「奇跡」 (Kiseki)

If there’s anything to say about Seijo no Maryoku right now is that it’s consistent. One may dislike its calm demeanour or the preference of slow and steady over right to the action, but damn if you don’t know what you’re getting when you tune in every week – and so far at least for me, it’s working a treat.

Undeniably my biggest concern for Seijo no Maryoku after getting through intro territory was it growing too complacent in its current slice-of-life routine. For all the fun of watching Sei being adorable writ large and showing why smiles are always worth protecting, at some point you need a bit of tension and my fear was this series’ variety of it – i.e. Sei’s Saint status – being left to whispers and one-off scenes. Given the events this week, however, such concern thankfully looks to be unfounded. After all, you don’t bring matters to a head better than by having the magic establishment realize the situation can no longer be kept quiet, or by having the girl in question reinforce the point through some incredible displays of power. As even Sei herself has realized, if she possesses these abilities then she must be the Saint, and the only thing standing in the way of it is expert verification. Oh how I’m looking forward to seeing how that upcoming appraisal plays out, and not just because Kyle and Aira are likely to be present as well!

Speaking of Sei though, damn if I’m not loving how she winds up dealing with these changing circumstances. Albert’s little stunt last episode (albeit completely spontaneous and spur of the moment stunt) for example would’ve yielded a hearty chunk of gristle for the drama mill in many other series, but here outside of apparent occasional flights of fancy it doesn’t affect Sei all that much. Doubt it? Just think how some other series would’ve turned important tasks into love triangle deliberations, especially after Johan’s reponse to events. And then there’s stuff like Sei’s reaction to meeting the king or her stubbornly (yet comedically) continued rejection of all things logistics to help round out her wholesomeness. It’s a reserved manner of living at its core, and one which really is a nice detour from how similar isekai premises often play out.

Of course whether Sei can carry on as before now that she’s let the cat out the bag is anyone’s guess, but given who she’s lined up in support, guaranteed the accompanying hassle won’t be anything she cannot handle.




  1. Checking the LN content, it seems the anime has now covered up to Vol 1’s end.
    The question is how the remaining 8(?) eps might cover other books, since there’s been comments elsewhere that either Vol 2 or Vol 4’s end is a good stopping point for the series (and since the web/light novels are still ongoing).

    PS. For viewers who want a bit more fast-paced action to balance out slow and steady fluff, might I recommend next season’s anime adaptation of Banished from the Heroes’ Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside/Shin no Nakama janai to Yūsha no Party o Oidasareta node, Henkyō de Slow Life Suru Koto ni Shimashita. I’ve read the WN and can vouch for its story. 50% romantic slow life, 50% serious plot and worldbuilding.

  2. This anime is like a box of truffles. If you want something sweet and soothing in the evening of an exhausting day, watching this show is just what the doctor ordered.

    I absolutely adore what they*re doing with it!

    1. And I thought I was gonna roll my eyes and drop it if this series focuses her being hopelessly romantic like those bland otome game adaptations (Amnesia, Brothers Conflict, etc).

      Well she is falling for Sir Hawke, but I’m glad it’s not for long, and that it takes a few moments from her mind. Sure, it’s too good to be true that all the men accept a woman, who’s doing way better than them, as their colleague, but if male OP protagonists get to steal the spotlight in their series, why can’t Sei (and other female protagonists we’ve yet to see be adapted) do the same?

      I somehow enjoy listening to her inner monologue conveying all sorts of her emotions, especially being flustered. Gives you the feeling that she’s not one of those cardboard gender-stereotyped heroines.

      1. I really love her mentality and how she’s handling things. She might be flustered at some things (like Albert), but always keeps a level head and never overreacts. It’s a perfect match for the atmosphere of this series and really helps in making the time fly when watching.

    1. Well if all those male OP protagonists, from “great” isekai series (Arifureta, Isekai Smartphone, Cheat Magician & 100+ more I forgot their titles, are nicknamed “Jesus-kun’, then female OP protagonists shall be nicknamed Mary-san, or whichever you all wanna nickname these FEMALE OP protagonists.

      1. Miriam is the Greek variate of Maria

        Well, i read that on some Wikipedia

        Well, i compare with thinks i know. So i know the Bible.. But to not fret i am not on crusader mode 🙂

  3. I liked that Sei seemed aware of the fact that doing what she did was going to prevent her from having a nice calm life. It’s annoying to see OP protagonists blow there cover and not be aware of what they are doing.

    I wonder if we will actually get the reason the other girl got picked as the saint by the Prince. Part of me just wonders if it’s something dumb like Sei wasn’t his type.

    It’s calm and healing, but so far, it’s managed to avoid being boring.

    1. I think Sei isn’t the prince’s type.

      I think it’s difficult to tell, but, assuming anime stereotypes, the saint should be a young, pretty female and prince chose (wanted?) the stereotype. When Aira and Sei were summoned, there were clear differences. Aira was wearing a hoodie and Sei had office clothes. No glasses vs. glasses. Aira looked lost and Sei looked like in control (more mature).

      The prince assumed the saint to be the pretty (no glasses), younger (hoodie), damsel in distress.

      I also just read on another website that Sei is supposed to be 20 years old. I don’t see how that can be. She was seen working until 11pm and seated among the regular staff employees. Unless she is a genius and graduated university early, I think she is more like 25 or around 30. I think 20-year-old OLs should be home already.

      Anyways, just my two cents.

    2. From what I know of the series we’ll get to the reason, but it’s already been hinted towards. As Bakapooru highlights it’s down to impressions: Kyle automatically assumed it was Aira because she was young and pretty and likely the image of what he assumed the Saint would be.

      I personally treat her as being in her late 20s regardless of listed source age 😛
      IMO it fits the narrative better, especially given her office work and maturity.

    3. Ah yes! No wonder why I’m liking this isekai series. I guess I don’t remember significant OP protagonists saying (via inner monologue) “If I show my powers, I might not have a normal/calm life I’ll have ever again.”

      It’s good to see Sei using her thoughts, thinking ahead & made a possible prediction of her own that she won’t have the usual, calm life if her powers get upgraded subconsciously.


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