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OP: Kokoro Hayaru 「ココロハヤル」by Kumada Akane

「猛烈ポーション / ランデンフラワー茶 / ボタニカル消臭液」 (Mouretsu Poushon / Randen Furawaa Cha / Botanikaru Shoushuu-eki)
“Super (Energy) Potion / Landenflower Tea / Botanical Deodorant”

The first episode of Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life sets the scene for a cute, light-hearted comedy with a little more playful mischief going for it than it’d appear. With its colorful cast of whimsical creatures and neurotic villagers bombarding Kirio Reiji with requests, he has his work cut out for him if he thinks he can live the slow life in another world.

My expectations were set on it being an adorable comfort show, but rather than focusing on the cozier aspects of Reiji’s new life, it provides the pharmacist with some fun, low-stakes obstacles to get past. Episode 01 gives us a solid background for Reiji’s reputation, the people and creatures he knows, and how he has to approach each.

It was hilarious to see that Reiji isn’t nearly as wholesome and enthusiastic as the show’s atmosphere would lead you to think. While he manages to get an easy fix to his clients’ issues, he is quickly repulsed by his clients’ tendencies such as their lack of personal space or their insistence on solving issues way out of his reach such as doing damage control for Zeral while his girlfriend Feris is ready to stab him.

Similarly, the show has a relatively tame approach to even the more crass jokes that pop up. After Mr. Alf’s boisterous plea to sell his Super Potion to support his family, he’s relieved that his wife can peacefully have her fifth child and then quickly relishes in the idea of making a sixth. It was also funny to see the variety of thoughts that raced through Reiji’s mind when he saw panties on Mina’s shopping list. It was surprising to see him go from the embarrassment that she’d ask him for that, to confusion as to why a ghost would need undergarments, to a pervy flirtation of the idea of the ghost needing panties.

Even though Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life isn’t exactly a thigh-slapping comedy, it’s a highly pleasant show to pass the time. Noela playing a larger role in the story solidifies this stance with how her appeal is more about being amusing than being a gold mine for comedy. It’s funny to see her sneaking potions that she had gotten addicted to or how she was more willing to save Zeral from Feris’ blade. But it’s hard not to be suckered in by the adorable atmosphere of the show and the cute wolf girl that works for Reiji. It’s a refreshing comedy that acts as a nice palette cleanse if you’re also aiming to watch some of the heavier material from this season.

ED Sequence

ED: Mainichi Kashimashi Pharmacy「マイニチカシマシファーマシー」by Fukushima Jun, Kumada Akane, Matsuda Risae


  1. The way this opened, it feels like it didn’t need the isekai premise. Like the guy could just been a really well versed herbalist and the cute slice of life aesthetic could have still landed. I did enjoy it though, gave me I killed slimes for 300 years vibes.

  2. Not that I’m criticizing (since I’m just making speculations by imagining myself in someone else’s shoes), but to see this series become an anime adaptation can only mean one thing: Japanese readers has blind love towards isekai regardless how boring, tedious & unimaginative the premise is. Because tell me I’m wrong for thinking this Drugstore Isekai has a million LN copies sold in Japan that the production committee believed it deserves an anime adaptation as opposed to Akatsuki no Yona’s 10M copies sold so far…😕

    Of course some non-Japanese readers may feel the same way, loving isekai regardless of the repetitive premise or poor execution of it or both, but we gotta admit that ISEKAI NEEDS TO BE SALVAGED…before its word becomes equivalent to “run-of-the-mill” or “been there, done that” meaning regardless how several series under this genre have subvert or shatter those expectations to become memorable or at least noteworthy.


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