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Hey everyone! It’s Gabie here. After continuously bashing my head against my table and contemplating my existence I decided to adopt BNHA as a weekly series. I know there’s an incredible legacy of manga coverage on this blog and I have the utmost respect for my senpai-tachi. Instead of trying to fill their shoes I’ve decided to do what I do best: slide into my worn out flip-flops since I can’t remember the last time I actually wore shoes.

I hope to create a fun, entertaining and critical space for us to share a mutual passion. This first post is an overview of the beginning of The Final Act. And to break a bit of the ice, since most of us don’t really know one another, I thought I’d share some of my quirks with you:

  • I’m an Endadvor die-hard fan. There are few things that get me going as much as a redemption/atonement character journey *cries in Jamie Lannister book version*. That means occasional rants. 
  • Kacchan’s character development is one of my all-time favorites, period.
  • I alternate between character’s names, last names and nicknames, please bear with me.
  • Every now and then I like to call Todoroki Shota (and his family) Todomochi
  • I make fujoshi jokes. Don’t take them seriously because neither do I.

I think that’s pretty much it, now let’s Plus Ultra!

Just your friendly neighborhood Deku.


With almost full access to the OFA’s council (No. 2 & 3 still refuse to acknowledge Deku) things are getting serious and I’m glad the cat’s out of the bag. Hawks, Best Jeanist, Endeavor and Class 1-A now comprehend two things: 1) Izuku’s burden as All Might’s successor and 2) Shigaraki’s main goal. Well, maybe the kids don’t fully grasp it yet—with the exception of Kacchan—but Uraraka’s intuition speaks.

The no BS press conference with the Top 3 made me think about a few things: I think it’s reasonably fair to say that society is not keeping up with the development of the human race. It feels like someone’s trying too hard to fit a fridge into a fanny pack. It’s that absurd. I don’t think everyone should go through hero training but in a world filled with super-humans there should be some sort of training for children, as well as adults, and their quirks: how to control and fully understand your powers, how to respond in certain situations, and how not to respond in certain situations. This sounds pretty basic. Counseling should be mandatory for heroes and their families. When you have people going through extremely traumatic situations and possibly dealing with PTSD, how isn’t this a thing? It feels like a society that has had super humans for hundreds of years ought to be better prepared.

Perhaps all of this is happening so we’ll see great changes at the end of the series? Isn’t that what Professor X wanted, a society with mutants rights and teaching the fledgelings? I’d be stoked as a reader to see a more nuanced portrait of social issues, instead of just good x evil. I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

The night is dark and full of villains.


In chapters 307-309 we get to see the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War: civilians have formed guerrilla factions; cities are being destroyed; casualties that could’ve been avoided are increasing in number; Japan is becoming a crazy, wild and lawless place. In comes Izuku guided by his ancestors from the past previous wielders of OFA. We’re introduced to The Sixth’s Smokescreen quirk and it’s clear that Deku’s new utility belt is what will set him on equal grounds against AFO.

All Might is a great character but he is a terrible teacher. I can only think of a couple occasions where he stood up to his job: during the UA School Festival Arc, and when Deku is developing his special kicking move. And while I can’t deny the fact that he is the best emotional support and role model for Izuku, he’s still very much a novice when it comes to teaching. So it’s great to see the kid being properly taught by the past wielders. Midoriya Shounen now truly wears the mantle of a real hero. We’ve come a long way peeps #inkosobbing.

Izuku’s on a personal quest of trying to understand villains’ motives. Together with his overall personal values I can’t help but think he’s the love child of Tanjiro from Kimetsu no Yaiba and Emma from Yakusoku no Neverland. While Tanjiro felt empathy and compassion towards demons he still killed them nonetheless. Emma, on the other hand, was a bit too idealistic and yet things worked out fine for her at the end. I’m curious to see where Izuku will stand. For now he’s closer to Emma.

