閑話:ヴェルドラ日記2」 (Kanwa: Verudora Nikki Tsu)
“Tales: Veldora’s Journal 2”

The story so far:

I was waiting for the first episode of the second part of the second season to air before talking about the recap, but I wanted to include a little bit about it in this post to remember and look back at what happened during the first part of this second season. This recap episode does a great job at summarizing a chunk’s worth of the story. However I would implore you to check out the series if you haven’t already. There is a bunch of source material to get up to date (light novels) if you wish to do so, but the anime does a great job at being different than your typical isekai. And that’s one of many reasons why I’m a big fan of this series. The range tends to fly between complete seriousness and light-hearted jokes. But it never piggybacks on fan service. There is that one onee-san with big knockers but that’s part of her character, and it’s never used solely for that type of significance. Instead, they’re just there and there’s nothing we can do about it. It never really bothered me.

The first half of this second season was basically preparations for this second part. The underlying story was that Rimuru wanted to let out Velodra out of Unlimited Imprisonment, Rimuru finds out that it would take around 100 years to fully understand that skill and make use of it. But after Tempest nation gets attacked by humans who see them no less than monsters, and want them annihilated because they are becoming too much of a threat. Rimuru finds justification to annihilate them all in one quick succession. Using Megido, Rimuru kills all of them and gains enough power to become a demon lord. We saw the start of the Harvest Festival and everything that it implied, gifts were given to those that stand beside him, and a new Demon showed up. Wanting to work with Rimuru, without being summoned! The great sage evolved into Raphael and now the words of the world have a little bit more of a personality. But that’s a good thing!

Because of the magic area barrier effect placed around Tempest, the souls of the dead were held inside of it, and Rimuru’s first act as demon lord was to revive his people. Rimuru goes into the Unlimited Imprisonment as Raphael (noted by the red eyes) And tells Ifrit he is not fit to inhabit a body just yet. However Veldora is ready to do so, the second season ends in a cliffhanger, and we were left waiting for the next episode. Well, the wait is over, let’s go into the episode proper!

OP Sequence

OP: 「Like Flames」by (MindaRyn)

訪れる者たち」 (Otozureru Mono-tachi)
“The Visitors”

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken is back, now introducing Tempest Veldora (Maeno Tomoaki) an important character that was teased last season, finally being set free from Unlimited Imprisonment, as before there was not enough processing power for Great Sage (Toyoguchi Megumi) to analyze the skill. But now that Tempest Rimuri (Okasaki Miho) has gained Demond Lord status, and several unique skill upgrades. Veldora enhancing Investigator into Faust and Rimuru evolved Great Sage into Ultimate Skill Raphael the processing time to analyze Ultimate Imprisonment was reduced from 100 years to just 1 day. And thus Rimuru was able to free Veldora from the prison. Now Rimuru has Ultimate Imprisonment themselves, which got integrated into his Ultimate Skill, Uriel (King of Vows).

This is one part I love about Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken it’s constantly throwing new things into the formula, it’s never dull, and even if Rimuri is really overpowered by this point. I really don’t mind, as there has always been tension in this series, by going up against even tougher foes. In this episode, we got a glimpse of that as, during the meeting after the celebration, Rimuru explains they are going to declare war against the other Demon Lords, which are sure to make some interesting fights. I’m certainly looking forward to them.

What caught my eye during the opening sequence of this episode was that Rimuru now has four Ultimate Skills. Raphael: Lord of Wisdom; Veldoran: Lord of Storms; Beelzebub: Lord of Gluttony; and finally Uriel: Lord of Vows. More than that. Velodra seems to have a sort of brotherly infatuation for Rimuru. Brothers in arms, something that becomes very important later in the episode.

I’m glad Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken has not abandoned its funny bone, as it’s one of its strong suits, Veldora proclaiming he’s now Shogi master-level player, but since he’s the storm of Dragons he plays at the Ryuo level. I don’t know how much of a top-level player Ifrit can be, but still, it was a funny moment non less. As Veldora is just so over the top, and so full of himself, I instantly fell in love with him. Veldora sort of reminds me of Gilgamesh from Fate/ in both design and personality. Although Veldora is a lot more wholesome in the sense that if Rimuru asked him to do something, he would probably do it. But Rimuru has this way of finding people’s weak spots and using them to their advantage, to get them to do what Rimuru wants.

When Rimuru takes Veldora into town to introduce him to everyone, he is met with inscrutable expressions, no one fully understands that this person in front of them is Velodra, it’s not until Treyni (Tanaka Rie) the queen of the Dryads shows up to welcome Velodra into Tempest, then and only then everyone vows to him. A little scared of what he’s actually here to do, they ask about his relationship with Rimuru, so when he proclaims their sword brothers, everyone celebrates, as they understand Veldora is on their side. Now with the war over everyone in Tempest takes the time to celebrate. Almost to the point of a festival level. Drink till you drop!

Then Benimaru (Furukawa Makoto) drags Rimuru along to try some of Shion’s (Ichimichi Mao) cooking. And we all know her cooking is atrocious! But not anymore, because of the reincarnation, she’s gained the Master Chef skill, allowing her to envision how her dishes will taste like, but not how they look like. It’s still dubious-looking food, but it tastes great! Glad she’s able to catch a break as well.

The festivities go swimmingly, and the next day they all prepare to meet for a very important assembly. But turns out the other nations Rimuru has political confidants, take flight towards Tempest in the hopes of giving him reinforcements. A little too late though! Gazel Dwargo (Hashi Takaya) shows up in his flying horses. Fuze (Narita Ken) also shows up.

But Rimuru has to shyly say everything is under control and wants to show Fuze up to the hot spring. I’m guessing a formality they will extend to Dwargo and his crew. But before that can happen Elalude Grimwald (Hamada Kenji) shows looking for his daughter Ellen (Kumada Akane). he boasts he has a different body, a homunculus, an artificial human. Rimuru is surprised as he can’t help but wonder if they’ll teach them how to make one. Grimwald goes into full jujitsu mode when he learns Rimuru is the Demond Lord who ‘captured his Ellen’ and prepares a high-level explosion, thank god the incantation takes a little bit of time, and Ellen kicks the living daylight out of him, stopping the spell. Now that everyone is acquainted the meeting can actually take place.

Overall a great start to the second part of the second season! I’m looking forward to new the uniforms, (they look so good) which were teased in the OP and ED. As you could already probably tell I’m a very big fan of this series, and I hope you’ll have me writing and enjoying it together! Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

ED Sequence

ED: 「Reincarnate」by (Takuma Terashima)

End Card


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      I’m a very big fan of slime and will continue to blog about it, so I hope you join us!

      1. If you will follow up with Slime until the end of season i will marry you.. or something, nobody here has a spine to follow up with posting on this show (and many others), they’re blabbering about life and work or something, damn normies, hobby is life!

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    Please refrain from revealing who sealed Veldora since it has not been revealed yet in the anime.

    Thank you for your post.

      1. Apologies. Many writers get excited and can overzealously let slip nuggets of information when they’re privy to the source material, without being aware of what they’ve done. We can’t promise it won’t happen again but we will endeavour to keep a better separation between source material and what the anime covers.

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