finale. Even if said finale won’t be taking place next week. Yeah, the wait is going to be painful.

With Eren’s sudden change this season from rowdy screamer to cold and calculating manbun being the main unknown for many an anime-only viewer, I’m pretty sure the explanation for it – and the results – wound up surprising. Needless to say Eren has gone off the deep end: openly calling out and ruthlessly disparaging both Mikasa and Armin; inherently believing himself to be morally superior due to held opinions; indicating his way is the only correct way – it’s all stuff that fits with his personality, but it’s all talk that is both dangerous and incredibly hypocritical. Eren after all thinks he’s the only one with free will, but never stops to consider if he himself isn’t a slave to someone else. Just take Armin, if he can only be entrapped by the memories and desires of Bertolt, there’s nothing which says Eren himself cannot be for the same reasons beholden to the true possessor of the Founding Titan – i.e. Ymir. Eren never considers it because to acknowledge it would be to admit that everything he’s worked for and everything he’s done is no more valuable or his own than the same he accuses of Misaka. And that guaranteed would eat him alive.

As for Zeke, well, I’m sure that proved doubly explosive. Besides these episodes answering the true purpose of the spinal fluid-spiked wine (and further reinforcing why you don’t underestimate Levi), we also got a great flashback showing just what made Zeke into who he is and what he believes. In short I cannot really fault Zeke. The guy was raised in the worst possible circumstances, being both a son to parents who saw him only as a useful tool and a disparaged outcast at the mercy of a resentful master. No surprise he would turn to nihilism and see the only solution as one of complete eradication. It’s just a solution not as upstanding as he thinks. Euthanizing Eldians might take away a future threat to the rest of the world, but it won’t do a thing for current Eldians; they will all still be as detested, loathed, and persecuted as before. Likewise what right does Zeke have to alone decide the fate of all Eldians? Plenty want to have a legacy, many more still seek the joy which children and offspring bring even in the face of adversity. To assume that choice makes Zeke (and Eren) no better than the tyrants in Marley who keep Eldians under their yoke. The only difference now is that Eldian suffering will be in the name of supposed kindness.

Without a doubt the battlelines have now been drawn and the sides firmly established. A climactic showdown is quickly barreling down the tracks, and when everyone – Yeagerist and non-Yeagerist both – finally finds out just what Eren and Zeke have planned, things are certain to get a bit crazy. Very crazy.


  1. Levi underestimated Zeke’s resolve, you torture a man in worst ways possible then you hand his a grenade, pull the pin, then stay next to him? he sure as hell going to use that grenade to blow you up after everything you’ve done to him. I’m guessing Levi is either out of commission for good or he’s dead (doubtful), maybe they will Titan him.

    1. I wouldn’t count Levi out yet, he’s proven his resilience well so far.

      I think the issue with Zeke is that Levi just didn’t know what he has planned. He assumed Zeke’s plan relied on him being alive so never considered Zeke’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of it. Not that unreasonable an assumption too given Zeke’s abilities and Eren earlier admitting he’s part of Zeke’s plan.

  2. While this last season takes insanity to a whole new level and I love crazy shiets, still, It’s hitting all the wrong buttons for me for some reason. Either its the drastic change in personality and attitude or the hypocrisy of Eren or the chain of events its just kicking me in the nuts every time.
    I hope the grande finale redeems it for me atleast. This shows has defined a part of my anime journey for the past decade to say the least.

    1. > this last season … It’s hitting all the wrong buttons for me for some reason
      > Either its the drastic change in personality and attitude or the hypocrisy
      > of Eren or the chain of events its just kicking me in the nuts every time

      Ditto. I liked the characters as they were. We’re probably emotionally invested in them as they were. Now Eren is all different. Levi is still himself but I don’t like his actions either. Hange is powerless to do anything. Pixis for all his wisdom is not achieving anything good. It’s just frustrating. It’s like a different show.

      Has the curse of so many anime hit? Many anime just don’t have an ending at all. The big reveal at the end may never come at all. Okay here we have a reveal and will hopefully have an ending.. But they feel forcibly attached and fitting the fabric of the show

    2. IMO it’s probably down to the drastic change in personalities. Politically these developments make sense, but with Eren especially it’s hard getting a good grasp on just why he changed so much or (to the audience) so fast. The recent flashbacks for example only do so much, we needed more time to see Eren grow into this mindset for it to properly suspend disbelief.

      What likely hurts this arc the most is that Isayama Hajime just didn’t have the series’ upcoming conclusion in mind when he started writing so a lot of time which could’ve been used to grow, mature, and justify various character motivations was lost.

      1. What’s more we’d just seen a railroad trip flashback when Eren was still kind, well-grounded and connected to his comrades.

        The series makes it look like he suddenly changed in the space of 1-2 years, which beggars belief.

        As an aside it’s still not clear from the series if he shares Zeke’s euthanasia goal or if he was hoping to deceive Zeke and do something different once the power to do so is his. Repeating “tatake” looking at himself in the mirror while in confinement doesn’t bode well with intention to euthanize or at least make childless the whole of the his country.


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