「淑女」 (Shukujo)

Damn Seijo no Maryoku, do you ever hit the sweet spot. Adorable? Got that. Surprises? Have a few for your trouble. Smiles you clearly need more of since the first few dozen weren’t enough? Oh yes, we have you covered. This show is just a cornucopia of cuteness and I most definitely want more.

While the news this week naturally lay in Elizabeth being Prince Kyle’s betrothed, for me it wasn’t as surprising as probably intended. The little scene at the show’s start involving Liz’s friend and the new student was a dead giveaway for being Aira, and though not as easy to figure out the connection to Kyle, it’s a logical leap and helps explain away certain appearances. Regardless of setup it was a very nice touch simultaneously highlighting the societal differences between Sei/Aira and this world; many an isekai will ignore this aspect altogether or one reason or another, so having it pop up not only reinforces how impressive Sei is adapting to the circumstances (very much so), but also how odious Kyle was and is to her. Conflict may not be the central premise of this story, but the variety on display meshes well with the lighthearted themes at work.

Supporting this point as well is the second aspect at work in that budding Sei-Albert romance. Seijo no Maryoku could be considered a tease in how it’s taking its time in giving any tangible development here, but there’s always something to be said for slow and steady, especially with minimal drama. Typical romance for example would see Albert, Johan, and Yuri wind up fighting for dear Sei’s hand, however that has been deftly avoided (so far) thanks to the likes of personal quirks like scientific passion and Sei’s own interests skirting around the chasm. And if that wasn’t enough, dancing and promises of dates should be enough to seal the deal. While it remains to be seen what will happen once Albert really tries to make a move on Sei (of which there’s no guarantee it’ll be any time soon), so long as things stay on the right side of wholesome I won’t have any issues with whatever transpires.

And considering Sei looks nearly ready for her official Saintly debut, I dare say we have plenty on the wholesome front coming down the pipeline.




  1. The Sei and Albert thing is just killing me! I need them to get together right meow! (lol xD) Anyway, this show is so good, and wholesome, and it just fills me with happiness every episode, and the lore is just so intriguing, honestly, I feel a little spoiled watching it. Can’t wait for more 😀

    1. Only disappointment for me so far is that the lore and world building are playing second fiddle to the slice of life aspects (particularly just what Sei is fully capable of), but given how pleasant they are to watch, I think I can live with it XD

  2. Sei is sooooo precious. I really enjoy her “inner dialogue” moments with their traces of SD. As an example, I absolutely cracked up when she dropped on the bed with a *pomf*.

    This anime heals me after a hard day.

    1. The thing which gets me are her mini freakouts, especially when Albert just does what he wants. No excessive blushing on her part, just a deer in the headlights look which adds a few points to the cuteness score 😛

    1. That confused me as well. It might be because Sei will inevitably see Albert escorting her as a date, or just another translator playing fast and loose with syntax. I hope it’s the former, but it’s probably the latter.

    1. No, I don’t think so. It depends if you want to see the show through rose-colored glasses. If you do, then the escorting offer would be a date. However, you can be an escort and not make it a “date”. It’s a low pressure activity with no promises. Going back to my high school prom, I knew many escorts and escorted girls. Nothing happened. (Or maybe everyone was just unlucky…)

      How about a rental boyfriend too?

      Also, I didn’t hear anyone used the borrowed term, “de-to”, but this is another world… Or they used the words before the word was borrowed.

  3. The show has been too wholesome and sane. I’m waiting for the plot twist where Sei reveals she has been practicing spells to blow up the world and actually does it.

    Keep it up!

    1. Or even better, unintentionally designs a potion that lets someone a good chunk of the surrounding environment. Would be a perfect fit for her eventual knight-accompanying expeditions into the wilderness.

  4. Pretty funny that Sei made sure to explain that there was no Yuri route.

    The escort thing is interesting but not sure it matters. Sei would definitely think of it as a date and it’s not like there is any chance Albert is not interested in her.

  5. Yuri is damned “for science!” fanatic.
    And this is good because any less single-minded mahe would have fallen for Sei.
    And so we have despite all the bishounen cluttering the place, only single really mattering int he romantic department…

  6. Watched episodes 3-6 and I enjoyed my time with it.
    I really like Sei and the laid-back nature of the show. Which is also something that I enjoyed in Ascendance of a Bookworm.
    The romance stuff though, is still not for me. Even though Albert’s smooth advandes made even me feel liking blushing this episode, it’s mostly just too cheesy for me to take seriously.
    I sure would like to see Sei assisting the Knights, but the way the series has been going I kinda doubt that we’ll even see any “action”.
    But that’s okay, I’ll continue watching.


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