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OP: 「ふざけてないぜ」 (Fuzaketenaize) by (Necry Talkie)

「それが正しい道じゃなくても」 (Sore ga Tadashii Michi ja Nakutemo)
“Even If That Isn’t the Right Way”

Forget rose-tinted glasses, life is all about psychedelic polyamorous lenses. 

Meet our protagonist and self-proclaimed ‘Happiest Man on Earth’, Naoya-kun (Enoki Junya). Our teenage Alpha has finally scored with his long-time childhood friend and tied the knot (well not that knot #a/b/o) of his first romantic relationship. Meet Sakisaki a.k.a Saki-chan (Sakura Ayane), his lovely girlfriend who, much to her own embarrassment, simply cannot resist her man’s obnoxious love filled antics.

From the mangaka HIROYUKI who brought you Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to, Kanojo mo Kanojo is a lighthearted delight thanks to its absurd scenarios and sheer lack of seriousness; these two brought together being the perfect recipe for any harem I’ve ever enjoyedKimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo being one of my recent guilty pleasures (not that I’m any authority on the genre, but I think this manga is brilliant).

In comes your girlfriend’s worst nightmare, Minase Nagisa (Waki Azumi). A sweet angel who fell from the sky straight into our Don Juan’s arms. And you can bet Naoya means everything to Nagisa. For the past three months she has dedicated four hours of her mornings to home workouts, jogging and yoga and three hours before bedtime for self-work. All of this in order to confess and prove her love to homeboy. SAVAGE. Wait, you think that’s enough? You know nothing. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach–actually that’s pretty much how I scored mine, so can confirm.

As manly as they come, Naoya can only be honest with this lovely temptress. Cued by a dramatic mexican-ish song, he tells Nagisa he’s already taken. Yes, it’s true he has a girlfriend and he loves and wants to cherish her forever. Yet, he cannot lie, Nagisa is truly beautiful and he needs her in his life. What kind of man would he be to throw away a diamond such as her?! And what kind of man cheats on his girlfriend? A trash one that’s for sure. Naoya’s heart and soul hold no space garbage. 

Following the show’s premise, Naoya proposes to date both and, in what turns out to be a hilarious turn of events, brings Nagisa to meet his Saki-chan–without saying anything about his real intentions. Saki is instantly taken with the smaller girl, calling her cute and she even mentions marriage after trying her homemade bento! Naoya’s dreams don’t seem too far away. The Devil throws in his deal.

You have me! Isn’t that good enough?!” Saki-chan says in pain.

It was until yesterday” what a man. Naoya tells no lies. As fate would have it, if he can’t date both, then he won’t date any. His heart belongs to both ladies.

You want to know the secret to polyamory? It’s honesty. You got the memo? Just be outright honest and you’ll get four hot girlfriends. Now buy my online course on how to be honest without sounding like a loser and my secret ‘grow your dick’ 30-day diet plan (we accept crypto and transferwise).

Like the true love wizard he is, Naoya invites both girls to live in his house to strengthen their bonds. Of course his parents don’t live with him and he has an entire two story house just for himself. With a doting boyfriend and a caring girlfriend, Saki has no idea but she already stands no chance, Naoya and Nagisa might as well be on their way to creating the world’s most spoiled pink haired princess.

This would be no true Harem without the infamous first episode bath scene and Kanojo mo Kanojo does not disappoint. Beast Nagisa comes for the kill and gets the important intel on where Naoya and Saki stand on their relationship. Much to her delight, they haven’t gotten to first base! Which means… they’ll get to experience everything together.

Everything…? Everything.

Stay tuned to find out whether or not Naoya will get the threesome he deserves–I mean, Saki said it herself right, Nagisa gives her weird feelings even as a woman! If anything, Saki needs to realize she has the entire upper hand in this situation. Because one thing is for sure: if Naoya can’t fuck both at the same time, he won’t do it with either. And well, Saki wants to… So.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「ピンキーフック」 (Pinky Hook) by (Momo Asakura)



  1. Reading the description for this series, I knew that the only way that I’d be able to enjoy this, was if the main character (and the show in general) was just so ridiculously over the top that you were able to suspend your disbelief, and just enjoy the antics.

    Maybe it pulled that off for some, but not for me. I hated this guy, hated him, h-a-t-e-d him. I don’t find him charming. I don’t find him funny. He just ticked me off, and made me want to punch him in the face and hope that he never has happiness for the rest of his life.
    I genuinely felt bad for these girls. They’re basically just too nice, and are being taken advantage of.
    Sorry for the downer everybody. If you like this, more power to you, but this isn’t for me.

    1. Fair enough! Part of what made the plot so absurd (and where I found humor) was how unlikely and unrealistic were the girls reactions as well as Naoya’s! Ha ha ha.
      For me the whole ‘it was enough to have you until yesterday’ was the climax, I genuinely laughed (ಡ3ಡ)~

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This part of your comment “He just ticked me off, and made me want to punch him in the face and hope that he never has happiness for the rest of his life.” really made me laugh too! ha ha ha. So much passion! I loved it.

  2. The coloring choice of this series makes it look like it’s from the 2000s. Honestly when it showed up in Muse Asia I thought it’s an old series until I saw it here and realized it’s actually from this season

    1. Oh really? I’ve always had the impression that most Isekai and some rom-com shows have this type of coloring generally (I usually don’t watch them though, but get this impression from the covers and PVs).

  3. “Don’t ask, don’t get” A friend of mine lives happily by this maxim; I guess our hero is a disciple.

    I don’t mind an absurdity as a premise (I wouldn’t be able to watch much anime if I did) but while I have not noticed any violent urges yet after watching the show, I did find it comedically lacking. While I’m hoping that this is just an artefact of the set-up, I’m thinking that maybe there’s a good chance that it’s going to remain a problem.

    The humour —that which can be found— is clumsy and without touch or timing. I think that the show’s creators noticed this and felt that the way to deal with it was to have Naoya come across as loudly earnest.


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