長い夜の過ごし方 」 (Nagai Yoru no Sugoshikata)
How to Spend a Long Night

Unexpected relationships arise, a new idol group shows up and Dobu makes an unexpected guest appearance.

The plot thickens.

Genuinely, this show managed to surprise me. I feel a genuine valid and unforced connection to the characters, the cast surrounding the events of this show feels like people (or animals) that you could see walking down the streets. Odokawa has certainly grown on me this chapter. His morals seem to be in line with that of a good guy – even though on the outside he might seem raw and introverted. I’m sure he’s just a big sweetheart on the inside.

It seems, Odokawa’s ideals towards society point in that direction, as when he’s with Kaikabana in the sauna, a conversation pops up about whom they like. And Odokawa mentions he’d rather show the people that paid for his living expenses how happy he is – rather than his parents. So are his progenitors still alive? But maybe because of the accident, they’re not on speaking terms anymore.

The show moves on and later, probably the most important part of this whole episode happens. Shirakawa and Odokawa have a conversation during her trip back home from the clinic. She seems restless, she has something to say? A continuation of last week’s episode. I’m not going to spoil exactly what happens, but all I have to say is, Shirakawa is one smooth criminal. Maybe in all the sense of the word, as the show made it seem, she’s the one who stole the medicine. But perhaps it’s just a red herring. 

Her intentions were clear towards Odokawa. But we have yet to see. As Odokawa might flat out deny her feelings.

Odokawa’s backstory deepens.

We know he suffered an accident, but now we know it was a misfortune that almost killed him. Furthermore, there was a small flashback, as he recalled this while talking to Imai (Sakai Koudai), a mega Rui-tan (Mimori Suzuko) fan. A small-time idol, not to be confused with Reina. And once again the flashback showed up with more human-like forms. Maybe it’s not Odokawa we’re looking at in these flashback scenes, but someone else. Things are still up in the air.

I’m starting to think it doesn’t mean anything, but it could go either way as we will only truly know, once someone confirms it. Everything else is speculation.

The comedy duo assembles!

Baba (Tsuda Atsuhiro) and Shibagaki (Yuusuke) head towards the radio building they work at, and unexpectedly put on a live show for Odokawa. I have to point to the writing, every conversation flows so easily and seems like something that would happen in real life. The comedy is just that, actual comedy. No ecchi elements, no over-the-top anime emotions, just pure unadulterated comedy. This credit goes to Konomoto Kazuya. The scriptwriter and a mangaka. Although this is my first exposure to his work. It helps that both Baba and Shibagaki are part of a comedy duo called Diane. I was also happy to see that Kabasawa made a small guest appearance as well.

It was fun to listen to them banter since Baba got a little riled up, making great strides towards their comedy career. However, Baba gets a phone call from their producer. Baba is making his solo debut, so it seems. Shibagaki was torn by this, as both of them entered the radio building. It made me feel for him. Moreover, they still have to do a live show that night!

How hard will it be for Shibagaki? Will he just push his feelings aside for the sake of the show? Or would they seep into their performance and make it so it lacks luster? Thoughts like these ran through my head as I saw his blue face.

What a crazy cliffhanger!

I will not speak too much about the final moments of this episode, for those that haven’t watched it. But man! That cliffhanger sure made me gasp. I knew Dobu was going to make an appearance, but not in this manner. Things heat up way too quickly! The story just pushed forward, and now things are coming into question. What exactly is Dobu’s relationship to Odokawa? And what does he want with him? Does he have anything to do with his tragic accident? Too many questions still to make an appropriate deliverance.

Nonetheless, I would love to hear what you have to say about this second episode! Are you enjoying it? What was your favorite part?

Feel free to let me know!



        1. My current guess is that “missing” high school girl witnesses murder, is now being sought after by local criminals so she’s hiding in an innocent, harmless man’s closet and he has no idea he’s now known to be at the center of crime ring’s problems. Possibly the only people he can trust are the monkey, the gorilla, and … maybe… the kangaroo but I wouldn’t put money on her knowing nothing.

          Even darker: he claims the student’s free to leave but she really isn’t for reasons he caused but his mental issues deny.

          I expect there’s a lot which can’t be guessed from the first 2 eps; lame otherwise.

          Danny the Dog
  1. I find this to be one of the most down to earth series I’ve watched in a long time. The fact that it’s pretty modern in terms of pop culture and trends appeals to me.


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