「氷の中」 (Kōri no Naka)
“In Ice”


It’s that time of the week and I’ve spiraled into research on unprocessed wool I won’t be wearing any time soon. It’s true that with the breakthroughs of technology we now have available some cutting-edge textiles such as GORE-TEX INFINIUM, and to-die-for winter gear (be damned you Aether Apparel, take all my money and don’t ever speak to me again). And even so, oftentimes the solution to our problems can be found on what has been passed down through ancestral tradition. Archaeological evidence found in Iran dates the first woven wool garments from around 3.000 BC. This millennial old fibre does a job so well done that it’s commonly found as a companion component with new-tech ones in jackets, vests, pants and even ski gear.

And as the autumn weather breathes colder, Koguma is faced with the fact that handlebar covers won’t fill out all necessary functions needed for wintertime. Sweet bean Shii-chan steps in and gifts the girl with a massive “abrasive wool” sweater her father had given her a while back—one she has barely even worn. My entire wool research started with the fact that I had never heard the term abrasive wool before. My best guess would be this term gained a different connotation in Japan since steel iron/wool is what comes up when searching it on the web. Even the Japanese translation of the word is rewarded with polishing wool, the one used for tools that has with nothing to do with garments. But I digress.


Gearing up for winter has opened up more opportunities for Koguma to engage with her small town community. Thanks to her Home Economics teacher, the oversized sweater gets turned into a vest for our main protagonist, a pair of socks for her assertive sidekick/besto-friendo and a thermos cover for their newest gang mascot. Despite the evident upgrade it seems there are still boxes left unchecked which, much to Reiko’s dismay, ends up resulting in “that.” a.k.a. windshield protector. A bigger investment than what we’ve seen so far. And what better way to be sure where to put your money than to test-try it?

The girls revisit Reiko’s acquaintance and have a go at his almost R.I.P.d blue cub—and part of me thought “is this foreshadowing to Shii-chan’s future cub?”—only to come to terms with the fact that the windshield really makes a difference. The investment is approved and the purchase is made. And even with all of these upgrades I can’t help but find myself wondering: wouldn’t it be better if they simply wore their P.E. pants underneath their skirts? Or even heattech tights? The ones from Uniqlo have a decent price tag. I understand there are very strict regulations when it comes to Japanese uniforms, but if they’re wearing pants while driving and taking them off when they get to school, I don’t see how that could be a problem. Especially once it really starts snowing. 

With all that said and done, it was heart-warming to see how Koguma feels much more at ease within the context of her small community, when it comes to receiving and asking for favors or by engaging with others and therefore expanding her little world.

We had done a number of things to prepare for the cold. We turned to a number of people for help. I felt more comfortable around other people than I had been before, when it was for my Cub. In time, autumn would pass, and winter would arrive. But I’m sure that with the bitter cold of winter under control, it will no doubt feel great and be enjoyable.” The transition of tones on this week’s episode was particularly enthralling! 

As I mentioned before I have not read the novels but I’m really hoping that Shii-chan will join the girls Cub gang. I like how organic and natural it feels to see her slowly becoming closer to Koguma and Reiko as a duo. And they have a good synergy going on. Oh, and by the way, how hilarious was it that no one trusts Reiko’s sewing skills? I laughed out loud at this scene.

As always, many thanks for reading and I wish you all a great week!


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    1. p.s. The Yuru Camp animators or Drawers, can give this Anime here a helping hand, as long they have time and get paid. So please there “Big Sponsor” of Super Cup, please allow it for give this Anime this rich pictures of Adventures with the Cubs

    2. It was an extremely endearing play by the writers indeed ♡
      I actually know a couple of clothing brands that use this concept of recycling pieces (one of them even uses handmaid carpets!) and I’m a big fan. The fashion industry is responsible for so much waste, it’s really sad.

  1. I’d figure I’d share this post here, which does an insightful job of explaining the pacing and small details in Super Cub: it’s always good to have another perspective on things, and for me, one of the things that post really does well is mention that Koguma, Reiko and Shii now share something that will really remind them of one another, though the wool cardigan that was converted into three different things.

    1. I’ve shared with you before, around 4 posts ago, that I don’t have much interest in reading another blogger on the same show I’m covering. I personally feel like it affects my creative process. I like watching and writing reviews with my own original thoughts, which makes them unique.

      So help me understand what you’re trying to communicate with your comments because it seems a bit dismissive, as if you just want to refer me to someone else. I could be misinterpreting, so please help me understand.

      I haven’t heard your thoughts on any of my writing. I know this post wasn’t very deep, but I’ve written many in-depth analysis on this show on previous posts.

      1. These are mainly for your other readers, not you directly: folks have previously expressed an interest in these alternative articles about slice-of-life from smaller writers who don’t have the same reach as Random C might.

    1. Yeah kinda feel bad that Shii is trying real hard to be friends and they seem to be freeloading off of her.

      Given Koguma’s background I thought she’d be more grateful for receiving free coffee and stuff.

      1. @Bakapooru & @tsirrus: maybe I’m getting old and maybe I should’ve phrased it as “within the context of high school girls I like how organic and natural it feels (…)”. Because considering you need to own a Cub to pick-up Reiko’s interest and that Koguma is a very peculiar introvert, I think Shii’s doing a pretty good job at approaching the girls. If she wants to befriend them without owning a Cub, she needs to be the one taking the initiatives.

        So if you think about it, she’s joining the girls for lunch and seeing them once in a while at the cafe (it’s not like they go everyday, right?). It doesn’t feel forced for me, it seems like someone taking an honest interest in hanging out with some weirdos ;P and trying to get to know them to expand her own little world.

        Due to Koguma’s quote at the end of the previous episode I thought it was implied she would be paying for her coffee? Although I can see Shii’s father giving them some freebies every now and then or keeping up a tab. But thinking about it now, it’s not really clear.

        And as for her personality, for some reason or another, that seems to be the reason why Shii got interested in her in the first place. She was already acquainted with Reiko (and even calls her Reiko-chan) yet it was only after her first interaction with Koguma that she started the whole initiative of befriending them. Maybe we’ll find out why.

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