Leather jacket, sports car and uncle Mighty on call for his favorite hero nephew. Deku’s working side-by-side with the Top 3 heroes. But where’s Kacchan? I’m surprised we haven’t heard from him after the whole class 1-A reveal. I’m curious to learn why he’s not around.

Legends From The Past


If I were ancestors No. 2 and 3, I’d also feel conflicted regarding Deku’s ideals. Imagine fighting against a common villain for eight generations. You see your friends and allies get killed, you experience as your successors’ and their dear ones give up their lives for the cause. Then imagine this kid comes along, all bright-eyed and green only to say that killing your biggest enemy might not be the answer, that perhaps the way is to save him? I think staring at a wall was a pretty polite thing to do. I’d probably have Katsuki Bakugo-ed so hard.

OG wielder throws in the trip down emotional memory lane move and convinces No. 2 & 3 of joining the ranks of Deku’s mentors. I’m still skeptical about the whole thing. I can kind of see (because this is shounen and not seinen) Shigaraki overcoming his hatred and reconnecting with his inner child (?). But I’d be pretty disappointed if one of these two things don’t happen: either he dies fighting against AFO to liberate his mind or he becomes quirkless and goes to jail because hello, mass-murderer. He’s welcome to atone for his crimes and I’d jump on that wagon, but there’s always context.

Night Rides.


I’d like it if we could have more juxtaposition of human behavior in this series, not only of heroes x villains but the average person too. People lie, hide, make mistakes and hurt others simply by having interpersonal relationships. We are not speaking about aliens and humans. Heroes need to pay their bills, raise children if they want to, go to therapy and take a vacation every once in a while. I get it that there are questionable heroes, like in any profession.

All Might was the Symbol of Peace but he was also the unachievable hero standard. He was a workaholic who chose not to have a family. He worked with sidekicks at some point but was mostly alone. Was that amazing for society? Yeah. But is that amazing for an individual? I don’t think so. Just because it worked for Toshinori doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that it’ll work for everyone else. At least Endeavor is getting a lot of support from Hawks and Jeanist and I can’t wait to see how his actions will speak louder than any words.

We’re now facing a race against time. The only way our heroes can make contact with the league is through Deku playing bait. Shigaraki’s nowhere to be found since he was pulled our of his induced come before he could fully receive AFO. And when that does happen his body might succumb to the OG who will then use Shigaraki’s hatred as firepower to seize OFA and become the Dark Lord of the world. Are we heading for the universal battle between hate vs. love? Can I call AFO “Lord Vafomort“?

Mood: Endeavor screams “Shoto”.


Wow, that was one massive post. So first of all thank you to everyone who stuck to the end! We covered six chapters plus a few special moments from the MLA arc until the current one. My next posts will be much shorter since I’ll be covering individual chapters. And by this point I’ll either see you next week or never see you again hahaha. Regardless I wish you all a great week, enough sleep and nutritious food to keep you healthy! I’ll be hanging around the comment section~


  1. Quick Notice:

    i appreciate your effort on this Post. Boku no Hero Academia is one of my favorites Manga’s i am reading and can not wait for new Chapters when they are out

    Like your Post, keep going

    1. List of my Favorite Manga’s in no order:

      – Tensei Slime (Rimuru)
      – Edens Zero
      – Boku no Hero Academia
      – Dr. Stone
      – GATE

      and others that i forget now

    2. Oh! Thank you so much for your words, they really made my day! I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed reading it.

      I’m so looking forward to our next chapters (^˵◕ω◕˵^)

      That’s a nice list you got there!

    1. It’s entering the final saga! The previous ones: UA Beginnings and Rise of Villains each had around 100+ chapters, so I think this one will be around the same. So perhaps 2 more years of publication, something like that.

    1. Aw! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! I’m so happy to hear it was that fun to read. Hahaha absolutely, I am a huge dork when it comes to things I love, I’m glad it translates well with the writing (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ
      I’ll see you again soon!

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