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OP: 「Blessing」by Aira Yuuki

「親交」 (Shinkou)

We might only be two weeks in, but I have to admit I’m liking Seijo no Maryoku something fierce. While not the most rambunctious of isekais – or hell, even the most intriguing – there’s something to be said for slow and easy and ever so wholesome. After all, Sei is one girl determined to find out just how many adorable smiles you can cram into one week.

Building off the introduction last week, this episode was more or less concerned with fleshing out Sei’s impressive talent for status enhancement. Cooking; lotions; the now established potion making: whatever this girl touches damn near turns to gold and gives everyone a cause for celebration. Particularly herself (I was wondering how long it would take before the glasses were questioned or dealt with). Although Sei is pretty effectively being set up as the actual summoned Saint through all of these various scenes (and therefore eventually pushed into more serious matters), I do like how nonchalant the show is being about it; Johan for example clearly knows her abilities are meant for greater things, but is perfectly happy letting her do what she loves while Albert is more concerned about indulging in his feelings of affection than with the practical potential of Sei’s abilities. It’s a nice and wholesome break from the usual saving the world shenanigans and I look forward to seeing more.

On the other side of the equation, however, is actual friendship and here we also aren’t lacking for fun. New girl Elizabeth, while still largely unknown, is a pretty good foil and intermediary for what are likely to be major events down the line for Sei, given her clear upper-class status and royal ties. Not difficult to guess for example that Sei’s talents will soon reach the ear of the royal family and prince who ran off with Sei’s fellow real-world transplant and lead to some interesting questions. After all, if Sei can perform these feats and the other Saint can barely accomplish middling magic (as per the quick blurb from last week), someone will start asking things that a few – i.e. the prince – may not want to deal with. And at that point, Sei may find herself smack dab back in the type of world she thought she left behind.

We’ll know more for certain soon enough though; considering it looks like a trip to the capital next week, I expect more than a few of Sei’s (and our) lingering questions to soon be answered.


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ED: 「Page for Tomorrow」by NOW ON AIR



  1. I just watched the first two episodes since I was interested in how they were going to handle her isekai powers, but the way they’re doing the reverse harem might be too much by the book for me. Like I had to groan when Albert invited her to a horseback ride and it was all dreamy and played completely straight. I had to laugh because he was voiced by the seiyuu I imagined would be the perfect choice: Takahiro Sakurai.
    I blame Otome Game.

    1. To be fair, Seijou’s source material is a comfy josei fantasy series clearly written for a female audience (I’ve read the novels). Expect a good amount of romantic scenarios to pop up too.

    2. At least on the plus side it’s not a complete retread of Otome Game. It may be wholly josei and intended for women given the romantic proclivities, but there are enough hints that the isekai aspects aren’t entirely forgotten to encourage me to stick around. It certainly won’t be for everything though; this one will definitely play better to its target audience than the general isekai crowd.

  2. Seijou has an ongoing manga-only spinoff that focuses on Aira’s POV and what she’s up to in this time.

    Given how Sei-centric the source material is, I think it’s a nice addition to the franchise.

    Unfortunately there are no official or fan translations yet for it.

    1. Only the first couple chapters cover these events. It very quickly time skips ahead to a later scene from the main story, without wasting too much time on the early stuff.

  3. I suggest that the Prince start to block her or put stones in Sei’s way, when Sei come to the point to overthrow the other Saint Woman. Because the Price would have the “best” only for himself

    Some kind of hurting Pride you now. If this Prince is the “copy” of Shield Hero, yes the red Hero Baka

    1. You know. The Prince is always right. Should he for some point and very rare Doom alike Point not be in the right, then make it right! Understand!!!

      This kind of “pride”

  4. Where do people see a harem in this series is beyond me. Even in the OP there’s a clear focus on one romance partner.

    I guess “if it’s a fantasy story about a girl, it has to be a reverse harem” kind of thinking.

    1. It’s normal to call series where the male MC is surrended with mostly girls as Harem, it makes perfect sense to do the same when it’s reversed. That we now got a prominent female character kind of mitigates the issue.

    2. Same as normal harem shows. Whenever you have a main character surrounded by multiple secondary characters of the opposite genre who may (or may not) compete for the MC’s love, it’s going to be classified as a harem, regardless of whether that MC is a girl.

  5. Episode is kinda choppy, but still manages to give a wholesome and coherent experience. Really don’t feel or think that I’ve missed anything.

    Would really like to try that face/eye cream she made.

    1. To be fair it’s mostly for show given Sei’s magic is what’s doing the trick, but definitely agreed! I also like how her abilities aren’t that earth shattering; she provides a noticeable boost to things, but nothing which really upsets the current order.

  6. I think her “our world knowledge ” is also helpful, as she knows some of the real science behind workings of medicinal herbs and spices…
    Though she seems to have that “magical touch ” making everything she works at just better – including her own body as she now can dispose of glasses… that is definitive sign she might be more than meets the eye. especially the ice-blue eye of certain knight…


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