「鑑定」 (Kantei)

As Seijo no Maryoku has shown again and again, when things get serious, they don’t get that serious. As probably anticipated the grand reveal over Sei’s saintly status pretty much resulted in no major change for anyone, but never fear, because that problem is now clearly on the horizon.

Similar to how Seijo no Maryoku has handled the romantic side of its story, I’m having a blast in watching how it threads the needle of Sei’s ambiguous status. Just take Sei’s response to the king over the issue of compensation. While the trope of reserved humility is ubiquitous for this type of story, Sei’s appreciation of the consequences – i.e. rejecting a reward would both be rude and leave the court in a state of perpetual uncertainty regarding what she could claim in the future – was a very nice touch, especially when paired with her own nervousness and ultimate treatment of the king. It may be a quiet and drama-less variety of isekai, but Sei’s calm maturity and open curiosity at every moment really helps enhance and solidify the strengths of this series. Healing isekai indeed.

Of course, that’s not to say tension doesn’t exist and we got that bit in a slyly humorous sort of way. Probably to no major surprise Sei’s appraisal by head mage Yuri Drewes didn’t actually work – but due entirely to Sei’s power. While I admit I expected this event to be a wash (have to drag things out somehow!), I didn’t anticipate it working out like this, even if it essentially confirms Sei’s status as the actual Saint because obviously sparkling gold bits imply super serious abilities. What I probably liked more from this confirmation, however, is how it’s currently being handled; the king for example is still treading carefully in order to get his ducks in a row, and Sei refuses to see herself as anything particularly special. Sei especially may fully acknowledge she’s a Saint, but clearly has no intentions of letting it change who she is – and neither is anyone else immediately around her.

Considering one prince is on the warpath for keeping Aira as the designated Saint it’s unclear how long such tranquility can last once confronted with reality, but I think Sei won’t have too much trouble dealing with that once it finally happens.




  1. Sorry, i am a bit Lazy now and just Copy & Paste this of me here:

    my Conclusion:

    Sei = High Holy Healer.. I do not compere her now with Maria “the Saint”. She lacks in Battle Skills. But you get my Gist. This White long dress is lovely and remind a bit of her (The Saint)

    Aria = Jean de’Arc. She is more an High Holy Paladin. Her Focus is Battle Spells. She is more fit for the Field. Perhaps let her learn the Highest Spell of she is capable of and let appear some kind of Illusion Armor with Sword and Shield (Sword of Flames and Shield of sparkling light.. Holy Bible Archangel Armor or Goddess Athena) on her, while casting to show the others (to make up for lack of Golden sparkling s) or let Sei cast it on her (Aria, “be my Sword and Shield!”) but the Illusion blend of (Like buffing at MMO’s Games)


    Aria take care of the Fights, where Sei back her up as Greater Healer or with an other Mind Picture, Aria is the Sword and Shield, where Sei is the Archer and Large Area of Effect (AoE) Caster. Also when Sei learns now more Powerful spells, she quickly get worn out. Then Aria can Protect her from Harm and can support with her “little” Magic in the Meantime when Sei is recuperating

    So, if the Prince do not plan an revolt, then Sei and Aria could work in this together. But then they must cast this Men “Game of Thrones” playing aside and save the Kingdom on their own. if they plan to let Sei and Aria work together not against each others trough the “miss use” of the Prince

    So yes, both are the Saint. Just they split up in two

    Well, i think that is fitting for this “Otome” alike Anime.

    1. That is certainly feasible. The problem is, it doesn’t seem like Aria’s up to it. The solders also seem to think that the Saint is more of a support role.

        1. the only Problem i see is that, Sei has Prince Charming, where Aria have this Prince…

          I do not know, if the Prince here want to rescue her for being just Aria or because She is his Saint?

          Prince Charming would definitely save Sei or he also plays only a charade. Well let us not forget this is an “otome” based Anime and not with no Mahouka Vibes

  2. Something to note is that in the source novels, Sei’s power levels were quantified with RPG-style stats and levels. Iirc they even had stat menus in the style of works like Shield Hero. The anime seems to have toned down the gamer stat aspect.

    There’s an ongoing manga-original spinoff that covers Aira’s POV and what she was doing this whole time.

    Official music video for Seijo’s OP:

    1. Extra tidbit: Sei was around 10 to 20 levels higher than Yuri, which is why the appraisal failed. It’s pretty interesting that they’re excising all game-like elements; they stop coming up entirely after a while, so I’m not too surprised that this has been done.

      Regarding the spin-off: I have to add on for anime-onlies that after the first chapter or so, the spin-off jumps ahead to where it intersects with the main story. And then it fast-forwards a bit further to the aftermath of that incident. So I don’t recommend reading the spin-off until the main story gets there, because it’ll spoil upcoming things.

    2. Oh that’s interesting to learn!

      IMO this adaptation made the right choice in dropping those elements, they would’ve felt out of place given the show’s focus. Leaving this world’s magic system ambiguous helps Sei shine more as there’s less clutter to discuss before getting to the healing elements.

  3. Had to double check for those sparkling effects. Never really noticed Sei was the only that had them. I suspect they also add to the relaxing atmosphere.

    Really wished they revealed the “Problem” sequentially according to the opening sequence. He might not be a new character, but I’d rather not see him so soon. XD

    Can’t help but notice how much fun the maids are having this episode. It also seemed like Marie is a senior/head maid. Nice to know the kingdom assigned an experienced maid for Sei.

    1. You’re not the only one, I had to go back and confirm the sparkling as well – when Yuri asked for her to display her healing I was just expecting the visual effects to only be more pronounced in comparison.

      The maids also killed me, especially when Albert entered the scene, you could just feel the amusement and vicarious enjoyment rolling right off the one who was observing XD

  4. Wow, the failure of appraisal instantely reminded me of our resident anime arachnid Kumoko trying to appraise Ariel…
    So on one hand we have super-strong magic Sei, and on the other hand ultra fast skill-levelling Aira…
    Could it be that spell has magnificently did job too good and summoned 2 saints at same time, thus triggering internal division amongst princes in support of respective gals…
    I pity the king, he has now serious headache on how navigate the situation…


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